Battery plugged in not charging in windows 10 (Fixed)

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Which Applications Are Draining Your Battery on Windows 10

Peter Plank:

“I just upgraded my laptop today to W10, and now I can’t seem to charge my battery anymore, there was 0 problems before I upgraded from W8. What it simply says is “Plugged in, not charging”, this is pretty bad because my Laptop can only hold max 1½ hour (It’s a gaming laptop). Is there any way to check/fix it, because I don’t want to give it to a repair shop, and I have never even seen one…

Thanks for the help! “


Dear Peter,

Battery plugged in not charging in windows 10 is one of the most common problem laptop users are facing after upgrading to windows 10. In this article, We are going to explain a very simple method using which you can solve this problem.


Battery plugged in not charging in windows 10:


Note : Before trying out the below solution, you should try to unplug the charger and remove and reinsert the battery and see if it’s working. Sometimes restarting your PC also fixes this problem. If it’s not working, follow the steps below.


1. Right click on Windows icon to expand out its context menu. Find and click on the option entry named Device Manager as shown below.


device manager in start menu


2. A window named Device Manager will open up. Expand the entry named Batteries by clicking on the side arrow associated with it. As next, right click on Microsoft ACPI-Compliant Control Method Battery and click on the Uninstall option.


Microsoft ACPI-Compliant Control Method Battery


3. The next step is to click on the tab named Action and then to click on the option Scan for hardware changes.


Scan for hardware changes in windows10


4.  Now expand the entry Batteries once again by clicking on the side arrow just like before. As next, right click on Microsoft ACPI-Compliant Control Method Battery and click on the Update Driver Software option.


Update Driver Software in windows 10


5.  Now you will be asked to choose a method to search for the driver software. If you have the driver all set already, then you can click on the option Browse my computer for driver software. Else you can ask Windows to find the appropriate driver software by itself by clicking on the option Search automatically for updated driver software.


Battery plugged in not charging in windows 10


Above solution helped Peter to resolve “Battery plugged in not charging in windows 10 ” in his laptop. We hope it helps you as well.

If not, Don’t worry, our technical experts are here to help. Start a live chat with one of our technical expert or create a support ticket and get resolution instantly.

Check the  You Tube tutorial  Battery plugged in not charging in windows 10




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  • thorn says:

    this method is not help for me

  • havok willu says:

    Yeeeeaa….it worked for me!!! It’s about things this got fixed… Thank you techyuga?… You guys are a life saver

  • QadeerHussain says:

    this method is not help for me

  • hency dsouza says:

    will this fix work on my PC without internet?

  • towuro says:

    It worked like magic!!!! Thanks techyuga

  • LLUIS says:

    And have troubles to download from internet!

  • Tony says:

    If you recently used CCleaner prior to having this problem…there’s your culprit, it strips required info from the registry and causes the battery charging to misreport/misbehave. Restore registry (if you backed it up prior to running CCleaner), or Use System Restore to recover to an earlier point.

  • yab aragaw says:

    to get helping for battery 100 percent charging

  • Brad says:

    This didn’t work on my Acer Aspire One AO-756. I Updated the BIOS from v1.02 to v1.09 and that fixed it.

  • Riverrunner says:

    Toshiba P50-A Laptop – Windows 10 Installed Battery Not Charging Fix You are subscribed to this thread

    OK, I am not a Tech just persistent and trying to find the answer….

    This laptop previously had Windows 8 on it and I purchased Windows 10 and did a clean install prior to the installation of Windows 10 the battery indicator on the laptop showed the battery was charging but after installing Windows 10 the battery indicator displayed the battery was not charging. Well this is a laptop and not a desktop computer so I spent hours and hours surfing the net and going into forums trying to find the solution why all of a sudden my battery wasn’t charging after the installation of Windows 10. Along the road to discovery I did run into many articles and forums stating to try this or try that and it worked for me and it didn’t work for another and I tried some of these but none of them worked until I found one either in a forum or website mentioning this fix: Turn off your Eco saving program or it may be named something else on another make of laptop but, its the “Energy Saving program” that is with this laptop to give you longer battery life, and I guess Windows 10 installed it when Windows was installed.

    Funny, after any installation of Windows I checked the “Device Manager” to see if there are any conflicts but the was none showing. Go figure…

    To get back on track to the fix or partial fix. I turned off the Toshiba Eco Utility Service: Type in “Services” in the “Search” on the Task Bar and look for the Eco Utility (will be named something else for your make of laptop) and turn it off if its in the Menu where your Apps are you can decide what you want to do with that app there.

