Buy Best Hot Glue Gun In India: Buyer’s Guide

Best Hot Glue Gun In India

Have you ever wonder what are the things that you can do with the use of a Hot Gun? Just as the name is suggested hot glue gun is a portable device that is used to distribute hot melt adhesives. These hot melt adhesive guns are designed in such a way that it delivers hot glue to any chosen place and also it avoids a mess. These hot glue guns are best for crafting tools and to attach any delicate objects.

These glue guns can be used in so many numerous ways in our home or any other workplace – these hot glue guns have become a necessity for everyone in the past few years and are playing a major part in almost everyone’s life. This article will guide you about the Best Hot Glue Gun in India or which is also known as Hot melt adhesive gun and its uses.

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Best Hot Glue Guns In India


There is a variety of Hot Glue Gun in India. Each melted glue gun comes in different ranges and for different use. Here is the list of best selling Hot glue gun in India and its uses of it.

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What is a Hot Glue Gun?


Buy Best Hot Glue Gun In India (Buyer's Guide)

A hot-Glue Gun which is also known as Hot melt adhesive gun is a different type of glue that works when the gun produces heat to melt the sticks of a thermoplastic adhesive. This thermoplastics adhesive comes in a tubular stick which was created as an improvement to water-based adhesives that weaken when exposed to humidity. This glue is very strong and can be used for crafting tools or DIY jobs. When they were initially introduced, these hot glue guns were used to attach shoelaces now they are used in different delicate material and are also even used in woods and cloth materials.

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What is Hot Glue Stick Made of?


The Hot melt adhesive gun is a very strong bonding device and thus needs a compatible hot melt adhesive which is essential for each applier. These are usually made into a stick so that it can easily fit into the back slot of the device. The hot melt glue varies in the width and length and is normally in the form of waxes, resins and a variety of thermoplastic polymers. The chemical formula of this hot melt varies as some of the hot glue guns produce soft and some produce hard glue products. These hot melted glues are waterproof and are also available in a different colour to suit a particular application.

Note: These melted glues are not suitable in high-temperature applications as they will not hold the glue and will melt easily.

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Why use a Hot Glue Gun


There are many options when it comes to sticking things such as paper, plastic, wood, leather, fabric and other objects together. You can use the normal glue stick, glue, or any other adhesive. Nonetheless, hot glue is preferred by many people because of the following reasons:

1. Strong Bond – Melted Glue Guns are recommended by many as it provides a strong bond compared to other glues. As these glues are hot in nature so it sticks easily with any king of objects be it paper or wood.

2. Less Messy  – As this hot glue gun has a trigger built within it so it can be effectively used to control and direct the glue to the specified areas where we want. Hand contact is not needed therefore it reduces messiness.

3. Safe – As this glue is hot therefore the gun prevents from getting a burn or it prevents in physical touch to the skin or else it might burn in coming into direct contact with the glue

There are many cons also of using this glue guns in India. You should always read all the articles before taking any decisions in buying it.

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How to Use a Hot Glue Gun in India


1. Read the manual properly Before taking any step further read the manual script properly so that you prevent yourself from any kind of accident or injury while using the hot glue gun. The manual specifies which hot glue gun is used for which reason.

2. Check if the glue gun is not damaged – Before using the hot glue gun it’s very important to check whether the glue gun has any kind of cracking, splitting or broken mark. It can be very dangerous because of its electrical and heating elements, a damages glue gun can be extremely hazardous to use.

3. Make sure that the nozzle is free from old glue – Before applying the glue to any surface make sure to check that the nozzle of the hot glue gun is not stuck or blocked with any old glue. Make sure to remove the blocked glue and then apply the new glue. Always make sure that the hot glue gun is unplugged before cleaning the nozzle of the gun.

4. Insert the glue stick in the back slot of the gun – Now after doing all the physical inspection take the fresh hot glue gun stick and slide it to the back pocket of the hot glue gun until it stops. If any of the existing glue gun stick id left inside then finish it and then apply it with a new one.

5. Plug the glue gun into the socket – Now plug the glue gun into the socket. You will find that the heating element of the glue gun will automatically begin to warm the glue stick inside, so it is suggested not to touch the nozzle or leave the glue gun unattended once it has been plugged in. Ensure that the glue gun is upright in its stand to avoid accidents

6. Wait for the glue to heat up – After plugging in the socket leave the hot glue to itself and wait for it to heat up. Give the glue gun a couple of minutes do that it can easily soften the glue. Just switch on the melted glue gun and it will heat up automatically and if your glue gun doesn’t have them on and off switch then just plug it and leave it. Do not lay your glue gun when it is heating up.

7. Lightly squeeze the trigger to allow the glue to come out – Point the nozzle of the glue gun downwards and place it close to the thing you’ll be sticking. Delicately press the trigger of the glue gun until the softened paste starts to rise up out of the nozzle. Paste straightforwardly onto the surface, leaving the nozzle in contact. Apply the paste easily in specks, twirls or straight lines

8. Apply the glue on the surface and wait for it to dry – Now after it is all heated up and is squeezed outside, apply the glue onto the surface where you wanted your glue to be placed and wait for a couple of minutes to let it dry. After it is dried, paste the object that you wanted to stick to the surface where the glue is applied.

