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What Is AirVPN?

To start this AirVPN review, I would like to emphasize that AirVPN is one of the VPN that can’t be categorized as a free VPN; it is paid but it does wonder as it works almost on every device. We can, therefore, see AirVPN for mobiles (both Android and IOS) and also for Windows, MAC, and wireless routers. It is a VPN that ensures maximum privacy to its users under various security protocols and encryptions. It uses OpenVPN tunnelling protocol and 4096 bit RSA encryption to hide your IP and keep your browsing session fully private.

AirVPN is operated exclusively by activists, privacy, data protection and security issues aware persons, law experts with the help of the same lawyers, and counts more than 200 servers with high bandwidth lines and good or top hardware in 35 datacenters across 19 countries in 3 continents. The solidity of the infrastructure is enhanced literally every week, so that most attacks (UDP and TCP flood, DDoS…) that caused service issues in the first AirVPN year of life now remain totally unnoticed to the users.

AirVPN Features

Reason To Choose AirVPN?

  • Hide Your IP – AirVPN provides its user with a new IP address so that nobody can discover your identity through it. You can totally surf Anonymously on the web that inturns Protection against snoopers, data miners and privacy intrusive entities.
  • No Log Policy– To protect user data, VPNs often provide no-logs policies. This means that a VPN provider won’t collect or share your information when you’re connected to one of their servers. Fortunately, AirVPN also follows that policy. It claims that “Activity traffic and/or traffic content and/or IP addresses of the customers or users are not inspected, logged or stored into any mass storage device“.
  • Perfect Forward Secrecy – Through Diffie-Hellman key exchange DHE. After the initial key negotiation, re-keying is performed every 60 minutes (this value can be lowered unilaterally by the client).
  • Five simultaneous connections per account
  • Defeat restrictions– Circumvent censorship, geo-restriction and traffic shaping.No discrimination toward any service, protocol or application.
  • No personal information required– When you open an account, you are not forced to enter any personal data, not even a real e-mail address.
  • No maximum speed limit – It depends only on the server load. Minimum allocated granted bandwidth: 4 Mbit/s download + 4 Mbit/s upload.
  • OpenVPN Protocol – AirVPN uses OpenVPN to establish the connection between your computer and our servers. OpenVPN is the most reliable and secure solution for encrypted tunnels, offering a higher than military degree of security.
  • AirVPN offers OpenVPN on ports 80 TCP / UDP, 443 TCP / UDP and 53 TCP / UDP. Additionally, every Air server supports directly OpenVPN over SSH, OpenVPN over SSL and OpenVPN over Tor. This means that even the most brutal techniques of monitoring, censorship, throttling and traffic shaping will fail against AirVPN because your ISP and your government will see only TCP or UDP traffic on a unique port.
  • Connect to any wireless network without risking data eavesdropping between your computer and the WiFi hotspot. Stay protected with the security offered by high-level encryption: 4096 bit RSA keys size, AES-256-GCM Data Channel, HMAC SHA384 Control Channel.
  • AirVPN supports multiple platforms like Windows. Linux, macOS, Android, iOS, ChromeOS. AirVPN also supports routers like DD-WRT, Tomato, AsusWRT.

AirVPN Review- Introduction 

To start this AirVPN review, I would like to emphasize that AirVPN is one of the VPN that can’t be categorized as a freeVPN; it is paid but it does wonder as it works almost on every device. We can, therefore, see AirVPN for mobiles (both Android and IOS) and also for Windows, MAC, and wireless routers. It is a VPN that ensures maximum privacy to its users under various security protocols and encryptions. It uses OpenVPN tunneling protocol and 4096 bit RSA encryption to hide your IP and keep your browsing session fully private. Founded in 2010 by a group of Italian “hacktivists”, AirVPN’s security cannot be doubted. AirVPN now has grown into a full-service premium VPN with server network in 20 countries around the world. Their parent company is Air di Paolo Brini.

