Best Android TV Box In India: Buyer’s Guide

What Is An Android TV Box?

A smart TV box is enormously getting popular nowadays and many of the android boxes are supported with Kodi and Plex for managing movies and the media. The smart TV box is highly effective for those who travel a lot. A smart TV box is a small media center that is used to connect to the TV for the purpose of playing games, movies and also to watch different types of TV shows. The rising trend of smart connectivity is making the public to buy  Smart Android TV Box. As smart TV boxes are quite new in the market, people and consumers are not very well aware of the portable Android TV Box.

The article will help you in guiding the best android TV boxes in the Indian Market. Entertainment is a part of life and it is recommended to buy the best smart android TV box for home. In addition to that,  the article will also help you in buying the best Smart TV boxes. You can avail of an option for best-budgeted android TV box hand and portable android TV box for television.

List Of Some Of The Best Android TV Box In India:

Before giving you many more details about the smart TV box, you can check out the list of best Android TV boxes which you can buy from amazon.

The Android Television boxes are getting popular nowadays for allowing the user to surf the internet, web, streaming videos and other live events into the TV.

List Of Top Android Television Boxes in India:

Amazon Fire TV box

The Amazon fire TV box assists in accessing thousands of Bollywood Hollywood and regional movies including kids shows songs US TV shows and even games. The setup process is very simple and the user only need to re-register your Amazon account and connect the  TV box of Amazon with HD TV. This way, the user can watch or stream their favourite episodes and movies with no additional cost. You can enjoy  Netflix, hotstar, Hana and different services from Amazon fire TV stick. The Amazon Prime membership will allow you to make a massive selection for entertainment and even the Amazon stick comes with voice remote while allowing you to play title. Apart from all this, you can also make a selection of apps TV shows and games and you can personalize them according to your convenience.

The Amazon Fire TV stick is much more convenient and portable and hence you can enjoy movies and your favorite shows with remote access while sitting in a hotel room or far away from home. The Amazon Fire TV box has a Wi-Fi connection and HDMI port and it is also compatible with high definition TVs and 4K televisions. It makes the TV much smarter with Alexa control skills by the help of Alexa voice support. Pressing the voice button to activate the Alexa which helps you in making your favorite selection. The most important thing is that it is the ultimate way of making your television smarter through a microphone with the help of Alexa control. Downloading Firefox for the silk web browser on Amazon fire TV will allow you to watch various videos from YouTube and we can consider it as the best Android TV box in India.

The access level to the application and the navigation process is much simpler and it also comes with child protection to block certain content on your fire TV.  The portable features make it a portable Android TV box and it can be considered as one of the trending smart Android TV boxes in India. The inbuilt smart features make the Amazon Fire TV box as one of the best smart TV boxes for entertainment. In fact, Amazon fire TV is also one of the best budget Android TV box under Rs 6000.

Cubetek smart TV Box

The Cubetek 4K portable smart TV box is equipped with a high specification with 16GB of internal storage and 2GB RAM of DDR3. Despite that, the TV box also equipped with Penta core HD graphics for allowing 4K streaming of videos in a smoother way without any shutter for lagging. The connectivity of the smart TV box is highly simple and it can be connected with an Ethernet port or Wi-Fi.

The smart TV box is supported with 2.0 GHz processor and it is compatible with any TV whether it is old CRTV, LCD or LED. Apart from that, the media player system of Cubetek 4K portable smart TV box supports the different formats of media and video It also supports DVD and BluRay media files. The best smart TV box is designed to provide high performance and you can make a quick download of different videos and applications through the Google play store. The performance of the Cubetek 4K portable smart TV is considerably seamless and it is also supported 2TB TB USB hard disk. Despite its design and compact size, it is one of the best portable Android TV boxes that you can purchase from Amazon and even you can make mirroring from your phone to watch videos or any content on television. These are the features which make Cubetek 4K portable smart TV box as one of the best  Android TV box in the market and it is also one of the best smart TV box for home. The Cubetek 4K smart TV box is one of the best budgeted Android TV box under Rs 5000. 

JT X96 smart box

for providing high performance on your smart TV, JT x96 mini Android 7.1 smart box, is designed and configured with an advanced Android operating system with the quad-core 64-bit cortex processor. In addition to that, a smart TV box also contains 16 GB of ROM and 2GB of DDR3 RAM. For high frequency and performance, it has 2.0 GHz of frequency and it is equipped with Penta Core Mali GPU.

The storage space of JT X96 mini Android 7.1 smart box is quite large as it is supported with 16GB of ROM and the smart TV box is designed to support internet browsing and surfing, downloading video content and accessing content from the internet, watching movies and playing games in a seamless manner. You can store or download multiple numbers of applications or apps in the smart TV box and it is supported with the HDMI 2.0 connection for super-fast streaming of online videos.

