Best Foot And Leg Massager In India: Buyer’s Guide

Best Foot And Leg Massager In India

It is seen that in our daily life the most used body parts leg. Our entire life is spent on our feet. The moment we wake up the one thing that we depend upon the most is our feet. And therefore our feet get the most tired compared to the whole body. There is a saying that if you don’t have well being then you don’t have anything. Therefore it is important to keep your feet maintained and should take care of it. Now the best way to get your feet pampered is by doing massage to your feet. In this article, we are going to share different types of electric foot and leg massager in India and will share all the possible features about it.

Best Selling Foot and Leg Massager in India

Here you get a list of best foot and leg massager machine or foldable foot massager online on Amazon.

What is a Foot Massager?

A foot massager is a type of massager that totally focuses on your feet. It targets all the reflex zones of your feet and makes your body relax. These foot massagers are used for relaxation and to alleviate the sore soles and arches. In China it was believed that foot reflexology prevents and cures health problems. Foot reflexology is based on the belief that every reflex zone starts from the foot, and then travels to the head through the nerves. Reflex zones are pressure points located on the tips of hands and feet, and they are believed to connect directly to the nervous system.

How does Foot Massager Work?

Leg and Foot messager work through blood and lymphatic circular therapy. But the most common is air compressor therapy.
Firstly you need to put both your feet inside the pressure cuffs. The cuffs size differs accordingly i.e. it can be thigh-high and others can be knee-length. After putting your feet inside the next thing you need to do is relax or sit or lay on a flat surface of the bed floor or a couch and let the device work accordingly. The air chamber in each cuff will soon be filled with the temperature and sequence you choose. It then gradually compresses your leg muscle and give it a relaxing feeling.

Types of Foot and Leg Massaging Machine

There are various types of foot and leg massager machines available in the market but the most recognized once are below. The most common foot and leg massager machine are:


These electric foot and leg massager works by rolling or wavering inside the machine. These electric foot and leg massager runs through the power supply. They give warmth and vibration effects to your feet so that it can make your feet muscle relax and tighten.


This manual massager works by moving actively around the foot rubbing the delicate tissues and are made of regular materials. The main thing that makes this delicate is a tube that is put under the feet. The clients roll the tube from the foot area to the toes for finish knead.

Water Stream

These look like littler than anticipated hot tubs for the feet, fitted with sputtering water stream and foot rub options. These are perfect for dry and tired feet. While substitute sorts of massagers simply back rub the feet, this strip your feet with warm water and steam rises, as such supporting your feet.


This massager machine is just perfect to locate a particular region. If any particular part of your feet is hurting or paining then this massager is perfect to use as it targets a particular region. The only difficulty is that they come in small sizes and are hard to bear.

Features of Electric Foot and Leg Massaging Device

Every electric foot and leg massager has certain main features built within it which helps to enhance the accommodation and solace. Every feature has its own important part to play. Here is some listing of the features of the best leg and foot massager in India.

Pad surface – Pad surface is the part of the machine which is built with soft cushions that are delicate and are filled with gel for an amazing experience of massaging.

Various Rates – These are the non-slip cushions and have a shifting velocity which helps in choosing a redid rubbing knowledge

Helpful Control – These features help in controlling the machine by toe contact. Just press or squeeze your toe and it will control the setting. You don’t have to bow down to change the setting or use a remote to do the change.

Infra-red Warming – Foot massagers are furnished with alternatives to warm which can either be connected at the base of the foot or can incorporate the lower leg and the upper foot for diminishing muscle torments.

Water Planes – For having fortifying foundation foot massagers can in like manner have warm water planes. Water planes improve the dissemination of blood and loosen up tight muscles.

What Are The Things You Need To Look Before Buying A Foot Massager?

Weight, Size, and Fitting First of all, One of the important things that we need to take into consideration is the comfortability of the gadget. What’s more, to appropriately evaluate that, it contemplates the size, fit, and weight. The size and fit go hand in hand. This encourages you to decide if the gadget can impeccably cozy your legs with no inconvenience. And furthermore, when the size fits perfectly, you can appropriately receive the rewards of the gadget. The weight is a factor to note for putting away purposes. When it is heavy, you can’t move it around the house. Be if it is light enough, you can utilize it anyplace you need without any challenges.

Settings and Controls – Setting is a key factor in these foot and leg massagers. There are different types of leg massagers present in the market and all of them have different kinds of using manual and setting. Which can sometimes get hard to understand for the users? Some of them are way critical to understand while either can be way easy to use. Therefore it is suggested to go for the easy setting device as it will be easy to understand and also easy to operate. After all, what is the point of a good setting if you can’t possibly get it to operate. So read up on the manual and look at the controls of the device and see whether or not it is easy to use.

Durability and Material – If you want your device to last longer then you need to consider its durability. The most common way to understand this is to understand the material it is made of. If you look for top branded leg and foot massager then you will notice that the material that they use is different and are quality, not only that but it is constructed in a good manner.

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Frequently Asked Question:

1. Which is the best foot and leg massager in India?

Ans: There is a huge variety of foot and leg massager in India. If you want to know which are the best leg massager then read the article above as we have provided detailed information about leg massagers for you.

2. Is Foot and leg Massager machine good for health?

Ans: Yes foldable foot massagers are good for health. As every body parts, be it neck, hand, back or any other parts of the body needs a massage to ease the tiredness the same our feet also need relaxation as the foot is a very important factor for us to work therefore it needs to be taken care.

3. How long should you use an electric foot and leg massager machine?

Ans: You can use a foot and leg massager several times in a day but you should not use that more than 15 min in one particular area as it can block the muscle and can tighten the muscle and can cause pain.

4. Is massage good for neuropathy?

Ans: Yes,  massaging foot and leg is good for neuropathy because the more you move your muscles the better is the blood circulation that will nourish the nerve ending. If you don’t have neuropathy then also it is good to exercise as it keeps your blood flow effectively.

5. What are the benefits of a foot and leg massager in India?

Ans: a. It improves in better blood circulation.
b. It relaxes your feet muscles resulting in better sleep.
c. It helps in removing body pain.
d. Reduces swelling.
e. Makes your feet healthier so that you can work all day easily and many more.

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