This Apple monitoring app is capable enough to monitor the new iPhone 8

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Then Apple introduced its smartphone and it changed the way developers made an app. We see different apps for Apple and Android users released every day now. Xnspy is a subscription-based Apple monitoring app that can sync with an iPhone to monitor it. The most common reason to purchase such an app is to keep control of your business, or your loved ones.


 You can find many apps for Android in the market. However, only a handful of the apps have monitoring capability for iPhone in India.


How consistent is it with different iOS versions?

It’s hard to comply with the Apple’s iOS interface guidelines. That is why Apple has a lower number of apps as compared to the Android. Moreover, the yearly app upgrades make it harder for the developers to update their apps. As a result, many apps cannot keep up with the pace and crash out. In its newest version, however, Xnspy includes support for the new iOS 11.2.5. The app has been regularly developed and upgraded to the respective iOS versions.


Currently, it has two different versions for the iPhone users.

iPhone iCloud Version/ No Jailbreak: This version supports the latest iOS 11.2.5 including support for all the previous versions.

iPhone Jailbreak version: This version can be used for the jailbreak iPhone devices and it supports iOS up to version 9.0.3.


How to setup Xnspy Apple Monitoring app?

Setting up the app for two separate devices is different. But before setting it up, you have to visit their website and subscribe to the app. Here is how it works:

Visit the website and select the “Buy Now” sections. Then select the package according to the iPhone model you want to monitor and subscribe.

Within a few hours, you receive an email with your login credentials and a download link (in case you want to monitor a Jailbreak iPhone).

The iCloud version does not need to download or install the app.

Use the download link on the jailbreak iPhone and install the app. This will take no more than five minutes.

Log into your Xnspy account and start monitoring.



This Apple monitoring app boasts a simple but interactive interface. The mechanics of Xnspy’s online account creates the sense that you’re controlling the device rather than just tracking. It allows the monitoring functionalities to be turned on or off, depending on whether you’re busy or not.

Xnspy makes monitoring an Apple device easy with its category-based interface. You can choose any function directly from the list at the left side of the main menu. You can also import information from your Xnspy account and save.

The interface design is compact and almost all the top features and general account information is displayed on the main screen. The settings offer ample customization to edit profile and toggle features.


Features to look out for:

Apple monitoring app

There are over thirty features offered by the app. But some of the flagship features include:


Internet monitoring is one of the core features of the Apple monitoring app – Xnspy. Xnspy includes customizable reports that break down the users’ internet usage and the sites they visited. You can see the bookmarks of the target phone. You can also see the internet browsing history of the Safari browser. This reveals a lot about the person’s interest. If you want to access the emails on someone’s phone, you can also do that.

We talked about the customization offered by the Xnspy in its interface. It has a feature by the name of “Watchlist”. If you want to monitor specific words, location, contacts or even an email address, you can put them in the Watchlist section. You will be instantly notified when any of the watchlisted names appears on the phone.

Its greatest strength, however, is its ability to monitor different instant messengers. It includes Facebook, WhatsApp, Skype, Viber, etc. You can check all the chats on these messengers. All the photos and videos shared on the WhatsApp can also be seen in your account. Similarly, you can see Skype calls and its contacts. And not just these messengers, you can also see all the incoming and outgoing iMessages.


How much does it cost?

As you may know by now that Xnspy is a subscription-based app, but the price is quite reasonable. If you are looking to monitor an iPhone, it offers you two different packages with varying features:

The Basic Package can be used for a primary-level monitoring. Monitoring call history and contact lists are included in this package. The basic package is cheaper but with limited features. As it has limited features, the price is also cheaper than its competitors. You are charged just $8.33 per month for a year’s package.

If you want to opt for a full-scale monitoring, then you should choose Xnspy’s Premium Package. This one packs all the basic as well as advanced features. You can remotely give commands and have more access to the internet based functionalities. Considering what it offers, premium package prices are not steep. You can start using it for as low as $12.49 a month.


Bottom line:

Xnspy can easily be regarded as one of the best Apple monitoring apps in India. It is one of the few that works with multiple iOS versions including support for the latest iOS. The app’s interface makes everything look effortless and it offers you enough liberty to customize the functions according to your ease. The Apple monitoring app is definitely worth taking a look at.

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