The connectivity features of JT x96 mini Android 7.1 smart box supported with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity and the Wi-Fi have a configuration of 802.11/g/n. You can use a smart TV box for texting and driving notification and videos of social media and even you can share posts on social media while connecting the smart TV box with the phone. In addition to that, it is also supported by a wireless mouse and keyboard. The circuit system of the JT x96 mini Android 7.1 smart box, helps it from bad charging. The compatibility of this smart TV box makes it comfortable with different types of TVs such as LED or  LCD while converting them into a smart TV. The best smart TV box is also supported by the 3D gaming system. Henceforth, this can be also considered as one of the best Android TV boxes that can avail it from online stores. The product much available in Amazon and in case if you are looking for the best budget Android TV box, you can purchase it from Amazon under Rs 3000. This is also one of the best smart TV boxes you can buy from online stores.

Linkcon Mi Android TV 8.1

The link on MI box is what expensive as compared to the above discussed smart TV boxes available in India. However, Lincoln Mi Box  Android TV 8.1 is incorporated with the latest version of the Android operating system and it also supports 4K ultra HD resolution with a high dynamic range for an ultimate visual experience. The smart TV box is specifically designed for home theatre experience and it allows in the quick and fast rendering of 4K video content with high performance.

You can access more than 3000 channels uneven games and other applications and many more entertainment and news channels through Lincoln Mi Box S Android TV 8.1 box. You can even watch online videos from Netflix, YouTube and also from other mobile application tools easily. The best smart TV box comes with wireless keyboard and mouse and you can experience Dolby digital sound on the TV box of Linkcon Mi box S Android TV 8.1. The Google assistance service system on the smart TV box makes it smart easier to operate an even the setup process is very simple. Depending upon the specification, you can also consider it as the best budget Android TV box which you can purchase it from online. The prices are quite affordable and you can purchase it under Rs 7000. Moreover, considering the quality and technical specifications,  it is also the best Android TV box in the Indian market. In case if you want to experience high visual effect, you can purchase a smart Android TV box as it is one of the portable Android TV box in the Indian market. Technical specification and the visual effect of Lincoln Mi Box S Android TV 8.1, make it as the best smart TV box in India.

SEC T96 Mini TV Box

The SEC T96 Amlogic S905W Mini TV Box comes with 16GB of eMMC storage and even the storage system of SEC T96 Amlogic S905W Mini TV Box is expandable to 32GB. This makes a mini smart TV box quite convenient to store a large amount of content. The smart TV box is equipped with 2GB RAM of DDR3 and it runs the Android operating system of 7.1 version giving you a quality experience on the processing of multimedia for home entertainment.

The installation process is very simple and you can easily download videos and movies from can watch movies or videos on YouTube, Netflix and other online channels with the use of this smart TV box. Apart from that, video supported with VP9 video format and the smart TV box is convenient for browsing or surfing the internet. Even you can experience 3D games in a much more convenient way on a smart TV box by giving you the effective visual effect of this mini TV box because of the advanced processor. It is equipped with a quad-core processor system for smooth performance with the high video quality. SEC T96 is a portable android TV box that can be bought online.

Phantio TX6

Phantio TX6 is one of the newest smart TV box switches supported with 9.0 Android operating system for impeccable performance and smooth running speed. The mini smart TV box is compatible with different software in the application and even with games to meet and fulfill the user needs. The CPU and GPU are quite powerful and it is equipped with ARM  Cortex A53 CPU and GPU is supported with Mali- T720 processor. Ultra-fast performance make the processing speed much better with the smooth processing of images.

Considering the storage system and the facilities of Phantio TX6, the TV box is supported with 2GB RAM with 16GB of ROM. The 2GB RAM is featured with DDR3  for installing applications such as mobile apps, games, etc. The latest version of the smart TV box is best suitable for home entertainment and it provides ultimate movie and video experience with 4K visual experience on 4K supported TV. However, the TV box is compatible to run with any version of TVs such as LED or LCD. Even connectivity Wi-Fi and Bluetooth is also possible and even you can connect the smartphone to the TV box in a much easier way. The Android TV box is also supported with LAN ethernet cable for fast internet connectivity

How does Android TV Works?

The smart TV box is connected to the HDTV setup while connecting it to the HDMI or the internet.  The connection of the smart TV box to the Ethernet cable or the WiFi connection is important to surf the internet and browse the web. Once the box is connected to the internet and the TV, you can install apps into the device which will be displayed on the TV terminal. Google provides an android operating system for the smart TV box to work.  Compared to Apple TV, the smart  TV box is much cheaper. As the android operating system is an open-source product, an android smart TV box is much cheaper as compared to the other box.

