List of Alt Codes with accents(Special Keyboard Shortcut)

Can find List of Alt Codes? In this article, we are going to show some useful alt code with there accents. If you are already familiar with using alt codes, simply select the alt code category you need from the table below.

Now Don’t know How to type alt code in your PC or Laptop. Here are the steps.

How to Type Alt Code.

All these Lists of Alt Codes work on computers running any of Microsoft’s Windows operating systems.

Alt Code Steps:

  1. Turn on “Number Lock”.
  2. Hold down the “Alt” key to the left of the space bar and key the code on the numeric keypad.
  3. Don’t release the “Alt” key until after you’ve typed the alt code.
  4. Done You see your desired alt code symbol

For Laptop Thee steps are below.

  1. Look for a “function” or “fn” key normally near the bottom left of the keyboard.
  2. Look for a button with “num lock”.
  3. While holding “function” press and release “num lock”.
  4. Done  You See The alt code.
  5. Switch “num lock” off when done so you can use keyboard normally.

List of Alt Codes for entering characters with accents:

Uppercase Lowercase
Alt Codes Symbol Description Alt Codes Symbol Description
Alt 0192 À A grave Alt 0224 à a grave
Alt 0193 Á A acute Alt 0225 á a acute
Alt 0194 Â A circumflex Alt 0226 â a circumflex
Alt 0195 Ã A tilde Alt 0227 ã a tilde
Alt 0196 Ä A umlaut Alt 0228 ä a umlaut
Alt 0199 Ç C cedilla Alt 0231 ç c cedilla
Alt 0200 È E grave Alt 0232 è e grave
Alt 0201 É E acute Alt 0233 é e acute
Alt 0202 Ê E circumflex Alt 0234 ê e circumflex
Alt 0203 Ë E umlaut Alt 0235 ë e umlaut
Alt 0204 Ì I grave Alt 0236 ì i grave
Alt 0205 Í I acute Alt 0237 í i acute
Alt 0206 Î I circumflex Alt 0238 î i circumflex
Alt 0207 Ï I umlaut Alt 0239 ï i umlaut
Alt 165 Ñ N tilde Alt 164 ñ n tilde
Alt 0210 Ò O grave Alt 0242 ò o grave
Alt 0211 Ó O acute Alt 0243 ó o acute
Alt 0212 Ô O circumflex Alt 0244 ô o circumflex
Alt 0213 Õ O tilde Alt 0245 õ o tilde
Alt 0214 Ö O umlaut Alt 0246 ö o umlaut
Alt 0138 Š S caron Alt 0154 š s caron
Alt 0218 Ú U acute Alt 0249 ù u grave
Alt 0219 Û U circumflex Alt 0250 ú u acute
Alt 0220 Ü U umlaut Alt 0251 û u circumflex
Alt 0217 Ù U grave Alt 0252 ü u umlaut
Alt 0221 Ý Y acute Alt 0253 ý y acute
Alt 0159 Ÿ Y umlaut Alt 0255 ÿ y umlaut
Alt 0142 Ž Z caron Alt 0158 ž z caron

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