Top Android Oreo Features You Should Know Right Now

The latest version of mobile OS released by Google is called Android Oreo. It is the android version 8.1 and with this google added a new flavor in operating system. The new Android Oreo Features are kind of revolution it the mobile OS upgradation war. Samsung, LG, Motorola, Xiaomi, HTC, Sony, Lenovo, Nokia etc all brand’s phones are providing android oreo with their latest version models after google has introduced in 2017. Once the latest version of OS has been updated in your phone you will notice that there are many good and effective changes in your phone and Android Oreo Features makes your phone much faster with better security system and battery life. Here are the list of top Android Oreo features .

Top Innovative & Cool Android Oreo Features- 


1. Get Better battery life with Vitals:

When Android Oreo has been installed your telephone, expect enhanced battery life, because of Google’s Vitals activity. Google included “Wise Limit” to make programmed tops for what applications can do out of sight. It will control the background apps and the location updates so that the background apps will not able to affect your battery much.

2. Faster Performance-

The Vitals venture driving Android Oreo advancement will likewise convey more speed and more prominent execution to Android gadgets. At the Google I/O 2017 designers meeting in May, Android item director Stephanie Saad Cuthbertson said that the organization has seen its Pixel handsets boot twice as quick, with comparative picks up in the Google Sheets application.

3. Picture-in-Picture video-

This is one of the most innovative feature of Android Oreo. After the Oreo update in your phone every brand’s smartphone user can use this feature. They can able to take any youtube video and video call with them while switching from one app to another with this PiP (Picture-in -Picture) support feature. One can dismiss the PiP videos simply by swiping it.

4. See Missed Notification-

Android Oreo enables clients to see notification they’ve missed without pulling down the drop-down menu from the highest point of your screen. Applications with missed notices will brandish an identification that draws its shading from the applications symbol, so you can rapidly examine your home screen to look at the situation. (iOS clients know about this, with the red identifications on their application symbols.) A long-push on an application with a Notification Dot will open a menu (that resembles 3D Touch) of those missed warnings.

5. Pinned Widgets and Shortcuts-

Android Oreo takes the capacity to tweak your home screen considerably promote with stuck alternate ways and gadgets. When you long press an application symbol, you’ll see unmistakable catches that each have a portrayal about what those easy routes will do when pegged to your homescreen.

Touch and hold one of them and drag them to an open spot on the home screen. Presently, you’ll have the capacity to specifically dispatch that activity. In our illustration, we’ve added an easy route to the “I’m Feeling Lucky” capacity of Google Play Music.

6.Google Play Protect Feature for Increasing security-

The more we depend on our cell phones, the more our versatile security ends up essential. That is the reason it’s awesome to see Google Play Protect, another administration suite that will filters your applications for dangers, and continually checking for the most recent dangers, which will be found and recognized through machine learning. In the event that such an application is found on your gadget — and Google says the component can filter in excess of 50 billion applications for each day — it will erase the unsafe application from your handset or tablet.

7. Automatic WiFi Enable-

A sharp, new component will naturally walk out on in light of your area. Thusly, your telephone can interface with your home system when you arrive, sparing you from any fiddling with the gadget.

To empower this element, go to Network and Internet > WiFi > WiFi Preferences. At that point flip on the setting. Your telephone will then utilize its area information to reconnect to systems like your home Wi-fi. It’s a sharp method to save money on information utilization and utilize the telephone’s inner smarts without flipping the Wi-Fi on and off.

8. Intelligent Text Selector-

One of the more annoying parts of using a smart phone is fidgeting on your screen with your fingers to select a specific amount of text. Android Oreo’s Smart Text Selection makes it easy to pull out addresses, business names and other selections by automatically selecting the entire amount of text by tapping on it. Android will use machine learning to power this feature, but Google executives promised your text will stay on your device and not get sent to the cloud.

9. Android Oreo will Fill up the Gaps-

On the off chance that you utilize a Password maneger, Android Oreo’s autofill ability will extraordinarily streamline your life. The new auto fill highlight enables engineers to make benefits that can straightforwardly enter data into shapes. While some had discovered a workaround for this in Nougat, the procedure for Oreo is more straightforward and should empower all the more outsider applications to take part. Organizations like Dashlane and LastPass have effectively definite how they will bolster this element.

10.New and Innovative Emojis-

Love or despise them, the blob individuals are no more. Google gives you rounder emoticons in Android Oreo that are more likened to what you’ll discover on iOS. A few of the emoticons that represent distinctive items have likewise been changed, so you’ll have various decisions to investigate whenever you need to state what you require with more than words. On the whole, Google guarantees 60 new emoticons in Oreo.

The uplifting news for the individuals who may not see the Oreo refresh for some time is you can even now score the emoticons. Google made an Emoji Compatibility Library that empowers designers to show the emoticons in their application, regardless of whether it keeps running on a gadget with a more established rendition of Android. So on the off chance that you have a smartphone that may need to sit tight for the Oreo refresh, look at most loved informing applications to check whether they have the new creatures.

