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Get support from Kolkata’s No 1 repair and service provider for Asus laptops. Call us on 9088888835, Live chat with us or book a technician below.

Asus Laptop Service is a Taiwanese multinational computer and phone hardware and electronics company headquartered in Beitou District, Taipei, Taiwan. Its products include desktops, laptops, netbooks, mobile phones, networking equipment, monitors, WIFI routers, projectors, motherboards, graphics cards, optical storage, multimedia products, peripherals, wearables, servers, workstations, and tablet PCs. The company is also an original equipment manufacturer (OEM).
Asus stunned us with the ROG Zephyrus, a super thin gaming notebook with an innovative hinge and an Nvidia Max-Q GPU. But the company lost a lot of points on tech support, with a poorly designed website and long hold times.

Asus Laptop Service makes some of the best value laptops money can buy, while providing the top Laptop Service to user .Asus Laptop Service are best in Market .

Top Asus Line Up are Vivo, Zen, ROG,ebook, lines but there more heavy used consumer line up is Vivo.

Asus Laptop Key Strength :

Great design: Asus’ metal, minimalist designs won consumer hearts on the consumer side, ROG gaming laptops showcased how good a gaming rig can look.

Strong value: Asus sells laptops at a multi range of prices, from entry-level VivoBooks to premium ZenBooks.

All typed Budget Laptop: The best thing About Asus Laptop you can find laptop according to your budget with good style sense.

Asus Laptop Main Weaknesses:

Poor support: The website isn’t clear, and the wait times were long when we made tech support calls in our Tech Support Showdown.If you call Asus for help, it lack on this . During our tech-support showdown, agents are gave incorrect answer but when . If your device out of warranty then sititution then they don’t even know you.

If want Best onsite Asus Laptop Service Centre then you can 9088888835 for out of warranty device.

Lack Of Service Center : Asus Laptop consumer laptops just are good but it’s become unreliable day by day and there very few service that do repair Asus Laptop and they face problem like keyboards and lots of issue arise like Keyboard problem,Screen blank,or motherboard issue.

Why Should You Choose Techyuga For Your Asus Laptop Service?

Techyuga is one best Asus Laptop Service Centre in Kolkata. They are recommended by top search giant with 1000 + review with excellent world class support technical expertise .

Phone Support:Once you dial 9088888835 it, you don’t have to wait long to be connected. On none of the three support calls I made — two during the day and one at evening — did I have to spend any time on hold. I did have to respond to an automated voice prompt that asked for my service tag and what my problem was, but after that, I got a human right away.

On my first call, I was connected to Thor in India, and I asked him my question about windows error code He gave me a brief, correct answer and some tips to avoid these problem. also My Asus Zenbook laptop facing Hinge issue So create support ticket next day engineer came from Techyuga Laptop Service center they collect the device and repair the device within 4 days my device back in normal with nominal cost.

Chat Web and Social Support:Techyuga Asus Laptop Service Centre website provides a solid mix of well-organized support & Tech articles. My initial question about how to protect my computer from the Windows Error I even had a chance to search. Techyuga has a prominent link to an article about Windows Error Code at the top of the support home page.
If you want live help but don’t like talking on the phone, Techyuga Laptop Service Center also provides a live web-chat option. A few seconds after hitting the chat button, I was connected with Thor, and I asked him how to protect my computer from windows error code. After a few minutes of radio silence, he sent me a message with a link to Techyuga’s detailed article .Also common issue and fix like keyboard,screen issue article i found on there site blog section.

Social Presence :Techyuga Asus Laptop Service Centre answers questions via social media DM to Asus’s Facebook account.or You Can WhatsApp there no 9088888835 The company was ready to help, but on both platforms, representatives me to provide my laptop’s unique service ticket ID.

Bottom Line

With  reliable fast answers, wide variety of contact methods, and personalized support techs, Techyuga  Asus’s Laptop Service is truly top-notch. Some users may be put off by the support techs’ aggressive approach — calling you to follow up on message you sent, logging in to check on your computer when just sending a support article would have sufficed or sending you follow-up emails  and calls also they encourage their customer to watch their YouTube channel blog to learn and self help there Asus Laptop software issue and .Techyuga is Truly a Kolkata’s No 1 Asus Laptop Service Centre with global standard facility and technical expertise .

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  1. Quick service and prompt. Delivery on time and friendly customer support. I had a good experience getting internal hard disk repaired for my Asus laptop. They provide the hard disk repair service with free pickup and delivery facility and that I was liked the most. Hassle-free service. Fully-satisfied with the service offered. It would highly be recommended.

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