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If someone someday asks you what device does the Internet work on then you and almost all the people in the world would be able to say that it is the IP address. It is a well-known fact that all the devices on the internet are connected to an IP address. Internet Protocol address (IP address) is a numerical label assigned to each device connected to a computer network that uses the Internet Protocol for communication. Now different routers come with different IP addresses but is the most common IP address of all. The IP address is a private IP address and is the default for Linksys broadband routers.

What Is An IP

There might be some people in the world who wouldn’t know what an IP address is? To sum what is an IP address, an IP address, or simply an “IP,” is a unique address that identifies a device on the Internet or a local network. It allows a system to be recognized by other systems connected via the Internet protocol. There are two primary types of IP address formats used today which are the private IP address or IPv4 and the public IP address or IPv6. So let’s jump straight into the differences between the two.

Difference Between Public And Private IP Address

The computer systems that we use have a public IP address assigned to us by our Internet Service Provider (ISP), which must be unique across the entire internet. Our router has a private IP address, allowed only on private networks. This IP need not be globally unique since it is not a direct access address, i.e. no one could access the IP address outside of a private network.

The Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA) is a global organization that manages IP addresses. It initially defined a type of IP address called IP version 4 (IPv4). This type is a 32-bit number usually expressed as four numbers separated by a decimal point — for example, Each decimal must have a value between 0 and 255, which means that the IPv4 system can accommodate about 4 billion unique addresses.

Private IPs

Among these addresses, the IANA reserved a certain number of blocks to be private. These are:

  1. –
  2. –
  3. –

These private IPs total about 17.9 million different addresses, all reserved for use on private networks. This is why a router’s private IP does not need to be unique. The router then assigns a private IP address to each device in its network, whether it’s a small home network or an enterprise-level organization. Each device inside the network can connect to another device in the network using this private IP.

Private IP addresses cannot, however, access the internet on their own. They need to connect via an internet service provider (ISP) — for example, Comcast, AT&T or Time Warner Cable. In this way, all devices actually connect to the internet indirectly, first connecting to a network (that is connected to the internet), and then connecting to the larger internet itself.

The network you connect to first is your router, which for Linksys has an IP address of The router then connects to your ISP which connects you to the broader internet, and your message is routed to its recipient. The route looks something like this, assuming the presence of a router on each end:

You > your router > your ISP > the internet > the ISP of your recipient > your recipient’s router > your recipient

Public IPs

Public IP or the IPCv6 Standard addresses must be globally unique. This posed a problem for the IPv4 standard since it can accommodate only 4 billion addresses. Hence, the IANA introduced the IPv6 standard, which supports many more combinations. Instead of using a binary system, it uses a hexadecimal system. An IPv6 address is therefore composed of eight separate groups of hexadecimal numbers, each comprised of four digits. For example: abcd:9876:4fr0:d5eb:35da:21e9:b7b4:65o5. Obviously, this system can accommodate almost infinite growth in IP addresses, up to 340 undecillion (a number with 36 zeros).

What Is IP address is most often used as the default router IP address by Linksys, an American company selling data networking hardware products mainly to home users and small businesses. It is the default gateway of most wireless routers or ADSL modems. There are several IP main addresses a router can take, is the most common one though or are also other options. These are commonly known as host addresses.

What Routers Use This IP Address?

Here’s an up-to-date list of all Linksys routers that use as the default IP address:

CG7500 EA6500 WRT160NL WRT54GH
E1000 EA6900 WRT1900AC WRT54GL
E1200 EA7300 WRT1900ACS WRT54GR
E1500 EA7500 WRT300N WRT54GS
E1550 EA8300 WRT310N WRT54GS2
E1700 EA8500 WRT3200 WRT54GX
E2000 EA9200 WRT3200ACM WRT54GX2
E2100L EA9300 WRT320N WRT54GX4
E2500 EA9500 WRT32X WRT55AG
E3000 WAG120N WRT330N WRT600N
E3200 WAG160N WRT350N WRT610N
E4200 WAG320N WRT51AB
E800 WAG354G WRT54AG
E8350 WAG54G WRT54G

How To Find Router IP Address

If you want to set up a new Router or configure your Network, then you will need a Router IP Address so that you can access it and log in to your Router to change settings. Now how to find Router IP address to log in. Here are some default IP addresses, or Check the below links to find more Router IP address.

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How To Change Router Password

If you want to change Router Password for then you can. All you need to do is:

  • Access Router admin page.
  • Go to advanced settings.  
  • Router Admin Change Password.
  • Enter Old and New Password and save.

Router Ip Address, Default Username, And Password

You can log in to your Router with their default IP address but note that each Router has its Default IP address. So here we are going to share a list of some of the Router IP address and default usernames and passwords.

Router Manufacturer IP address User Name Password

admin admin/password
Cisco admin admin

admin admin

admin admin
Netgear admin admin
Netgear admin password

admin admin

(none) MiniAP
Billion admin admin

What If You Forget Your Router’s Router Username And Password?