AirVPN Review- Our General Overview

NETFLIX 1/5 Worked
COST$5.29/Month for one year
SUPPORTContact Form

AirVPN Pros

So let’s start this AirVPN Review with some positive stuff. For the starter, they’re using fantastic, high-grade VPN protocols and encryption standards thus ensuring AirVPN’s security to be top notch. Their No-logging policy is also very transparent. This is one of the only surveillance alliance jurisdiction companies that truly logs no data or personal information for your privacy.  AirVPN also is DNS leak free and free of viruses. AirVPN for Netflix and Torrenting ensures an unhindered streaming of both contents. Lastly, AirVpn’s speed ranges from good to average which is not bad plus it allows simultaneous connection of up to five devices.

No Logging Policy of AirVPN

We use VPNs for true anonymity. We want our activity to be invisible to hackers, government agencies, and even the companies who create the VPN that we’re using. Logging in means it is completely contrary to what is promised, that is Anonymity. AirVPN promises to keep no logs files. But this is stated by almost every VPN companies in the market. Then, upon further investigation, you see that they’re actually logging a ton of your personal information.

So we dug deeper before writing this AirVPN review. On reading their Privacy Policies what we found is really assuring.

“AirVPN privacy policy – This VPN don’t want any of your information. Not even your email address. You have the option to include some info, but those seeking total anonymity can find it here. On top of not logging your online activities or personal information, this site isn’t even storing cookies on your system. It appears to be a truly anonymous service.”

AirVPN Security Protocols and Encryption

Although the fact that “hacktivists” created this VPN may put people in doubt. But I think this is a good thing. Who would better know what protocols and encryption will work best to protect against malicious hackers, than hackers themselves? That’s why AirVPN security protocols can be nothing less than the best for protecting your online privacy.

AirVPN Security Technicalities

For starters, AirVPN is using OpenVPN protocol, which is the industry standard. This security protocol is created using open source technology, so it’s not the property of any one company. The security community as a whole work together to constantly update this protocol and keep it as per the need of the hour. Along with this AirVPN uses the advanced AES encryption (AES-256). This encryption is completely invulnerable against even the most advanced modern technology, i.e even Supercomputers can’t decrypt this code thus making AirVPN security features absolutely watertight.


DNS Leak Free and Virus Free

AirVPN Review would be incomplete without mentioning if the VPN is DNS leak free. It’s unfortunate that even the best VPN’s with premium security protocols would be useless if they are not DNS leak free and your IP is leaking. DNS Leaks and WebRTC leaks are fatal to your online security. If a DNS server is causing your VPN tunnel to be bypassed, then your original IP will be out there before the eyes of your ISP. Likewise, if API’s associated with WebRTC systems uncover your IP, the VPN is rendered useless. That’s why it’s so important for a VPN to be leak-proof both DNS leak free and WebRTC leak free. We tested AirVPN six different times and it passed every single test.


AirVPN IP leak tests. Neither DNS Leaks nor WebRTC leaks were discovered. So, let’s check out the WebRTC leak test: – Passed – Passed – Passed – Passed – Passed – Passed

AirVPN is also Virus free. This is yet another concern as viruses can impact the effectiveness of a VPN, damaging your system and transmitting your information back to hackers. AirVPN’s install files were tested for 66 viruses and it came out with clean health. AirVPN is a clean installer.

In terms of leaks and viruses, AirVPN is DNS leak free and Virus Free. Certainly a positive note in this AirVPN Review.

AirVPN Review For Speed

Every VPN will slow you down. This is a universal truth. However, that doesn’t mean your session needs to come to a halt, though. Before writing this AirVPN Review we tested two of AirVPN’s servers to determine what level of speed we were losing. One server was located in the EU, and the other was in the US. The EU server fared much better than it’s US counterpart. AirVpn’s speeds fell but the difference was slight.