    I rebooted the computer….The laptop was plugged in and the Battery indicator was showing the battery was charging but it was showing 0% remaining and that never changed after 2 hours of having it plugged in with charger. Well what do you do next the indicator showed the battery was charging but it also showed 0% charge on the indicator. – I unplugged it from the the charger and left the laptop on just sitting there to see how quick the battery would drain and the laptop would turn off after 2 hours the battery was still running the laptop on idle just sitting there and i had to go out. I shut down the laptop and the next morning tried to boot up the laptop with just the battery power and it wouldn’t so I charged it again for several hours and didn’t get back to it till the next morning. Booted the laptop up by battery power only and it booted up but the battery indicator still shows 0% remaining on battery so I wrote down the time I started running it on the battery and its been over a hour now – Well what does that tell you?

    My battery is good – the Device Manager says everything is hunky dory so what’s the problem??? The software I would guess doesn’t work well with Windows 10 – hmmmmm could be. The question now why isn’t the problem fixed between Microsoft and Toshiba and with all the other complaints from other people out there with different makes and models of laptops this issue is widespread. I think of all the money that has been wasted by these people trying to find a solution to their battery problem after installing Windows 10 someone out there should step up to the plate and say I’ll fix it.

    OK my battery is charging, the battery indicator is showing 0% charge where is the complete fix? What I did worked for me, will it work on your make of laptop I don’t know but, I am glad I got a laptop back and not a stationary desktop its up to the manufactures and hopefully Microsoft to come up with the complete solution.

    Just a footnote before you go through these steps charge your battery for a couple of hours and then unplug it and see how long your laptop will run sitting on idle before it shuts down maybe these steps were not even needed and if it shuts down very quickly you can try what I did just recharge the battery again do the things I did reboot the computer and making sure its unplugged and see how long your battery last even though your battery indicator on the Taskbar shows not charging and 0% charge. Good luck. (By the way the laptop now has been running on the battery at idle for 1 1/2 hours and the indicator still shows 0% remaining on the battery indicator.) Life what is it without a little juice…

  • Jay says:

    Tried the help procedure twice but sadly has not worked, battery still not charging when plugged in.

  • Beth Stiveboro says:

    Hey guys,
    I love this charger. It was perfect for my Acer Switch 10 which has lasted me for 4 years. However the oem charger with its detachable prongs was always twisting out of the wall and leaving me to pull it out with pliers. This has a solid construction and the light on both sides of the charger are great to be able to tell that it is plugged in. The only downside is that the cord comes out of the front when it is plugged in, which makes it easy to knock into or bend without noticing. Still, a great product and works faster than the original charger.

  • glen says:

    Nothing is working me either. I am now down to 1% (plugged in but not charging). Never any problems until I already had Windows 10 but had to do a complete restore due to ongoing issues. Started with 67%.. but running out of time now. Yes, I have tried the Device thing.. not working for me. If I unplug my computer it will not run on battery alone as if it is my battery.. but why after an update gone bad.. total restore brings this on? Completely coincidental? I don’t think so. My battery WAS fine.. not its not. I am reluctant to buy a new battery but may have to try it.. I am out of options. Unless I just buy a new laptop. This one isn’t that old.

  • julie says:

    Thank you, thank you so much! I bought a new Lenovo Flex 5 laptop and it was not charging only a week after I got it. Took it back and the store gave me a replacement, but then the replacement started doing the same thing only 3 days in. I figured it had to be a software issue and I am so lucky I found this page. I can’t tell you how much time and stress you have saved me.

    • julie says:

      Perhaps I spoke too soon. This solution worked for me yesterday, but when I booted my laptop up this morning, my old “plugged in, not charging” problem showed up again. However, when I tried the same solution it wouldn’t work any more.

      • julie says:

        I spoke too soon again. With a little experimentation, I think I have a working solution. I unplugged my charger and allowed the battery to drain to 90%. I then accessed the Device Manager. Under the Battery section I disabled Microsoft ACPI-Compliant Control Method Battery. ****Through trial and error, I figured this driver was the root of the problem****. After disabling, the battery/charging icon disappeared and I got a message saying “no battery is detected.” Worry not, after ~30 minutes (time enough to see if the battery would charge), I re-engaged the Microsoft ACPI-Compliant Control Method Battery driver. Low and behold, the battery was fully restored to 100%.

        I’m leaving the offending driver disengaged for the time being. I won’t be able to see the charge status of my laptop, but the tradeoff is that it will actually BE charging. In a few weeks I’ll be installing Linux OS, so this works for me as a temporary measure. For those of you not jumping ship, I’d love to hear if you found an alternative solution.

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