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There are 3 ways to get help from Techyuga. 1. Onsite/repair at our service center. 2. Mail-in service (free pickup and drop service across India). 3. Buy spare parts for any phone or laptop brand. Learn how techyuga works here. 

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Amandeep Singh
Bangalore, India
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I cannot praise Techyuga and their team enough. They are thorough professionals and wonderful to talk to. I was informed about everything going on with my watch while the display of my Apple watch was being replaced. Far better than Apple service center and the amount they have charged is impressive compared to the price quoted by the Apple service centre.
Jaspal Singh
Mumbai, India
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I have visited their worksop for my Apple Watch (Series 5), which was broken by an accident. I did'nt wanted to buy a new watch for this and I am lucky to find this Apple Watch Repair Center online. They fixed my iwatch within 2 days. Thank you for such a quick service. Highly recommended if you need iWatch Repair.
Bikash Gupta
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My Watch Series 5 was dead and wounldn't turn on after even 1 hour of charge. The team of Techyuga told me that it was battery issue and suggested me to replace the battery. I have taken the iWatch battery replacement service form them and now the watch is fine. Big Thumps up to the team for fixing my watch so quickly. Good Job.
Kishan Kumar
Kishan Kumar
Rajasthan, India
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I was searching for Apple Watch Repair Online and found techyuga. I was having scheduling issue to visit their workshop. So they have picked up my watch from my place only. They had also retured the device at my home after the repair service. No additional cost was charged. Happy with the service so far.

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Looking For The Best iWatch Repair Service In India

In terms of the smartwatch market, Apple has maintained its leading position with the Apple Watch. The maker of the iPhone accounted for more than 50% of the smartwatch industry in the world during the fourth quarter of 2018.

The biggest reason why the Apple Watch is successful is the way that it changed how people perceive watches. No longer are wristwatches solely meant as a timepiece or a fashion accessory, but have become something that is used and depended upon throughout the day for various activities and tasks.

Watches aren’t a status symbol the way they used to be in the past. In a lot of ways, the smartwatch is an extension of the iPhone. Instead of just working as a way of telling time, it manages the calendar, delivers reminders, provides directions, and enables us to interface with applications that we use daily with no need to pull our phones out of our pockets.

A lot of people don’t need a smartwatch. However, over the years, they have become very useful, to the point that they are no longer the expensive toys for early adopters. While it’s not a miniature smartphone, it can do some things quite capably, and the usefulness greatly varies depending on the features that you take advantage of.

Apple Watch is a beautiful example of seamless integration of fitness, tracking, health-oriented capabilities and telecommunication. It works both with and without your iPhone to provide a great user experience and keeps you connected without having to look at your phone for every little notification. This great look and design doesn’t make it impervious to damages though. Since the iWatch is mainly on your wrist, it is exposed to elements where physical damage is always a possibility. It’s a scary thought but worry not. We, Techuuga,  provides the fastest and most reliable Apple Watch repair services for any kind of issues with your precious iWatch.

We use only genuine OEM  spare parts to fix issues related to battery, charging, screen or any other problem you might face with your Apple Watch. We have the best in class technicians who have the right know-how and the experience to handle issues with all models of your Apple Watch, starting from Series 1 till the latest Series. So what ever the issue with your iWatch, Just Book A Repair, and get your iWatch Fixed at a most affordable price.  

Damaged Apple Watch Adhesive

Opening your Apple Watch or long heavy tough use or longer time off product life will destroy the adhesive that keeps it together. So too protect the internal and keep the device enact it’s better to replace the adhesive every year. If you do regular swimming with your watch it’s better to check the device for leakage it will protect water damage.

Apple Watch Force Touch Sensor, not Working

Apple Watch may damage the Force Touch sensor, which also serves as a gasket seal. The sensor is made up of two layers, glued together. These layers may separate when you damage watch, compromising it.

Apple Watch Battery Problem

After One Year off Heavy usage user will face the most common problem that is lower battery and due to that the watch performance going down day by. So when you notice that for older watch series then you must do apple watch battery replacement enjoy the beautiful watch you ever wore.

Apple Watch Screen Damage

Cracked the glass on your Apple Watch? Time to get that fixed up. The OLED display and fused glass digitizer (touchscreen).If your Apple Watch has a broken screen or if the touch is not working then the display might need a replacement.f your Apple Watch has a broken screen or if the touch is not working then the display might need a replacement.

Frequently Asked Questions

All your frequently asked questions are answered below. If you have any other questions, please call us on 9088888835, live chat with us. 

Do you provide on site repair service?

Yes, we provide on-site repair service. Our engineers can visit your place and provide the iWatch repair service. Our on-site repair services cover basic issues of iWatch. For critical iWatch repair, we will pickup your device to our workshop and delivered it back to you after the repair service. 

How do I know if TECHYUGA is in my city?

To know this, the best thing that you can do is to contact us through Live Chat or Whatsapp. You can also request a call back. Our Support Team will answer to all your queries. We are continuously expanding our services to all the cities across India. 

Will you require my passcode for repairing my Apple Watch?

For a thorough pre and post repair testing, we need access to your iWatch, but a passcode is not really required. If your Apple Watch is not dead, we recommend that you take a backup and reset the Apple Watch and unpair it with your iPhone so that we can test all functionalities and ensure that you get a fully working and tested device back in your hands. We can assure you that your device is fully secured and protected under 24/7 CCTV Surveillance. 

My Apple Watch is Water Proof, why would I need Water Damage treatment?

Firstly, Apple Watch is Water Resistant and not water proof. Secondly, different series have different levels of water resistance. Your brand new Apple Watch might resist water much better than an year old one, whose gaskets and water resistant properties get weaker with time and usage. There are strong chances of iWatch being water damaged as well, specially if there is the slightest crack on the display or any kind of gap in the frame due to a physical impact. In such cases, you have to repair your watch. 

Do I have to pay online before sending the Apple Watch for repair?

You do not need to pay anything until your iWatch is fully repaired and back in your hands. Once you get it back, you can pay either by cash, card, UPI, Wallet, Online or Bank Transfer, whatever is comfortable and convenient to you.

How much do I have to pay for the pickup and drop facility?

You have to pay NOTHING. Our drop and pickup facility is absolutely Free. No Additional Cost. No Hidden Cost.

How repair process works at TECHYUGA?

Our repair process is done through a series of steps.


STEP 1: You have to first contact us. You can contact us though Whatsapp, Mail or Live Chat and provide us some information about your device issue. You can also Book Your Repair service through our official site. 


STEP 2: We will contact back to you and will pickup your device from your location at your scheduled time. You can also visit our Workshops directly with your device.


STEP 3: Our technicians will inspect your device issue and will also provide estimated cost for the repair/replacement service. On your confirmation for the same, our technicians will start the repair job.


STEP 4:  After the repair job is done. We will notify you. You can either take your device back from our workshop or you can also schedule a time. Our delivery person will deliver your device at your location. 

How much do TECHYUGA charges for the basic inspection?

There is no additional charges charged for basic inspection for your device if you take the service from Techyuga. However, for only inspection , it will cost you around Rs. 250- Rs. 500 depending on your devices. 

How Long Does A iWatch Repair Take?

The repair duration vary on the iWatch series and related issues. At Techyuga, we first inspect the device and then inform our customers about the time we need to fix it. 

Do You Provide service Warranty?

Yes, we give warranty in some cases. Warranty on Replacement parts are subject to declaration of the manufacturer company provides warranty on selected repair job. Given warranty can be void under certain terms and conditions.



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