AirVPN EU speed test:

  • EU Speed Test
  • Ping: 38 ms
  • Download: 64.48 Mbps (33.5% Slower Than 97 Mbps Benchmark)
  • Upload: 30.71 Mbps (42% Slower Than 53 Mbps Benchmark)

The US server is where things started to get dicey. The download fell further than we like to see, but the upload plummeted.

  • US Speed Test
  • Ping: 127 ms
  • Download: 27.79 Mbps (71.3% Slower Than 97 Mbps Benchmark)
  • Upload: 12.12 Mbps (77% Slower Than 63 Mbps Benchmark)

Those US numbers are problematic, but consistent EU speeds help to keep this AirVPN review in a positive note. While I find these to be acceptable speeds, it was not enough to make our list of the fastest VPNs. Out of the 74 VPN services that we’ve reviewed, we rank AirVPN #39 in terms of speed.

AirVPN therefore comes out with and average speed, not the fastest but certainly not the slowest.

AirVPN For Netflix

These days, best VPN’s are those that can stream geo-locked content. Netflix has a ton of content that’s inaccessible based on where you’re located. A VPN should, in theory, counteract this. And for a while, it did. Then, one day, Netflix not working with VPNs and it was blocking VPNs and proxy servers from accessing its content.

Netlix’s anti-vpn system is really hard to get around. AirVPN for netflix in this context is Houdini in unblocking Netflix contents at any geographical region. For writing this AirVPN review we tested five of their servers and one of them worked beautifully. The Netflix VPN game is an ever-evolving dance, but thankfully, AirVPN for Netflix has a community forum with a thread keeping users up to date on which servers are working with the streaming service.

Seamless Torrenting With AirVPN 

AirVPN lets you torrent without any interruption. It allows unlimited torrenting. Now, torrenting is one of those services where a VPN is at its most useful. Peer-to-Peer connections (P2P) are a great way to download large files, although they’re dangerous as you have no hold over your security. You don’t know who you’re allowing into your system, and so you open yourself up to risk. Nonetheless, AirVPN allows torrenting, including AirVPN. Unlike many who limit or ban the service on their servers. P2P is allowed on AirVPN.

Hence, we will certainly get a good AirVPN Review from Torrent Users.

AirVPN For Computers, Mobile, and Routers

In today’s landscape, people want more from their VPN than just anonymous web browsing. Content streaming has become the most popular use for VPN. In the era of smart streaming devices, people want to experience content on their television. AirVPN doesn’t have functionality with gaming systems like PlayStation 4 or XBox One, nor does it have an app on streaming devices such as Roku or FireTV, but it can be used with a wireless router, protecting all of your activity on those devices.

In Short, AirVPN is fully functional for Mobiles (iOS and Android), computers (Windows and Mac) and for wireless routers.

AirVPN Compatibility in Details

Ranging from computer operating systems like windows and Mac to mobile os like ios and android along with browsers, and several routers AirVPN is highly compatible. It also supports the TOR network. There are many VPNs which ban access to this anonymous web browser. Such not the case in case of AirVPN. Another positive mark on the AirVPN Review. AirVPN has some decent inclusion which can protect your activity on and off the computer.

AirVPN Installation ( For Android,iOS,Windows,MAC)

AirVPN is pretty good in terms of Installation and Execution. The download was smooth and quick. So let’s walk through some guidelines that will help you to install and setup AirVPN

AirVPN installer files

Their client program software is called Eddie. So searching for AirVPN in your system once it’s installed does nothing. The program installed in under a minute. Before connecting, I perused the options a bit, noting that they have all of their servers listed in order of how well they’re functioning.

AirVPN list of servers –

Next, I chose to connect to the fastest server. That’s a service that they offer on Eddie’s main dashboard. It sent me to one in Canada. First, it installed the tunnel driver, which took a few seconds.

Installing tunnel driver-

When I was connected. The whole process was lightning fast.

AirVPN Canada connection-

Once I was connected I went over to YouTube where I knew there was some geo-locked content. YouTube worked perfectly. After I was done wiping tears from my eyes at the skating splendor of the Great White North, I switched around to a few more servers. They all connected quickly. All in all, this was a perfect VPN experience and I was very satisfied.

