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Best Asus Service Center In India

Asus Phone Screen Replacement

For broken display issue you can contact Techyuga if you have any problem or issue with your Mobile device screen. Be it any model of the Asus, if you book or contact Techyuga, we will surely repair your device. Through our services, we make sure that we are the best mobile phone service center in India for Mobile.

Asus Phone Battery Replacement

A few models of Asus mobile do not have a removable battery, similarly like an iPhone’s battery, and will eventually run out of juice and then will be needed to be replaced. Hence, it is recommended that you get your Asus device’s battery inspected once you feel that your device is discharging quickly. We inspect and replace any faulty battery with OEM product.

Asus Phone Charging Port Replacement

Techyuga’s team of experts has a proper understanding of the Asus charging port issue and they will let you know whether you have a problem with your charging port or not. After complete inspection we repair any faulty Asus mobile charging port or replace it with OEM parts.

Asus Phone Power Button Repair

If power buttons on your Asus device are malfunctioning or broken, you can count on our technicians for professional Asus phone power button repair services. We work quickly to fix the problem so that you never have to be without your Asus device for long.

Asus Phone Volume Button Repair

Are you unable to use your volume rocker button? In this scenario, you may want to get the volume button of your Asus mobile device repaired as quickly as possible so that you can adjust the volume settings by your own manually. A replaced volume button can fix the issue for you.

Asus Phone Earpiece Replacement

If the earpiece only gets damaged then it would be very difficult for anyone to have a hassle-free experience while calling from the point of a receiver. Replacing the faulty earpiece is very easy with the help of Techyuga’s certified engineers.

Asus Phone Speaker Replacement

The Asus Speaker repair is again one of the common problems in the mobile phones which you might have to face. At our workshop we deal with any kind of speaker issues. We repair any faulty speaker or replace it with OEM parts.

Asus Phone Microphone Replacement

With damaged microphone you may not able to take a call or make a voice call. In this case you simply have to take your device to an expert and get it inspected. We inspect and replace any faulty microphone if repair is not possible.

Asus Phone Back Camera Replacement

There are many reasons as to how can the back camera of the Asus be damaged. It may be because your phone gets slipped from your hands and falls in such a way that the back camera gets damaged. Contact us for back camera replacement.

Asus Phone Front Camera Replacement

The camera on the front screen is generally a very small one and it wouldn’t take much time to get damaged. At our centre we fix any front camera damage due to phone display break by certified engineers.

Asus Phone Liquid Damage Service

We the Techyuga, repair the damage your Asus device has gone through because of the liquid damage. We will do any repair job for any Asus model you book us for. That’s a promise! Through our services, we make sure that we are the best mobile phone service center in India.

Asus Phone Headphone Socket Repair

If you are an Asus user and your headphone works pretty good in any other device but not in your Asus device, then you must realize that it’s not your headphones, but your Asus device’s headphone jack or socket that has been damaged and needs a repair job. Contact our technician to replace it as soon as possible.

Asus Phone Vibration Repair

If you are having any Asus vibration issue then you should get your Asus device inspected by an Asus repair expert like Techyuga. At our workshop we treat all mobile repair issues by the help of our certified technicians.

Asus Phone Antenna Replacement

If you are not getting cellular network then there are high chances that your Samsung Phones’ antenna bands or antenna cables defect and you have to get it replaced. In this case, you have to get your Samsung Phones inspected by Samsung Phone repair experts.

Asus Phone Back Housing Replacement

To replace the rear housing for Asus mobile phones, professional skills are required since the back door is assembled tightly in the phone. You also need such repair tools as Pentalobe screwdriver, Phillips screwdriver, suction cup, spudger and tweezers for help. Contact us for back housing replacement.

Asus Phone Diagnostic Service

We have a team of certified Samsung repair experts and engineers who will inspect your device and do the diagnostic service of your Samsung device. We will also do any repair job for any Samsung model you book us for. Through our services, we make sure that we are the best mobile phone service center in India for Samsung.

Asus Phone Software Issue

f you are facing any software related issue, you should get your Asus inspected by a mobile repair expert. At Techyuga, our team of certified repair experts and engineers will do that for you and resolve any software related problems your phone has.

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