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Common Hot Glue Gun Uses


Hot melted glue gun can be used in many DIY tricks and also in detailed craftwork. These glue guns are less messy and therefore are used by the majority of the people. The common uses of these glue guns are as follows:

1. Close shipping boxes
2. Detailed repair
3. Prevent falls
4. Make beautiful decorations
5. Make this makeup brush cleaner
6. Fix your rug
7. Make replacement knife covers and many more.

Watch this video to get ideas regarding where a hot glue gun can be used:

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Buyers Guideline before Buying the Melted Glue Gun in India


The best hot glue gun isn’t just for the utilization of individuals who are into art and craftworks. You can likewise utilize it for fix works. From holding free household items like wooden legs of tables and seats, a paste weapon proves to be useful. You can likewise utilize it for fixing old shoes or sign up any bits of plastic in your vehicle’s radiator grille

Trigger Feed

Hot Glue guns or the Hot melt adhesive gun can be of 2 types i.e. one trigger feed and the other is push feed. In the trigger feed, the glue is distributed on the surface by just pressing the trigger of the gun. whereas in the push feed you need to insert a hot glue stick on the back slot of the gun and then you will have to give pressure to glue so that it comes out through the nozzle.


Hot glue guns have 2 designs i.e. mini glue guns and industrial guns. Mini glue guns are easy to hold and are easy to light in weight. It is best to use in a tight space. But the only cons is that that glue in the mini glue won’t last long a sit is used for a temporary purpose. Whereas industrial glues last linger and are expensive and stick well than mini glues. These glue guns are used by experienced users.

Voltage and Wattage

Wattage is one of the most important things of a hot glue gun. Hot glue guns can often work in 100 to 120 watts, which is enough for you to complete your work. It is very important to buy a guy gun which has an on and off button so that it can be easy for you to turn the device off when it is not used. These glue guns are so hot that it can easily melt your glue stick even after switching off the device ( for a short time).


A decent glue gun can utilize replaceable nozzle, given that a nozzle may wind up being broken after consistent use. The warmth of the glue stick is a factor too. Changing out the nozzle on a heated glue gun can prove to be useful for a couple of various reasons yet additionally enables you to get them out in the event that you want to do as such. Remember that not all nozzle is made for high-temperature paste firearms.

Cord Length

It is important to have a substantial length of a cord as it can make your experience with your hot glue gun more effective. Shorter cords can become frustrating sometimes as it lacks in giving enough length, therefore, it is very important to get a device with sufficient amount of cords.

Hot glue stand

A hot glue gun should always come with a hot glue stand which helps in keeping the nozzle of the gun away from the surface as if the nozzle gets in contact with the surface it can easily damage the surface creating a huge mess. Therefore most of the stands come in a small piece of metal that mounts towards the gun’s nozzle.


A good prized glue gun totally depends on the consideration of the buyer. The choice of picking an expensive or cheap glue gun depends on the purpose of where it is going to be used. The prize of the hot glue gun can easily go up but the majority of the glue gun comes between 200 to 500 however good is the quality.

If you are looking for the best hot melt adhesive gun in India then this above list will definitely help you. Apart from this if none of the above comes under your choice and you are willing to know more about this gun applier, hot melt adhesive guns or any other guns related to hot glues in India then we can help you with that too. Our experts undergo all these products and they are given these reviews. So you need not worry about the quality. If you want to buy the best hot glues in India and want our help then visit our website.

Frequently Asked Question

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1. What is the best hot glue guns in India?

Ans: There is a huge variety of glue guns in India. Just go through the above article to know more the best selling hot glue guns in India.

2. What glue is used in a hot glue gun?

Ans: Hot melt adhesive (HMA), also known as hot glue, is a form of thermoplastic adhesive that is commonly called as solid cylindrical sticks are used for a glue gun

3. What is the price of a hot glue gun?

Ans: The hot glue gun can vary in range but majorly it comes between 200 to 500 whatever the quality is.

4. Is hot glue gun permanent?

Ans: If you use a hot melt glue sticks in room temperature then it will be in a solid form and as they are applied in a hotter or humid temperature to the surface then they will turn into a molten form. In fact, hot glue is as permanent as any other glue and it is suitable in applications where light glue sticks are not applicable.

5. Is hot glue gun glue waterproof?

Ans: Yes a hot glue gun is waterproof as this kind of glue easily dries out and thus makes it waterproof.

6. What temperature does hot glue melt?

Ans: Hot glue guns operate at approximately 190–210 °C (374–410 °F) and produce a stronger bond. Dual Temperature guns have a switch for both low- and high-temperature use. The melting point of this hot glue stick is approximately 120 °C or 248 °F.


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