AMC in Kolkata (How It Works & How It Should Be)

AMC in Kolkata is a very basic thing if you run an office you need AMC in Kolkata. Because like everything in life your computers, servers etc needs maintenance. But AMC is not always beneficial for you today we are going to discuss why AMC in Kolkata is a disadvantage for you.

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AMC in Kolkata


Let us first discuss a little about annual maintenance contract. Those of you who do not know what annual maintenance contract or AMC means for them –

What is Annual Maintenance Contract:

The Annual Maintenance Contract is the general agreement normally conducted between two companies wherein the later agrees to render the maintenance service annually to the former at an exchange of the nominal amount. It ensures that the later promises to provide maintenance services to the former all throughout the year on a regular basis.

AMC: it includes only service charges – Spare’s cost is extra.

AMCs are usually of two types – comprehensive and non-comprehensive.

Comprehensive AMCs are more expensive as under this contract, service, as well as replacement of spare parts, is carried out free of cost. It is prudent to opt for a comprehensive AMC for items where the replacement of spare parts is expensive.

Under non-comprehensive AMCs, routine servicing is carried out, but replacement of spare parts is chargeable. The decision to opt for a comprehensive or non-comprehensive AMC would depend on the items covered, their age and usage, and the cost of spare parts.

Why AMC:

The AMCs are essential to safeguard the contents of your office. An AMC is a contract signed with a service provider for routine maintenance at a predetermined cost. An AMC is usually renewable on an annual basis. However, some agencies offer extended warranties at the time of purchase of a particular product or service, where you can sign up for maintenance for 2-3 years at a fixed annual price, payable upfront.



Well, we all know the good side of AMC but we overlook the bad side of the AMC. Don’t be surprised every good thing in this world has a bad side.

Now let us talk about the disadvantages



First, let’s talk about the support you get, at the very first encounter you were sent the best engineer by the AMC firm who has impressed you with his/her technical verbose and work and punctuality and you feel these guys are the real deal.

But gradually the quality of the service goes down because you have already paid the money before and you are not a new sale to them in short, you are not value for time. And gradually you will also notice they are never on time when you need them. You give fewer charges so the people who are providing AMC does not really analyze your issue because the money is not worth the time.


disadvantages of AMC



So you think you are paying less because you are giving them the money prior so you will not have to pay any more. Well no you are actually paying more for a below standard job. Not only that they don’t believe in repair they believe in replacement in most cases they give you an estimation for the parts which is obviously overpriced especially for you.


costly amc advantage



Now let’s get to the main issue the craftsmanship of the AMC engineer have you ever felt that you are calling your AMC company over and over again for the same issue for the same system. Yeah, it is because the first engineer you got was the head engineer who is an expert now your systems are checked by his/her disciples… It means your systems are training machines so craftsmanship is a myth when you are on AMC.


Taking AMC is also a risky business imagine you opt for an AMC from an XYZ company and after getting the contract they shut down insolvent what would you do? Report them or sue them no you may sue them and then visit court again for settlement of your cash. Does that sound pleasant to you? I do not think so.

Issue With Parts:

The parts are a big issue you have to pay again and again for the parts and it is every time you broke something and as I said before they do not believe in repair they believe in replacement.


Ticket To Ticket System By Techyuga

smart choice for it solution in kolkata


Since we are a team of brainiacs we came up with a plan which can abolish AMC better the service quality and save a whole lot of time and money for both parties.

Ticket to ticket system is we will be in a contract with you to provide service but we will not take a bulk amount from our client. Seems little odd doesn’t it well no we take money according to the service and parts on each time they call that way the service stays sturdy as ever also both the parties are in profit so basically its a win win situation for both of us.


Advantages Of Ticket To Ticket System (The Smart Choice)


Now, we are not bragging or anything but we know this system is better than AMC &, to be honest AMC is not profitable because we do not compromise on quality and AMC is fast work or patch work for computers or any other electronics. So let me tell you the advantages of a ticket to ticket system.



On time every time and the best engineer is sent out every time because one ticket means a new call every time even if we are in a contract


Well as I discussed before we do not take any bulk money at the beginning of the contract we take on per call from our AMC client that way both parties stays in profit.


Well hate to brag again but we have the most skillful technicians in Kolkata and because of that they are effective and efficient at the same time. Means they work fast and complete the job like a champion.


Well if you use a ticket to ticket system you and we both are not under any risk because you are paying only when you raise a ticket with us so even if we shut down tomorrow you will not face any monetary loss. Because hey we care for our customers.

The issue with Parts:

Well as I said before you only pay when you raise a ticket and do not worry we will not blast through your pockets we know the value of trust between two parties once it’s gone its gone forever. So, we do not want that.





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