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“I can confirm that Techyuga is best for any type of laptop repair. I tried many different repair stores for my laptop before but in Techyuga my problem got fixed in just a few days and I can not be more happy. Highly recommended”
Digambar Debbarma

Behala, Kolkata

“I have done screen replacement of my dell inspiron 1525 laptop with techyuga. … Very nice technician. He has done within few hours. And work is very good… Recommended everyone.”

Kunal Champader


“They are very professional in their work. I repaired my Lenovo laptop at their Chandni branch .They are surely the best laptop repairing service in kolkata and you can trust them with your device.”

Rahim Lahori

Esplanade, Kolkata


Best Apple MacBook Service Center in India

The Apple MacBook is a brand by Apple Inc. currently lineup consists of the MacBook Air and MacBook Pro. As we know that Air version is the least expensive notebook while Pro version is higher in cost. People who want the best and latest features then they buy Apple MacBook because this brand is different from others in some aspects. But MacBooks are expensive and not everyone afford this device.
It does not matter what version of your Apple MacBook is, you can face issues related to your MacBook like Screen, battery, motherboard, keyboard, Adapter, Body repair, Chip level, Hinge, Liquid damage, RAM, Virus and malware etc. There have been a number of issues with the MacBook over the years and some of these services provided by Apple. But most of the cases it is not an easy task to repair or replace some parts of your MacBook by Apple authorized service center. Also if your device is not under warranty then they will charge you more amount than any other service center. At Techyuga, we provide all kinds of Apple MacBook repair and OEM parts replacement services at a very affordable cost.

Apple MacBook Screen Replacement

In the case of the MacBook screen, the issue arises is screen display flicker and sometimes this is happening randomly. This kind of screen issue we concern because the MacBook is an expensive device and it needs the best repair services. Contact Techyuga certified technician to replace your MacBook Pro or Air display.

Apple MacBook Battery Replacement

One of the most MacBook problems is battery drainage. If your MacBook battery drains faster than usual, then it needs replacement. Sometimes battery-related issues come due to major changes to your workflow, such as greatly increasing how much multitasking you engage in. Also, sometimes your MacBook default settings are unnecessarily gobbling up energy while you work. These battery issues need battery replacement from the best place like Techyuga.

Apple MacBook Keyboard Replacement

Input device like keyboard is essential to make a bridge between the device and users. It is also the main component of your device. If your MacBook keyboard is not working properly then you can book a technician at Techyuga Apple MacBook repair portal. There are a variety of keyboard related-issues like unresponsive keys, broken keys, etc. So, it needs keyboard replacement as soon as possible.

Apple MacBook Motherboard Repair

The motherboard or logic board is an important part of your MacBook and it contains the circuitry and components that allow your device to function. If you are using a MacBook, and your motherboard is faulty or damaged then it affects the notebooks power, graphics, ports, fans, Bluetooth, and unusual behaviors. At Techyuga, we have certified engineer to deal with any kind of MacBook motherboard issues.

Apple MacBook Chip Level Repair

MacBook chip level repair includes all kinds of basic body repair like screen, battery, motherboard, keyboard, etc. One thing always keeps in your mind that is your MacBook is costly and you must check the positive customer reviews of the service center where you repair your MacBook. Our 5 star rated well-trained technicians who is certified and experienced can resolve such issues effectively.

Apple MacBook Liquid Damage Repair

You see and observe that a MacBook is designed compactly and it is very sensitive towards water or any other liquid like tea, coffee, juice, etc. Once your MacBook water damage has occurred, it affects your device as it can render the device completely dead. At our Techyuga center we deal with MacBook liquid damage by our qualified engineers.

Apple MacBook SSD / Hard Disk Failure Repair

MacBook are the most preferred notebook and they are not immune to hard drive issues. There are a number of problems that can affect MacBook hard drives/SSDs and recovery from them can often be very difficult sometimes. And you will face some hard disk related issues like hard drive not mounting, hard drive slow, data loss, disk bad sectors, hard drive ejecting itself, etc. At Techyuga, We recover data from SSD/ Hard disk.

Apple MacBook Laptop Hinge Repair

Consistent dropping or blunt force may affect the long term viability of the hinge component and aggravate an issue that leads to loosening MacBook hinge. In this case, if you don’t want to spend more on new MacBook then you can repair it according to the damage. Sometimes it is not possible to repair the hinge than replacement by certified technician is the best option.

Apple MacBook Virus And Malware Issues Removal

If you installed some malicious program knowingly or unknowingly which causing harm to your MacBook OS and need to remove these viruses and malware. And you need certified software engineers to do that effectively. Techyuga, one of the well known Apple MacBook repair centers can help you to remove those unwanted guests.

Apple MacBook RAM Replacement

The RAM of your MacBook is the active workplace of your computer, in which your programs run and your content is created. So, we always need a healthy RAM for proper running any software on your Mac OS. If your RAM is faulty then it sometimes persists undetected for a while. But after a couple of days, your MacBook becomes crash, hang, or shows other unwanted behavior. Repair it as soon as possible.

Apple MacBook Pro/Air Body Repair

Each and every part of the MacBook has a higher cost, so you need to search for the best MacBook service center in India for the value of your money. If your MacBook involuntarily drops or it might be a hard knock and got an issue of crack then it all includes under body repair. At Techyuga workshop we repair and replace MacBook Pro and Air Body at a very reasonable price.

Apple MacBook Pro/Air AMC Services

Annual Maintenance Contract or AMC is the protection of your system from malfunctioning. So, if you run any kind of business then your computers and laptops are part and parcel of your business. It keeps your business of any size to run smoothly. So, you need professional support for networks and computers to resolve potential issues by best troubleshooting techniques.