The small size box of the TV  box makes the device highly portable to carry. In the article, you will find out some of the best Android TV box or the portable Android TV box for entertainment. In addition to that,  the article has been constructed to list out the best budget Android TV box for leisure entertainment.  The smart TV Box can be of low budgeted, high price or medium price. Depending on the type of TV boxes,  the price of the product also differs depending on the size and the specification. The specification and the design of the box makes is as a Portable android TV box which can be bought online.

Benefits and the Advantages:

There exist several benefits which prove that an android TV is more beneficial as compared to the Cable TV. The list of benefits as compared to cable TV are as follows:

Less Expensive: The cost of buying an android box in India may be higher as compared to the use of Set Top or satellite connection. Despite all that, the service cost and the monthly cost of paying the bill of cable TV and satellite connection is very high. Adding the charge and the bill of cable TV or satellite service, the cost of buying a smart android TV box is very low.

Feelk and the look:  The cable TV connection does not have the facility of playing a game and it does not provide a convenient and effective approach to manage programs and channels. Therefore, buying the best android TV box will provide you a convenient approach to manage your TV channel, programs, and other activities. In the article, you will get an option to find out the best budget Android TV box.  The use of smart TV boxes will help you in playing 3D gaming and in addition to that, the HD graphics integrated into the box will provide you better gaming experience.

Efficient streaming of multimedia: The user or the consumer can experience live TV experience with the use of an Android smart TV box. The existence of plex support or the Kodi support from on the smart box will allow you to access video, images, and multimedia from one location. In the context of capability, smart TV box is highly compatible and its capability is very high as compared to the use of Cable TV.

On the Go entertainment: The portability features and the compact size of the  Android TV box will give you a convenient approach to watch TV channels, programs or content from any location or place. This will provide you a convenient way to watch movies, play games, surfing the web and internet, etc.  The portability feature and the other smart features makes it highly portable. It is essential and it would be highly beneficial for you if you can buy the portable Android TV box. Portability features are highly effective for travelers. Smart TV Box can be used for watching TV programs, Gaming, Browsing the internet, sharing  pictures and movies from the phone, etc. Even it can be used to connect the smartphone with the TV. The smart features in the Android TV box can be the best use for Home and Office too.

A better option on resolution: The open platform of the Android smartphone will give you the advantage to experience HD and 4K video experience. The android TV box with 4K video resolution and the quality will allow you to experience the high-quality video resolution. In addition to that, you can also record movies and other programs with 4K video resolution. The smart TV box also comes with an Ethernet cable to connect to the internet and some of the android smart  TV boxes are supported with WiFi or Dual WiFi.

These are the main important features and the aspects that differentiate the android smart TV box from other cable TV connections.   It is common for every person to find out the best smart android TV box for them. The main reason is that people are moving more towards the use of android smart TV as compared to Cable TV. Therefore, the article has listed out the top and the best smart android TV box for the user. The portable Android TV box is highly convenient as compared to the other TV box. You can even get the option to buy the best budgeted Android TV box and the best smart TV boxes online.

Specifications on Latest Smart TV box

Simplified Android-TV home Screen: You can get a various list of the recommended app from the google play store and at the top of the Android TV launcher, you will give you an option for google shortcut.

Android TV Channels: In the latest version of android, the personalized recommendation for the apps appears in the horizontal row and on the side thumbnails will appear to showcase the animated preview of the Live TV trailers.

Google Assistant on Android TV: The google assistant on the Android TV  is aided with a voice command to control the functions and other operational features of the television.

Features And The Specification That Needs To Be Checked Before Buying:

There are certain specifications and features that are needed to be checked before buying a smart tv box. These specification and the features are important in terms of guiding you to buy best android TV box. In addition to that, the purpose of constructing the article is to guide you with the specification and the features so that you can buy the best budgeted Android TV box. In addition to that, the Portable android TV box has a high advantage for carrying while using it outdoors such as hotels. Therefore, the article will help you in guiding the best smart TV boxes.

Processor or CPU: The process is the central core system of the product, it is always better to check that the CPU has a good processor. A smart TV box with a quad-core processor with more than 1.5GHz  of speed can be considered as the best processor for proper speed and performance.

Resolution effect: Resolution is important to get a high-quality picture and video experience on the movies and gaming. Based on the type and the categorization of the product, generally the android smart tv box has high resolution and the smart box is meant to use for the HD movie experience. In addition to that, some of the smart TV boxes have 4K video resolution. Apart from that, you can also get 720P or 10180P video resolution on an Android TV box.

