AI Can Be Used To Boost The Power Of Defence Forces!

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AI use in defence force

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AI can be used to boost the power of defense forces!

Debates related to Artificial Intelligence are wide and varied, but predominantly wired when it comes to defense forces. The prospect of automated machines outdoing; and robots ultimately dominating humanity remains a far fletched reality or a scene from a sci-fi blockbuster. Though, hyped debates related to the obstacles and opportunities posed by independent machines deter the attention from the fact that Artificial Intelligence is transforming our method to national security in a plenty of less complex but far-fetched ways. AI is supposed to play a major role in the hybrid warfare. AI-linked reversal of associations between army and tech, and attuning the balance of power between associates and challengers are worthy of attention due to serious effects on the military stage. Well, it’s not just a distant promise of autonomous power that is boosting these procedures though, but types of narrow AI which has been created or presently a work in progress.

Introduction of robotics in Defense

Most of the cutting-edge defense technologies around the world are robots, and with time the defense domain is progressively shifting towards incorporating AI-based solutions into the robots they developed for military tasks. For example, military has deployed autonomous means of transportation for investigation, checking coastal waters for opponents as well as for focused air strikes on elusive targets.

Furthermore, a high-end robot development brand is planning to make a bipedal humanoid robot which will be around 1.8-meter tall, and will be capable of performing a plenty of search as well as rescue works, provide emergency services, as well as execute several other activities, in surroundings where humans can’t perhaps even survive.

As of now, Artificial Intelligence is typically utilized by military for non-combatant activities. AI was leveraged by USA for their primary operations during the Gulf War as well. They utilized a powerful AI-centered planning solution, which was known as DART. Also, a plenty of projects are being commenced which are focused on developing training simulators integrating AI.

The main ingredient required to make Automated Robots: Solid Algorithm

The AI based robots have to be constrained by many algorithms running constantly and simultaneously, in order to make decisions related to navigation and executing tasks. Plus, it is takes extra efforts to execute as one planned team; interacting among themselves, depending on the control centers as well as taking orders. Evolvement of in AI has to be reinforced with an extraordinary set of algorithms. For the power of AI in defense landscape to nurture and excel.

India leveraging the potential of AI to power up the defense forces!

The Indian government has initiated to work on integrating AI in their operations in an aspiring, new defense project. AI is incorporated to enrich the operational readiness of the defense forces in an important way which can contain equipping the forces with unmanned vessels, tanks, aerial vehicles, and even some of the latest and most advanced robotic armaments. This step is taken to prepare the Air Force, Navy and the Indian Army for next gen warfare trends. Integration of AI in defense forces is the outcome of the growing Chinese investments in making serious apps of AI for its military, and this is part of a wider policy initiative. Integration of AI is a step towards enriching the capabilities of the defense forces.

The project is also expected to contain things like development of a wide variety of unmanned mediums for the all the services. The forces will be using the extensive applications of Artificial Intelligence in their regular operations, on par with some of the hugest international military powers.

Also, India’s solid IT base which will be the biggest advantage and will lead to the making of high-end Artificial Intelligence tools, and integrations of AI based solutions with ease.

Machine Leaning, Internet of Things, robotics etc. are clubbed to be the dawn of the industrial revolution. These technologies are intended to develop solid solutions which have the ability to nicely imitate human intelligence.

The integrations of AI in defense forces is not only restricted to robotics or unmanned arms. There are a plentiful more AI based technical solutions that are being developed and tested to boost the power of defense forces.

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