Apps Crashing And Freezing on Android (Fixed)

Often while working in multiple apps Android crashing or Android frozen issue bug us a lot. Here are some simple fixes to get rid of these annoying Apps Crashing And Freezing on Android:


Why phones freeze :

1. Running several applications/tasks at one time.

2. Installing applications in phone memory instead of external

3. memory (Memory card)

4. Keeping internal memory (RAM) full.

5. Keeping external memory full.

6. Using heavy themes on standby mode.

7. Not deleting cookies, caches, log files.

8. Installing too many apps.

9. Running heavy applications on low memory.


Phone Freezing


Try Force quitting :

If any app has been frozen I mean the app you were using has stopped working properly.

Hitting the home button on your phone to go to the Home Screen (If you are in the app).

Sliding down the notifications menu (slide from the top of your phone’s screen) and tapping on the profile icon in the top-right.

Tapping on Settings followed by Apps.

Scrolling to the app that has stopped working and pressing on it.

Pressing Force-stop under the app’s icon followed by OK.


Try Restarting :

1.If phone is responsive :

Press and hold the power button for a second or two and the shutdown window should open.

Tap on Power off and wait a few seconds. Your screen should go black and the device will be off.

If you have low power, it may be a good idea to plug your phone in and charge it for a few minutes before starting your device up again.

This type of shutdown/restart is the best because it allows your device to close all apps and stop all processes before it turns off.

Phone Unresponsive


2. If the phone is unresponsive :

Android devices have different force restarts, You can try to hold the power button and volume down buttons for up to 10 seconds.

Others require you to hold the power button and both of the volume buttons down. When the screen goes black, your device should switch off.

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How to avoid crashing :


Crashed android


1. make space on your device

Mobile devices have limited storage, which can be reached some point, Giving the device a tendency to crash if the situation is not handled. Therefore, you might run into this error although your device points a great deal of remaining storage capacity.  One of the best and simplest ways to free up space is to start uninstalling apps, but if you use music apps, then you might not be able to find where the files are being stored. In this case use an app with which you can get a visual display of where all your memory is going, and it will visually display your files size and locations.


2. Clear app data

“Clear Data” within the app’s listing in the App Manager will remove user-configuration as well as the app if it were installed for the first time. A combination of “Clear Data” and “Clear Cache” may work together as the best solution but the only issue with the “Clear Data” button is that you’ll have to reconfigure the app. Besides, your particular app needs server settings or passwords, you’ll need that information in hand before you tap the “Clear Data” button, and once you tap that button, then it’s back to square one.


3. Uninstall Apps

Uninstall the apps you don’t use in daily basis. It is a great way to free up some RAM. Switch to apps those are less heavy, It will automatically serve as a soothing effect on your experience and minimise Android Crashing or Android frozen issue.


4. Update The Apps

Keeping your apps updated can help you a lot to prevent your apps from crashing. Updated apps come with a lot of improvement that keeps storage overload minimum, so it prevents from Android Crashing issue.


How to Fix a Crashed Android Phone :


Fix a crashing android



1. Fix Misbehaving Apps on your Phone

Here is how you can do to fix things back Android Crashing issue to normal.

▪ Pull the battery out of your mobile phone when an app crashed.

▪ Update your apps. Access Android Market and tap on Menu>My Apps, and then select the app.

▪ Clean app cache when the phone is freezing, rebooting or running slow.

▪ Uninstall the misbehaving apps from your device.


2. Flash a ROM to your Device

Flash a ROM or get a new patch, It brings the bugs cleaning effect. If you are stuck at older versions then it’s time to update your phone and save it from freezing and crashing.


3. Enter Recovery Mode

If the Android Crashing problem is caused by viruses, you should try entering Recovery mode. You can boot directly into recovery mode and use it to factory reset the device, delete the cache partition, or apply software updates. But before you boot device into the recovery mode/download mode, or even though you have entered recovery mode/download mode, it is better to recover/save phone data firstly by Android Data Recovery which also will guide you to enter download mode and how to regain those contents on such mobile phone.


4. Reformat your SD Card

Check if your SD card is safe from viruses. Take out your SD card and put it into your computer using SD card reader, and format it. keep in mind, Don’t format it directly through your phone. After formatting, you may try the above method again.

Hope this blog helped you in fixing Android Crashing or Android Frozen Problem. Now read some more trending articles below.

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