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The word Alexa might be a common name in millions of Mount, but years back, by listening to the word Alexa, we can only figure out that it could be the name of any girl or woman. Today, Alexa has become a well-known figure in the worked when Amazon gives it as a name. Often people wonder what is Alexa by Amazon and how Alexa works.  This article will guide you properly about Alexa in detail and How Alexa Works. you will get a complete Alexa User Guide in this article. Many people think that Alexa can be just used for playing music, getting information from the cloud, connecting to Bluetooth devices, etc. The Functionality of Alexa is more than that. So we will know what Alexa can do for you and how to connect Alexa to Phone. Prior To that, We will know what is Alexa by Amazon.

What is Alexa?

This is for the people who do not know what is Alexa. In India, many people are not aware of the term “Alexa”. There exist a lot of people in India who find that the word Alexa is very new to them. However, some of them know that it is a device that listens to us.  many people in India are in the myth that Alexa is a kind of speaker, but in reality, it is not like that. People who are in the verge of Finding What is Alexa By Amazon, you will get a complete answer right here. In addition to that,  you will also get to know about the Alexa User guide, how it works and what Alexa can do.

To define you more precisely about Alexa, basically, it is a virtual assistant software built by Amazon to assist you with various services and tasks.  The Alexa is designed and Develops an AI platform that uses natural language processing. In the context of natural language processing, Alexa takes input from the user in the form of voice command which then converted into data to provide you the result. This signifies what is Alexa by Amazon and it is not the device. Many people relate Alexa to Amazon Echo Devices. However, Alexa was first integrated into the Amazon Echo devices and it was launched in  November 2014.

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Before Discussing more on Alexa, let’s have a look on What Is Alexa By Amazon- (User Guide) and Alexa Supported Devices and the products



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Platforms supported By Alexa

 If you are wandering to the fact what are the platforms supported by Alexa, then you can clear out your doubts from this section. Basically Alexa can work on Amazon Echo, Fire TV, Fire HD, Android, IoS platform, Android Platform, Linus and Cortana. So you can download the App of Alexa for getting voice control services on the devices to perform your task built-in discussed platforms.

What are the Languages Supported by Alexa?

There exists a variant type of language which is supported by Alexa.  Never get worried with the name Alexa that it will be going to support only the English language, but Alexa supports, English, French, German, Japanese, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Marathi, Punjabi, Hindi. For Indian users, you do not need to worry about the language support as Alexa will support and respond to Hindi Voice Command, Punjabi and Marathi Voice  Command.

What is the Difference Between Alexa and Echo?

The echo is basically the different products of Amazon. The echo is the smart speakers which are integrated with  Alexa software. However, Alexa is a virtual assistant software that is being integrated into most of the products and the devices of Amazon products.  To know more about the Alexa user guide read until the last section.

What Alexa Can Do?

What Alexa Can do

Alexa can do a lot more things for you, but you need to buy devices that can support  Alexa.  You can buy Amazon Echo Speakers, Echo shows, Fire  Tv Stick. Amazon Echo Input etc. So, I will list out the functionalities and the activities that Alexa can do. Here is the list of things that Alexa can do for you.

Takes Voice Command

Alexa Takes voice command from you to perform different types of tasks for you.  For example, the Alexa integrated speakers can be used to play music and it can be also used to play online videos and other content once the echo speaker will be connected to the Bluetooth supported devices such as TV or the Echo Show. The TV needs to be paired up with the Alexa supporting device.

Alexa Voice Remote provides better access to the online streaming of Videos

With the help of Alexa Voice Remote, you can stream videos online with just a voice command on 4K TV. You can make your TV as Smart TV by attaching the TV to the Amazon Fire TV stick.

Control You House With Just a Voice

Many home appliances are coming up with the latest integrated technology to let the appliance work in a smarter way. The Aircondition, Lights are designed to work in a smart way with control of the phone. So in such instances, you need to download the Alexa App on phone and link the application of other appliances with the Alexa App.  Once the link will establish you can control the home appliance with the voice command using echo devices. Alexa can help in making your house to convert into a smart house.

Get current information and data

You can access current information and data with the use of Alexa voice command.  Get weather reports, news, headline, Intelligence information with the help of Alexa Virtual Support assistance.

Link Alexa to Mobile Application

You can link Alexa to the mobile application for ordering food from Zomato, Listen to  Rhymes, Launching App, Booking a Cab, etc. you can ask Alexa to do a thing for you with the use of echo devices.

Manage Your day and activity With Alexa

You can manage your day with Alexa supported the Echo device. You can set up an alarm, schedule activities and reminders, add the product into the shopping cart list, etc.

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How To Connect Alexa With Phone?

Before describing you about how to connect Alexa with the phone, I hope you all get well acquainted with Alexa and What is Alexa by Amazon. Apart from the entire Alexa User Guide is yet to be discussed.  As discussed above, people often get confused with Alexa and Echo as they think both are the same. Alexa is a virtually supported software assistant whereas Echo is a physical device that worked as a speaker. So people search in different ways in the context of making a connection with smartphones or mobile devices. Alexa can be integrated into remote, speaker and other Amazon Echo devices.  Henceforth, if you are searching for how to connect Bluetooth with Alexa or how to connect echo with the phone, the result will be the same as you need to pair Alexa with the phone. Here is the step by step guideline related to how to connect Alexa with the phone.

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1. Download the Alexa App on your Smartphone.

2. Turn on the Bluetooth connection of your phone.

3. Open the App and log in to your Amazon account.

4. After login, go to the menu section and click the setting.

5. Under the setting tap on Bluetooth and paired with the Alexa supported device. Once the setup is established you can connect and disconnect the device with voice control command.


How Alexa Works?

How Alexa Works

Alexa collects information from the d and the internet sources to provide your realtime result. The operation of Alexa is entirely dependent on internet connectivity. For instance, taking an example of IoT devices like a Smart AC,   the user needs to login to the mobile app of a manufacturing brand that will operate at the cloud level. So Downloading the Amazon Alexa app will act as an intermediate to access the cloud information of the manufacturing app to provide you handsfree operation. In terms of playing music, order food, booking room, cab, etc. You can command Alexa which will act as an intermediator to perform the task. Even you can schedule your activity while instructing Alexa. This is how Alexa Works.


To conclude, the article is designed to guide with the information on what is Alexa by Amazon. A complete Alexa User guide is provided in the article. Along with that, the various functionality of Alexa has been described in the article. The major issue in terms of how to connect Alexa to phone and how Alexa works have ben described precisely in the article.

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If you have any queries related to Alexa, you can comment on us in the below section, we will come up with a valuable reply.


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