If you’ve changed the default password to something else and you no longer remember what it was, you can restart your router to its default factory settings to reset its password by pressing and holding the Reset button for 10 seconds. Make sure that the Power LED of the router is blinking when you press the reset button, which indicates that the router is being reset properly. The location of the reset button varies from model to model, but it’s usually right next to the power connector.

Alternatively, you can reset your router to its default factory settings from the router setup page:

  • Turn on your router and connect it to your computer with an Ethernet cable.
  • Open your favorite web browser and type “” into the address bar.

url bar

  • Enter the correct router login/password combination.

login password linksys

  • Click the Administration tab then click on the Factory Defaults sub-tab.

admin page linksys

  • Under the Factory Defaults section, click on the Restore Factory Defaults button.

admin page restore linksys

How To Login

The steps you must take to access a Linksys router using are:

  • Turn on your router and connect it to your computer with an Ethernet cable. Some routers allow you to connect to them wirelessly, but Linksys routers have this feature disabled by default for security reasons.
  • Open your favorite web browser and type “” into the address bar. You can leave out the “http://” part if you want to save a few keystrokes.
  • Enter the correct router login/password combination.

How To Access Cisco Router Using

  • Step 1: Connect your Cisco Router to PC using RJ45 cable.
  • Step 2: Turn on the Router and PC.
  • Step 3: Open Browser and type and press Enter.
  • Step 4: Enter Default username and password (admin-admin) if you haven’t changed. Or Enter your username and password.

cisco linksys router login

  • Step 5: This will open the Cisco Router Admin Page. Now you can customize all your settings and also change the WiFi password.

How To Access D-Link Router Using

  • Step 1: Plug the D-Link router with your laptop or desktop with an Ethernet cable.
  • Step 2: Turn on your computer.
  • Step 3: Open Web browser. Type or http://dlinkrouter > Enter.
  • Step 4: Log in to the D-Link router with the administrator username and password.

D Link router login

  • Step 5: If you are login in for the first time then click on Setup and then go to wireless settings. You can set up it manually or automatically.

How To Access Netgear Router Using

  • Step 1: First of all, connect the Netgear router with your Windows PC and then open Browser and type > Enter.
  • Step 2: Enter the Router’s default username and password. If you don’t know the default username-password then check our above table. Go to Wireless Settings and customize settings.

Netgear router login

How To Access TP-Link Router Using

  • Step 1: TP-LINK Router has an IP address Connect Router and PC with the RJ45 cable.
  • Step 2: Type in browser > Enter.
  • Step 3: Enter the username and password. (IP address: [or http://tplinkwifi.net] Username: admin Password: admin/password)

  • Step 4: Go to Wireless Setting and change the settings that you want.

How To Connect Two Routers Having The Same IP Address

  • Step 1: Connect one of the Router with PC using LAN cable and then go to or www. address > Enter username and password > Access Admin page.
  • Step 2: Go to Network or LAN Setup and change the IP address to and save. If you are using NetGear Router, then go to Advanced > Setup > LAN Setup an IP address > change IP and Apply.

  • Step 3: Now Connect both the Router with LAN cable and you will see they are working fine.

Some new Routers have auto setup mode. They allow users to configure it but if the user doesn’t want to set up a new Router then they automatically set up it for the user. They find the Default Router Login IP address and Password for you.

Troubleshoot An Unresponsive Router

Follow network troubleshooting steps to determine why a router set up at is not responding. The issue may lie with the router itself, with the client device, or with the connection between the router and client such as cabling or wireless interference issues.

The following are some common methods to get an unresponsive router functional again.

Restart The Router

Unplug the router, wait a few minutes, and then plug it back in. Wait until all the lights on the front of the router have turned on or are blinking before trying to connect again. Some routers occasionally need a restart after a power outage, due to improper startup while the ISP’s own equipment was down.

Check The IP With ipconfig

In many cases, Internet Service Providers (ISPs) set up routers to use an internal network addressing scheme other than To find out what the default IP address is for a router, use the IPCONFIG command on a computer that is connected to the router through a wireless or wired connection.

To check the IP address:

  • Go to the Start menu.
  • Type command prompt to display a list of possible matches.
  • Select Command Prompt to launch the app.
  • At the C:\> prompt, type ipconfig and press Enter.
  • Look for Default Gateway.


  • This gateway address is the IP address of your router.
  • Open a browser and type that IP address to log into the router using the administrative ID and password.

Reset The Router

If restarting doesn’t work, find the reset button (usually on the back of the router) and press it until the router restarts. Some reset buttons are inside a small hole and require a pin to push it. Check the manufacturer’s documentation for specific instructions on resetting the router.

Also, check the documentation for the default administrative ID and password. After you reset a router, it reverts back to the default ID and password. So it’s a good idea to log in and change the administrative password to something other than the default.


Now that you know what the IP address is and how to log into routers that use it as the default gateway, you can explore its admin panel and change many different settings to make your network safer and faster. Now you know many things about IP Addresses, Private and Public IP Addresses, How to Access, What If You Can’t Access, How To Change Router Password, Reset Router Settings, How To Find The Router IP Address, and much more.

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