Best Baking Oven In India: Buyer’s Guide

Best Baking Oven In India

An oven is a thermally insulated chamber that is used for Heating, Baking or Drying of a substance and most importantly used for cooking food. The baking oven has become a very common commodity for Indian homes today, especially electric baking oven. Food is a major thing that takes place in every Indian house and therefore baking food takes a huge part in daily life today. Baking of food instead of frying it is healthier in every possible way. Baking does not include oil and thus makes the food tasty and healthy.

Baking oven is not only used for baking but is also used in simple cooking. The food that you can bake is chicken wings, baked potato, baked fries, fried chicken, baked ribs and many more. You can even bake cakes at home instead of buying them. It will be cost-effective and also healthy. So here are some of the best baking oven in India


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How Does A Baking Oven Works?

A baking oven is known as toaster oven is an impact steel box which includes a heating element on both the top and bottom part of the oven. The amount of heat generates by the baking oven is controlled by the selector switch. It also has an inbuilt timer that cooks the food perfectly without undercooking or overcooking it. By setting the temperature of the baking oven with the electronic control the heating element inside the oven gets heated. All electronic baking ovens have a copper wire that connects the oven to the temperature control and then heats the oven accordingly. The thermostat helps in controlling the heating element by cutting the power whenever the element gets overheated. The heating elements comprise wires that surround it by a metal sheath. These ovens also contain turbofans or convection fans which helps in circulation the hot air inside thus helping in baking the food evenly. Many baking ovens electronic controls that help you to select the type of cooking you want to do. These ovens are very easy to operate and are hassle-free.

Different Types Of Baking Oven In India

There are various types of baking ovens present in the market which have different configurations and are used in different ways:

Convection Microwave or power button

This microwave is suitable for cooking, grilling, and baking your food and is therefore known as a home baking oven. Home baking oven is very easy to use and does not involve any hassle. They are basically small and compact and does not occupy a huge amount of space in your home. Home baking oven is built in such a way that with the use of the electronic control button they can be used to set the heating temperature accordingly and have a clear view of settings on the display screen. These types of ovens have a huge variety when it comes to choosing a microwave regarding capacity as different people prefer a different kind of home baking oven. The price of the home baking ovens may vary depending on the band and other features. The cons are that these ovens are heavy and cant be lift from one place to another. They are basically for domestic purposes as they are not meant for baking food in large batches.

Best Selling Convection Microwave or Home Baking Ovens In India

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Oven-toaster Griller

This type of microwave is suitable for grilling, roasting, and baking your food. It helps in keeping the food warm for a certain period of time, so you do not have to reheat your food. This microwave is not meant for cooking or heating purpose. It is very light in weight as compared to convection microwaves so you can easily move it wherever you want. It generally comes with manual controls and is capable of baking large quantities of food. It is best if you are looking for a baking appliance for commercial use. It has different modes of baking, which allows you to select your preferred choice.

Best Selling Oven-toaster Griller In India

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Gas Ovens

These ovens are used to retain the moisture level of your food and keep your food juicy. For running this oven you need to have a natural gas line connection. They are very efficient to run. However, they are expensive than electric ovens to buy. You can instantly control the flame and the temperature. Gas ovens have an inbuilt fan that helps in distributing the heat evenly inside the chamber, which browns your food very nicely.

Best Selling Gas Ovens In India

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Electric Baking Ovens

The electric baking ovens are cheap to buy and easy to install compared to the other ovens. But as electric baking oven run on electricity, they can increase your bills. They have a variety of cooking modes for you to choose from. This electric baking oven also has fans that circulate the heat in the chamber, which helps in the precise cooking of the food. Electric baking oven is very easy to use and clean and suitable for baking your food.

Best Selling Electric Baking Ovens In India

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Steam Ovens

These ovens are equipped and designed with the latest technology. This oven work by injecting water into the boiler through a separate channel that is connecting to the waterline. The boiler helps in boiling the water, and the steam that is generated inside heats the oven. The steam prevents the usage of oil, which is good for health. This kind of ovens keeps your food healthy and locks all the necessary nutrients needed for the food and also reduces the cooking time. However, it cannot make your food crispy and brown properly. So, these may not be the best option to buy for people who love fried food.

Best Selling Convection Steam Ovens In India

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Why Choose A Baking Oven?

Baking Oven versus Microwave

1. Home Baking oven or OTG can be used for baking of food, roasting, grilling, and heating of food. On the other hand, Microwave is only used for heating and cooking purposes.

2. The baking oven has heating elements on both top and bottom. The top heating element is used for grilling purposes and for baking purposes both the heating element is used. One the other hand electromagnetic waves are generated in the microwave for heating and cooking purposes.

3. OTG is light in weight which makes it convenient for the users. On the other hand, microwaves are heavy which makes it hard to lift it or remove it.


Feature Microwave Oven OTG
Buying Cost High Low
Power Consumption High Low
Cooking Modes Auto Manual
Utensils Used Limited Almost All
Baking Quality Good Best
Capacity Max 40L Max 60L for home baking
Usage Cooking and Baking both Only Baking
Weight Heavy Light


Baking Oven versus Gas Oven

1. Baking ovens have a heating element on both top and bottom to cook the food accordingly. On the other hand Gas ovens can ignite a flame that provides the instantaneous source of heat that can also be attenuated or turned off completely when necessary.

2. Baking oven can be controlled with the help of an inbuild electronic control button which helps in controlling the temperature during cooking. One the other hand Gas ovens will have temperature settings controlled by a mechanical bulb sensor. Everything done here is manual.

What Should You Look For While Buying A Baking Oven?

1. Size of the Oven: Before buying an oven the first thing that one should look for is the size of the oven. The number of members in the family should be the main factor to determine as they are the ones for whom you are going to cook or bake food. If you buy a bigger oven, it would be a waste of energy as well as money. So, it is better to measure the correct size of the oven.

2. Length of the Wire: One of the major problems that buyers face after buying any appliance is the length of the wire. If there is no switchboard where you are planning to place the appliance then it can be a hectic job to find another place to fit it and the only other way is to use an extension board to get the connection. If you buy the product with longer wire, it would be easy for you to place wherever you want and connect easily.

3. Dual Ovens: Many users face this problem of not able to cook dessert and main course at the same time. Before buying always look for the dual accommodated oven as it would save your time as well as electricity. Some of the latest ranges in the market have come up with a variety being the dual oven. Each oven has its temperature control and timer.

4. Glass Doors: It would be easier for you to understand if you look at the food which is being cooked. But if you keep on opening the door, again and again, to check whether it has adequately cooked or not will affect the cooking of food and eventually, it comes out undercooked or burnt. Glass doors help you to look at the food being cooked without opening it.

5. Capacity – Before buying any home baking oven, you need to analyze first your requirements. If you have a family of 2, then an oven having a capacity of around 15 liters is suitable for you. Ovens having a capacity of 15 to 29 liters is suitable for those who have a family of 4. If you are a family of 5 or more members, then go for a 30-liter of the home baking oven.

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