How to Add Startup Sounds to Your Mac

How to Add Startup Sounds to Your Mac

Hello user, do you wish to add something of your favorites as the Start-up sound to your mac? Well, it was easy enough for the OS 9.x and earlier versions. Gradually, it was one of its most fun features to engage a sound file while starting the mac, shutting it down and in other events. But we may see this feature absent in OS X. But don’t give up hope. There is still some way to play your chosen audio file while starting up your mac.How to make the application Adding Startup Sounds to Your Mac

The user should find nothing very difficult here if he or she properly follow the steps mentioned below.

  1. At first, the user has to launch the Automator from the application menu.
  2. Then, click the new document button.
  3. Select application format from the list of document types.

Click and drag the Run Shell Script action, which you may find under actions>utilities tab, to the workflow pane.

Now, at this point, user must make a choice. User can insert some text to be narrated by the mac voice while starting up, or user can choose some audio file as the startup sound.

If you want to make your pc something of your choice, you have to write a simple script using the Say command. The script format is Say -v Voicename “Text you want to make your mac say”. The ‘Voice Name’ refers to that particular style of speech you wish to use. Suppose you wish to make your mac narrate “Welcome Back”, the script should be like, Say -v fred “Welcome back”.

And if you wish to choose an audio file to be played on startups, you need to write your script using the Afplay command. Now the script should be written like, Afplay path to the sound file.

While entering text to narrate, a user should be careful about keeping the whole text inside double quotation to avoid technical misinterpretations. And in case of entering the audio file, the most commonly made mistake is to put the wrong path to file. A user may check his or her application using the Run button. After test running your program, you are advised to save it in and remember the file location for phase 2 of Startup Sounds to Your Mac.How to add your application as a startup item?

Here is the final phase. Here you can add your application as a startup item in your mac completing the steps below.

  1. Sign in to your mac with the account you wish to associate with your application.
  2. Launch system preferences from apple menu or open directly from its Dock icon.
  3. Now, click on Accounts or User & Groups and select the appropriate username in the list of the user accounts.
  4. Click on the login items tab.
  5. Click on [+] button and a standard finder browsing sheet will come up. Select your application from the list, and again click on + icon.

You are all done now. Your mac will play your chosen sound from the next time you sign in to your device. Hope to help you and wish to see you again. the step of How to Add Startup Sounds to Your Mac is done.Hope you like the article of How to Add Startup Sounds to Your Mac. stay tuned for more Mac Tips and tricks.

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