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Get Apple MacBook Repair & Service With Techyuga Today

Best Macbook Repair In India

Looking for MacBook repair service in Kolkata or India? Techyuga Online is the best choice. Get your Apple computer repaired today. Visit our store in Kolkata, or contact us along with your Mac model and fault description for online service. Our experienced staff will call you to discuss your options based on your current situation.

Techyuga online is the leading MacBook repair specialist in India. We specialise in Mac repair at the chip (manufacturing) level. Countless MacBook Airs and MacBook Pros have been written off because of solely logic board failure and this is a huge waste. With our Mac repair specialist service, the high-tech Mac logic board is no longer mysterious. The faulty logic boards can be economically repaired and all your data and applications remain intact

We provide an affordable alternative solution to Apple at a fraction of Apple’s quoted price.  If you have a faulty logic board in your MacBook, don’t replace or bin it, REPAIR it. You will not only pay much less but also help to reduce electronic waste. We are based in Kolkata and offer postal Mac repair services to customers India wide more than 23000 postal codes.

The majority of “Apple-Certified Dead Macs” are repairable. If you have a fatal-damaged logic board but your MacBook screen, keyboard, SSD drive are all working fine, you may consider our logic board replacement service before buying a new MacBook. But If you decide to buy a new Mac, our Mac data recovery service can transfer your data from the old Mac to the new one if you need the data. You may trade-in your old Mac to offset the data recovery cost. We provide the service for all MacBook Air Series and MacBook Pro Series.

Our Certified Apple technicians are able to do any kinds of repair or replacement services regarding your MacBooks. You can also compare our service charge, product price & service quality with any other MacBook service center in Kolkata and still you will find our genuine service quality and product price most competitive and affordable than any other laptop service center in Kolkata. Being a small service center we do always thrive to deliver our best to make our customers happy. Our cheap repair service helps you to get back your MacBook in a new condition.

Our services include MacBook water damage repair, MacBook Pro graphics card issue repair, MacBook keyboard replacement, MacBook motherboard repair, MacBook Virus removal, MacBook battery replacement, MacBook Hinge replacement, MacBook Pro SSD upgrade, MacBook ICs repairMacBook screen replacement, Mac data recovery, MacBook Hard disk failure, MacBook RAM replacement. We provide specialised repair services for MacBook logic boards at the chip level and significantly reduce electronic waste in India. 

Here Some Important Information At A Glance:

MacBook Repair Job Cost ( Approx Range)
MacBook Screen ReplacementStarting from 22000 Rs.
MacBook Battery ReplacementStarting from 5200 Rs.
MacBook Keyboard ReplacementStarting from 3200 Rs.
MacBook Hard Disk Failure RepairStarting from 4500 Rs.
MacBook Motherboard RepairStarting from 7000 Rs.
MacBook RAM Replacement/UpgradeStarting from 24000 Rs.
MacBook ICs RepairStarting from 2200 Rs.
MacBook Virus RemovalStarting from 1200 Rs.
MacBook SSD Drive RepairStarting from 9000 Rs.



Best Apple MacBook Service Center In India

Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

1. How To I Get My MacBook Display Fixed?

Your MacBook display is damaged due to a sudden drop or accident. In this case, your MacBook needs screen replacement from the best Apple service center. At Techyuga, we fixed your MacBook display in a proper manner after inspecting the issues. And the cost for MacBook screen replacement starting from 22000 Rs.

3. How Long MacBook will Take To Repair?

It will depend on the MacBook problems because if the problem is major then it will take more time like maximum time is 72 hours. Our team of engineers first inspect your MacBook then they will tell you the repair time they need to repair your device. But in some possible cases we provide hand-to-hand service.

5. Do You Provide Home Service Across Kolkata?

Yes, we provide home service across Kolkata, Greater Kolkata, and Howrah if the repair is minor and doesn’t need any equipment. Also, we give the best quality repair or replacement services for all MacBooks including MacBook Air Series, MacBook Pro Series, and any other brands of laptops also.

7. Is Your Service Center Open On Sunday?

Yes, definitely. We provide services for all 7 days in a week. Because we always think about our valuable customers and we know that Sunday is convenient for all.

9. Are You Provide The Apple Original Spare Parts For Replacement?

Yes, definitely. We provide OEM spare parts with manufacturer’s warranty for replacement. But we have a different range of spare parts according to the customers demand.

2. How Much Cost For MacBook Battery Replacement?

MacBook battery replacement cost vary according to the MacBook models like the MacBook Pro or MacBook Air. Because we all know that the quality of spare parts of any device vary according to the range. Our Macbook battery replacement cost starting from 5200 Rs.

4. Are Techyuga Is An Apple Authorize Service Center?

No, we are not an Apple-authorized service center but we provide all kinds of genuine services at a very affordable cost. We provide MacBook repair or replacement services for all MacBooks out of warranty. But our Apple certified engineers are able to repair all MacBook problems. Some Repair with Us won’t Void your warranty also.

6. Do You Take Any Inspection Charge?

Yes, we take inspection charges for the devices to inspect. Because our technicians believe that without inspection it is not the right way to repair any kind of device especially the MacBook repair. Our inspection charge for MacBook is 500 rs.

8. Do You Provide Service Warranty For MacBook?

Yes, we give warranty in some cases. Warranty on Replacement parts are subject to declaration of the manufacturer company provides warranty on selected MacBook repair job. Given warranty can be void under certain terms and conditions.

10. What Can I Do If My MacBook Is Not Turning On?

MacBook is a very delicate device and it needs great care. So, if your MacBook is not turning on then it may be the Motherboard problem, RAM Issue, Hard disk failure, or many other problems. But the most important thing is it needs immediate repair service from the best laptop or MacBook service center near you. Techyuga is available anywhere when you need it.

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