8 Things you can do with Google Drive.

What is Google Drive ?
You can store and access your files anywhere with Google Drive — on the web, on your hard drive, or on the go. You get 15 GB of free storage across Google Drive, Gmail, and Google+ Photos.  Apart from these basic functionalities, Here are some  additional Google drive features you can use in order to enhance your productivity. Here are few things you can do with Google Drive. 
1. Crop Photos : 
There are several kinds of photo cropping options in Google Drive. Aside from the typical square or rectangle, you can also crop your pics into different shapes, such as hearts and smiley faces.
Open an image, then click on it and select the Crop icon in the toolbar to mess around with the feature.
crop photos using google drive
2. Add – Ons :
For documents and spreadsheets, try out one of the many available add-ons. They include EasyBib (which creates a quick bibliography), Twitter curator (which lets you search and save tweets to your doc) or Translate (which translates text into other languages).
You can find add-ons in the toolbar when you open a doc or spreadsheet.
3. Drive Activity :
Want to track all of the changes you or someone else has made to your Drive? Open Drive and click on the small “i” icon in the righthand corner. All of your activity will pop up.
google drive activity log
4. Revision History :
Speaking of activity, here’s a tip that’s hiding in plain sight. You can see up to 100 revisions made on any of your documents by clicking “File” and “See revision history.”
google drive revision history


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5. Offline Spreadsheets :
If you’re a spreadsheet fanatic, this feature is going to change your life. It received a number of upgrades last December, such as new functions like averageif (which gives you the average of specified cells), and unlimited cells, formulas and columns.
You can also use it without an Internet connection. Any spreadsheet you edit while you’re offline will simply update once you’re connected to the web.
6. Shortcut to keyboard shortcuts :
google drive keyboard shortcuts
7. Who sees what :
If you’re sharing something on Drive with someone else, you can customize the settings for what type of access each person gets. For example, you can allow or forbid someone from making comments or edits.
8. Make your Email life easier :
Gmail limits the size of email attachments to 25MB, but you can bypass that by sending an attachment via your Drive. When you compose an email, click on the small Drive icon, and from there pick what you want to add.
When someone sends you any attachment via email, you can save it straight to your Drive. Hover over the attachment and you’ll see the Drive icon. Click on it and place it where you like.
save to google drive from gmail


Source : Mashable.com , Google Drive 

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