Below are installation guides for your respective device:

AirVPN Installation Guide for Android

AirVPN Installation Guide for IOS

AirVPN Installation Guide for Windows

AirVPN Installation Guide for Mac


 AirVPN Cons

While our pros list was extensive, AirVPN certainly has some cons that I should mention in this AirVPN Review. First, despite their impressive no logging policy, they’re still located  in the middle of the 14 Eyes surveillance alliance’s jurisdiction which leads us to really question AirVPN’s No Logging Policy and their whole Security in general. Their server park has improved in recent years, but it’s still pretty small as compared to other paid VPN services one of which is ExpressVPN with an extensive number of servers. AirVPN also has no kill switch, which leaves a glaring issue with their security. All these, along with a seldom responsive customer support system creates an alarming amount of doubt.

Located in Italy ( Under14 Eyes Jurisdiction)

AirVPN is located in the land of Venice, of Rome, hence part of the 14 Eyes surveillance alliance, which shares information gathering efforts with 13 other nations. So, what does that mean for AirVPN? Despite their no logging policy , it means that the Italian government could demand they turn over any and all information and share it with other member countries.

Membership in the 14 Eyes alliance includes The United States,  The UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Denmark, France, The Netherlands, Norway, Germany, Spain, Belgium, Sweden, Italy

So I would like to say at last that although the government might intrude into your personal datas but AirVPN with its no logging policy has gladly dealt with that for us.

Small AirVPN Server List And No Kill Switch

AirVPN has 218 servers located within 20 countries around the world. While this is far better than the 80 servers in 16 countries they had a year ago, it is still a far cry from a company like ExpressVPN, which has a server park in the thousands, located in every major city in the world. But still, AirVPN has a page on their official site giving you updates on which servers are working, not working, and running the fastest. Moreover, AirVPN doesn’t feature a built-in kill switch. This is a fairly common security component for most modern VPNs. A kill switch can automatically disconnect you from the service if it senses that your connection may no longer be secure. This would be of more concern had we found leaks in AirVPN, but for now, it’s just an anxiety-inducing exclusion.

Dismissive Customer Service

Customer service is something that’s important any user, both with VPNs and just in general. This is where AirVPN is in a backfoot. AirVPN only has a contact form instead of chatbots. A contact form will work as long as there’s someone responding. AirVPN contact form can help you to send any grievance but you might have to wait for sometime to get any response.

AirVPN Cost, Plans, & Payment Options

AirVPN is not FREE. AirVPN has only one premium plan with no free option. There are five pricing tiers which correlates directly to how much time you’re willing to commit to using the service. Pricing starts for a three day period for $1.18 and goes up from there.

A month alone is $8.25 with savings tacked onto each additional level. Three and six months have the same monthly rate of $5.89, but you save some more when you opt in for a year at $5.30 per month. There is a multitude of payment options, including cryptocurrency options, such as BitCoin. Having the option to choose between 22 different forms of cryptocurrency is super helpful to anyone hoping to keep complete anonymity throughout their VPN experience. It’s important to know that there is no free trial or money back guarantee.

So, is AirVPN Recommended?

Yes, it is. Though it’s in the 14 Eyes alliance, it’s also not logging any information on you at all, and it’s an airtight DNS leak-free and webRTC leak-free system. The unlimited torrenting and ability to work with Netflix are a huge plus. Speeds fell a bit more than what I desire, but others performed admirably. AirVPN’s feature that automatically connects you to their fastest server should counteract this issue.

The customer service situation is a bit disappointing, along with the fact that they don’t offer a money-back guarantee or a free trial. However, there is the option to use it for three days for a little over $1, so that’s helpful for those who just want to try it out. So, out of 74 VPNs, we rate AirVPN at number 19. If you need a better performing VPN, take a look at our best-performing VPNs here or just take a look at our NordVPN review or ExpressVPN review.

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