Best Dash Camera In India: Buyer’s Guide

Best Dash Camera in India

Dash Camera in India has grown its popularity in recent days. It was not that popular earlier as most of the people did not know about this device. A dashcam is typically a small camera that helps in preventing road accidents. Dashcam in India is more suitable and efficient to use while traveling rather than using smartphones.

Because of its demand in the market in recent times, there are many local shops that are manufacturing this dashboard camera in India and are selling them in the market. Therefore there is no way that you can differentiate between a fake and origin product. So we have listed down some of the best cheap dash cameras for cars in India along with Dashcam with Rare view mirror and its features and uses.

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What is a Dash Camera?


Best Dash Cams In India (Buyer's Guide - 2019)

A dashboard camera is also known as a dashboard camera, driving recorder, car DVR or event data recorder is a small camera that constantly records the views through a car’s front screen and sometimes other windows. Well, there are some dashboards that also record the interior of 360 degrees. These devices can also be used in sending pictures and videos using a strong network. This device is basically used to prevent road accidents. You just need to attach the dashboard camera inside your car and the various work that it can perform starting from parking to traveling to any other work can be done by this dash camera.

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Best Selling Dashboard Cameras in India


There are various kinds of dashboard cameras in India, some are expensive while some are cheap dash camera for cars. The quality and the brand of the product always determine its features and its durability. For the recent demand in the market for this driving recorder camera, new manufacturers are manufacturing this and selling it in the market. So to choose from such a huge lot can be sometimes tricky and confusing for once. In this article, we have listed down some of the best dashboard cameras in India and all its features and specifications.

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How Does A Dashboard Camera Work?


A dashboard camera is typically a small camera that is attached to your car’s windscreen and is then switched on to start recording the road outside while you are driving the car. These device gets powered up if you insert it in the fuse box or attach it to the cigarette lighter cable. This dashcam starts working whenever the engine gets turned on. This dash camera in India continuously records outside of the road and also has an SD card slot in it which helps in storing all the films that are being recorded.

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Types of Dashcam in India


Nowadays video recording cameras are playing an important part as mostly all cars or any other vehicle users. This device can be said is at the peak of the market. There are different types of dash cameras in India and all of them have their different uses specifically. Here is the list of different types of best dash cams in India and where are they used and for what

1. The traditional dashcam in India

This camera is basically designed for cars, trucks, SUVs. This device can be scaled up along the dashboard or even can be attached to the front windshield. This traditional dashcam in India has a singular use that is being placed in the front of the vehicle. The function of this is to record the outside of the car while driving. These devices are further classified into two types: the first one is dashcam with parking mode and the other one is dual dash camera.
Dashcam with parking mode is used for detecting the vehicles when it is stuck somewhere or when it is unoccupied and Dual dash cameras are those cameras that are used to record what is going on inside and outside of the car at 360 degrees.

2. Dashcam with Rare view mirror

Every dash camera is built to record footage. This type of dashcam in India is designed because it is meant for cautious and unobtrusive. Dashcam with rare view mirror comes in the shape of rare view that is with a clip onto or over the existing mirror of the car cabinet. In this way, dashcam with rare view mirror does not block the front vision or cause any distraction as it functions merely as the current rare view would do and also has a built-in camera at the same time. Dashcam with Rare view mirror cannot be used on trucks as this cannot be used in the widescreen mirror.

3. Dual Camera Dashcam

As the name is suggested these cameras are literally what it sounds. These camera does not only have one forward-facing camera or lens but also have a second camera that also works as a side window and also can be used as a rare mirror. These cameras are also known as 360 degrees for its features and specifications. These devices might look big as it has a lot of options built within it. The second camera has a long wire attached to it which can be mounted on the rare screen of the vehicle This camera is highly recommended in this days as with the increase of the accidents in the road this camera can play the perfect role as it has both rare and inside camera within it.

4. Digital Camera

This is the oldest and the cheapest option used earlier from where this idea of the dashcam originated. You need to start the recording when you start driving. This device can be run by plugging it in the cigarette lighter cable and also can be used by a battery. These devices also have removable storage media such as SD or micro SD. The image clarity of these cameras might not be so great as this camera is meant for still and indoor or outdoor videos not for the open road and for moving videos.

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What Are The Things That Need To Be Checked Before Buying Dashcam?

There are many factors that are needed to be checked before buying Dashcam in India. It can be a cheap dash camera for cars but the quality matters as it will be used for your daily purpose and will prevent an accident.

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Chipset is an important factor for not only cameras but also for mobiles, laptops, and other electronic gadgets as this holds all the chips together in one place. The chipset helps in running the dashboard camera smooth and prevent it from lagging.

Video Resolution

Now comes the video resolution, it is the second most important deciding factor for a dashcam. a basic dash camera can record up to 1080p which is full resolution. The newly launched dashcam can record up to 2k to 4k ultra HD resolution. Quality resolution in a dash camera is very important as this dashcam is going to show you and direct you the outside of the car. 2k and 4k resolution dashcam are preferred because of the clarity and its good option for travelers.

Wide Angles

This feature gives you a full-length wide view of the outside of the car. It is recommended to choose a model with minimal of at least a 140-degree angle. So a full wide length of the road can be seen from this camera.


With the help of the wi-fi option, you can easily transfer your videos directly to your latest smartphones. Other than that you can view the live video of your recording on your mobile screen, this feature provides day/night security and you can operate dashcam with the help of it.

Loop Recording

In this feature, the dash camera automatically removes the oldest videos when your memory gets full and replace it with the new once. So if your device memory gets full then there is no need to worry as it will be automatically refreshed. And most importantly this feature will not remove the video captured by G-Sensor of accidents.


G-Sensor is a kind of sensor that automatically starts recording if you face any kind of accident and collision and save that video for future use.

If you are looking for the best Dash Camera in India then this above list will definitely help you. Apart from this if none of the above comes under your choice and you are willing to know more about the best dashcam in India, Cheap dash camera for cars or Dashcam with Rare view mirror in India we can help you with that too. Our experts undergo all these devices and then are given these reviews. So you need not worry about the quality. If you want to buy the best Dash Camera in India and want our help then visit our website.

Frequently Asked Question 

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1. What is the best dash camera to buy?

Ans: There is a huge variety of best dash cameras in India. Different brands have different features built-in it. If you want to know which are the best dashcam then read the article above as we have provided detailed information about the cheap dash camera for you.

2. Can you leave the dash camera on all the time?

Ans: Yes, As dash cameras do not consume that much of batteries therefore if the engine gets shut down the external power must somehow be supplied to the dashcams. So you can plug it in if it is needed.

3. How long do dash cam batteries last?

Ans: Usually a dashboard camera lasts for at least 42 hours for single dashcam and 72 hours for 2-channel dashcam depending on where and how you use it.

4. What is a dashcam parking mode?

Ans: Parking mode recording, which is also known as “Sentry Mode”, “360-Degree Surveillance,” and simply “Surveillance” is used for detecting the vehicles when it is stuck somewhere or when it is unoccupied

5. What is some Cheap dash camera for cars?

Ans: Well there are many cheap dash camera for car in market but it is tricky to choose a good and durable one from them. But if you want to buy a long durable dashcam for your car then it is suggested to increase your budget a bit and then buy a good one.

6. Does a dashcam constantly record?

Ans: Yes dash camera is designed to record continuously whenever they are powered up. If you want to use any recording device virtually then you will have to turn it on and set it to record every time in your car


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