Memory capacity: Check for the memory specification of the product details and the smart TV box runs smoothly with 4GB and 2GB  DDR3 RAM. In addition to that, the smart TV box is also supported with 8 GB,16 GB, 32 Gb and 64 GB internal memory space. The internal storage of an android TV  box can also be expanded to 128 GB.  The availability of RAM makes the product highly effective for gaming. The SD card support system makes the store system. Android TV box with memory sticks helps in storing the content program on the dedicated storage system.

Dynamic Refreshing Rate: Check for the dynamic refreshing feature, it is important to check that the refreshing rate is dynamic in a smart TV box. The dynamic refreshing rate on the TV box makes the proper adjustment of the android device automatically.

Lan, Wi-Fi, and Ports: The LAN connectivity enables in fast connectivity with its ethernet connection and support in the Android TV box. In addition to that, the WiFi enables wireless connectivity with the Smart TV box and the TV. The HDMI port with 2.0 version in the Android TV box helps in watching 4K videos and sending video and audio content. Good internet connectivity makes HD streaming very reliable and fast. The dual-band WiFi makes the connectivity highly strong with fast internet connectivity.

Operating System:  Check for the operating system of the Android TV  box and based on the investigation on the OS system which version of OS is supporting by the smart box.

USB ports: The USB ports of the android smart TV box can be USB 3.0, USB 2.0, etc. There are other accessories that are attached to the android TV box and this includes SD-adapter, microphone, keyboard, and mouse.

Decoding of Hardware: This is the most important aspect that needs to be checked before buying an Android TV box online.  H.265 or HEVC (High-Efficiency Video Encoding) is a standard compression technique which can be best used to compress large file and the video so that it can be transmitted to the TV via USB.

Bluetooth Connectivity: Android TV box with Bluetooth connectivity help in sharing pictures, movies, music from smartphones to the TV. Check for such aspect before buying android Smart TV box from online.

Support of Google Play: The google play support in the TV box will allow you to download multiple numbers of applications from google play store.

Certification on Widevine: The widevine certification is known by name as DRM (Digital Rights Management)  and this is effective in terms of protecting the digital content from piracy. YouTube, Netflix, Amazon Prime use the widevine and this needs to be enabled in the smart box.

Other features: The other features that need to be checked before buying smart TV box includes Google Assistant support on Android TV box, sound quality system , IR remote control support system, smart link and the presence of USB stick on the device. It can also you can check for the features, whether you can charge the Android TV box with power bank or not.

Warranty: This is the last important feature that needs to be checked before buying Android smart TV online.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Question)

1. Can I plug in the Android TV box into my computer?

The Android TV box itself is a computer so, there is no need to plug in the Android TV to the computer and it is even though not possible.

2. What is the internet speed that I need to watch a live program?

The internet speed that usually required to watch a live program where is from 7 to 10 MBPS which is a stable internet connection. However, the fastest internet connection the better would be a visual experience.

3. What are the accessories that come along with the Android TV box?

The accessories that usually come with the smart TV box include the Android TV box unit power adapter, HDMI port user manual, and IR remote control. In some of the Android TV box, you can also get a wireless keyboard and mouse.

4. Can I update the software on my Android TV box?

Yes, you can easily update the software on your Android TV box, but you need to select the internal storage system where your software is existing for the update.

5. How can I update the software and application on an Android TV box?

Updating the software or apps on the Android TV box depends on the process of installation that you had made during the first place. If you download it from the Google play store then and you can update it from the play store if you have downloaded it from the official website by downloading the APK, then you can make an update by visiting the official website of the app.

6. What is Kodi (XBMC)?

It is mainly a media hub which is mainly used for streaming all the online source of video contents and also the local files in much more convenient and beautiful way for remote access in a control friendly library. Kodi contains several types of add-ons and plugins for organizing the media files Indian organized and convenient way.

7. How to install and update Kodi?

You can install Kodi by visiting the Google play store and even you can install it from there official website by downloading the APK.

In terms of updating the app, the process is described in the above section where you can choose the place from where you have downloaded.

8. Do I need a satellite or cable connection to use the Android TV box?

You don’t require cable or satellite connection in order to use the Android TV box.

9. How to install Chrome on smart TV?

The chrome is already pre-installed on the Android TV. However, if it is not present in the Android TV then you can download it from the Google play store in order to run a web browser for internet surfing.

10. What is the best brand for Android TV box in India?

Few of the best brand of Android TV box in India includes:

Android fire TV stick


Linkcon Mi



Phantio TX6

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