11. Cool icons-

Your screen will wake up in Android Oreo, as symbols will change while you utilize your handset, adjusting to subjects and movement as you connect with them. This implies symbols will squiggle and move as you tap them, and their edges and shading palettes can change after some time. We anticipate a work area loaded with enlivened symbols that light up like a Pixar film, and don’t stay there and look ungainly interestingly with your experience picture.

12. Better Sound Quality –

In the latest version of Android 8.1 not only the sound quality is better for the Bluetooth users but also it offers better sound across the board. Android Oreo’s new AAudio technology is designed specially for apps that require “high-performance, low-latency audio,”as per Google, which put an early form of the API into the designer review to get criticism.

13. Reset Settings Menu- 

With Oreo, Google has additionally tidied up the Settings menu to make it simpler to find the diverse areas. Gone is the slide-out menu in Nougat, which was useful yet in addition unnecessarily protracted.

Classes like Display, Sound and Storage make the hierarchical framework less demanding to explore. What’s more, similarly as previously, you can touch the spyglass symbol to scan for the segment that you require. A great part of the design is cleaner and makes the general menu speedier to examine.

14. Better Accessibility feature-

It will be less demanding to take advantage of Android’s accessibility features. An accessibility button in the route bar gives fast access to features, for example, magnification and administrations including Select to Speak. Oreo’s sound will likewise be upgraded on account of availability, with particular controls for openness and media volume. That gives the sound of onscreen input a chance to play at an unexpected volume in comparison to sound from a video or sound.

15. More Colorful Display-

Certain Android smartphones offer displays fit for rendering what’s called wide-extent shading. With Oreo, Android picks up the local capacity to flaunt those hues. While it will rely upon designer and cell phone producer bolster, we want to see significantly more distinctive pictures from applications, for example, Instagram subsequently.

16. Faster Updates –

One of the huge thumps against Android is that updates can take as much time as is needed getting to your telephone. Take Nougat, for instance, which starting at early August, must be found on 13 percent of Android gadgets. Google is doing its part to battle fracture with Project Treble. Android Oreo offers a secluded engineering that is intended to make it simpler and quicker for telephone producers to convey Android updates to your gadget.

17. Slimmer app sizes-

It’s not the sexiest component, but rather applications will conceivably consume up less room on your telephone under Android Oreo. The refreshed OS doesn’t drive application creators to package custom text styles with their product, lessening document sizes. Also, Oreo will keep on taking favorable position of Android’s Instant App highlight, which gives you a chance to get to a few highlights of an application without downloading it first. Google says that 500 million gadgets now bolster Android Instant Apps, so this isn’t really an Oreo-particular component, however it will enable you to oversee storage room on your Oreo-fueled smartphone.

18. Android T.V- 

Android TV, Google’s smart TV stage gets another search for its home screen with the Oreo refresh. The accentuation is currently on channels — lines of substance that get out particular shows and even offer snappy sneak peaks. A Watch Next line features extra scenes of projects you’ve just watched or shows and films you’ve begun however haven’t wrapped up. A Favorites push features your best applications. Furthermore, as befits Google’s AI-driven concentration starting late, Google Assistant will be a piece of Android TV, giving you a chance to look into appears with the sound of your voice.

19. Better Bluetooth Connection-

Bluetooth earphones offer the flexibility of remote associations, however that can at times come at the cost of sound quality. Android Oreo hopes to change that by supporting higher-quality Bluetooth associations, for example, Sony’s LDAC codec for greetings res sound.

20. Star Wars AR Stickers-

The Force is particularly solid with gadgets running Android 8.1, which is presently constrained to the Pixel and Pixel 2, which can get to Star Wars-themed enlarged reality (AR) stickers. After you’ve refreshed to 8.1, download this application and open the camera application to discover the AR Stickers.

21. keyboard shortcuts-

Pixel C clients and any other person who loves to combine a Bluetooth console with their Android gadget can cheer: Google says Android Oreo will highlight an enhanced adaptation of console alternate routes for its tab and bolt keys. This could make bouncing around a Google Doc so significantly less demanding.

22. Pixel 2 Camera Upgrade-

This present one’s only for Pixel 2 proprietors: After moving up to Android 8.1, the Pixel 2 cell phone can at last use its Visual Core chip, which enhances photograph quality all through the telephone, including within applications, for example, Instagram and Snapchat. Not exclusively does it add more prominent detail to your pictures, however it additionally accelerates picture handling.

23. Better Storage Control-

At the point when your phone’s storage is beginning to top off, you’ll see that it’s a ton simpler to gather up unnecessary files and stored data in Android Oreo. Already, the Storage menu in Settings had a modest bunch of fundamental classifications that you could view to see where the greater part of your accessible stockpiling went. However, now, there are particular classes for things like games and movie apps.

When you select one of these classes, you’ll see the majority of the applications of that write that are spending your storage room. From that point, it’s entirely simple to gather up reserve and garbage records, which is miles superior to Nougat’s technique for lumping a wide range of applications into a solitary “Applications” classification in the Storage menu.This Android update make the android smartphones and tablets learn some new and innovative tricks to perform in a better and efficient way. This will enhance the android device using experience. with every updates in android google experiments some innovative and revolutionizing features which gives users more user friendly device using experience.

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