Best Inverters in India 2020 (Buyers Guide)

Best Inverters in India

Best Inverters in India to buy Online

If you have experience unsudden power cut off and the unannounced power cut off in your locality, then it is important for you to buy inverter at home.  Buying an inverter can play a vital role for you if a power cut off is common in your locality.  In the present era, people cannot stay without electricity and therefore buying an inverter for a home will give you relief from facing the power cutoff issue. Therefore, the article will highlight the best inverters in India that you can buy online. In case, if you are looking for the best inverter online in India, then this article will be effective and beneficial for you to get complete guidance related to the best inverter for home. You will get a list of top inverters in India in the article and the best inverter with battery in India will be described in the article for getting complete guidance related to the best purchase.

Best Inverters in India

Thes are the list of best Inverters in India, that you can buy from the online store. The above-listed product is best in the market and doing proper research and collecting the user review, the product has been listed out yo provide you the complete guidance related to the best inverter for home.  The list of top inverters in India are listed below:

Click on “Buy on Amazon” to buy the best inverters for a home online in India.  Get  product description of the best inverter for home and office

Luminous Cruze 2KVA Inverter with RC 18000 Battery (2 Batteries)
  • Battery feature: low antimony alloy used - very low maintenance robust tubular plates provide many years of service excellent overcharge tolerance (accepts very deep discharge-suitable for long power cuts) tubular plate battery ideal for longer power cut areas warranty- 18+18 months capacity - 150 ah
  • Inverter feature: sine wave technology. High over-load handling capacity installation and maintenance friendly eco friendly: say no to fumes, noise and pollution no user- action required: automatic start 2kva/24v capacity. 24 Months wararnty .Upto 21 amp charging current. Maximum bulb load - 1600 watt
  • Inverter dimension: 280(l) x 305(w) x 280(h) mm, inverter weight: 31.90, Battery dimension: 503(l) x 189(w) x 411(h) mm, battery dry weight: 28.4 Kg, filled weight: 52.1 Kg, backup time 500 w: 2 hrs 10 mint, 400 w: 2 hrs 50 mint, 300 w: 4 hrs, 200 w: 6 hrs 40 mint, 100 w: 15 hrs 30 mint
  • Running load combination, cfl (14 watts): 5, tube light (40 wattes): 5, ceiling fan (90 watt): 5, televion(led 40 inch): 2, refrigerator (single door 190 litre): 1, desktop (250 watts): 1, water router (1 hp) without lighting load: 1
  • For correct fitment
V-Guard Prime 1150 Digital Inverter UPS
  • Pure Sinewave Output that is ideal for the loads of sophisticated electronic equipment
  • Battery water topping reminder to avoid last-minute hassles
  • High Performance Selection Switch to control performance
  • Battery Gravity Builder that keeps your battery healthy and enhances longevity

No products found.

Exide Technologies 850Va Pure Sinewave Home Ups Inverter - Digital Display
  • Protection: High quality protection built up in the PCB
  • DSP (Digital Signal Processor) based Sine Wave Home UPS – A high speed microprocessor for Grid Quality Power same as Mains
  • LCD Display : for better user Interface and displaying State of Battery Voltage and Charge , AC mains input voltage , Display Actual load connected in %, Display overload, Short circuit trip , Battery low trip, AC mains Fuse blown, etc.
  • ASIC (Auto Sense Intelligent Control) Technology-Automatically sense the battery condition and adjust the charging current accordingly and thus increases battery life and minimizes water topping.
  • Electrolyte Level Sensor indicator: For indicating Battery water level low.
Luminous Zelio+ 1100 Pure Sine Wave Inverter with Red Charge RC 18000 150Ah Tall Tubular Battery for Home, Office & Shops (Blue & White)
  • Tube Light (40 Watts): 3, Ceiling Fan (90 Watts): 3, LED Television: 1
  • Sine Wave Technology, 900 VA/12 Volts Capacity, 150 Ah
  • 32 Bit DSP Processor, Maximum Bulb Load: 685 Watt
  • Item Dimensions: 275 mm x 248 mm x 120 mm
Microtek Static Converter UPS SEBz 1100 V2 Sinewave Technology
  • Customers from west bengal should have to provide form-50
  • To the transporter else we are unable to deliver the product
  • It’s mandatory
Microtek Hybrid HB1125 24×7 UPS
  • Packer: UNIVERSAL POWER PRODUCT , PLOT NO. 20 & 20B, Sector-2, Parwanoo Distt : Solan HIMACHAL PRADESH 173220 ; +91 7283838383
Luminous Cruze 3.5 KVA Inverter (White)
  • Package contains : Pack of 1, Cruze 3.5 KVA Inverter
  • Sine Wave Inverter; Capacity – 3.5 KVA; Rated Power –2940 W
  • High over-load handling capacity; Advanced battery management which enhances battery life up to 70%
  • Auto over-load handling capacity; Noiseless Operations; Adaptive Battery charging control system technology
  • Dimensions: 40 x 38 x 47 (cm)

These are a set of best inverters with batteries and you can pick one of them to use it either in-office or at home.  The listed inverters are best in terms of quality and performance. Based on your requirements, you can also look for the best digital inverter online in India.

Types of Inverters

The inverter is of three types and  the major types of the inverter are listed below:

1. Sine wave Inverter

Power in the sine wave inverter mainly generates from the rotating AC machinery. Many electrical appliances are designed for being operated on the sine wave and the sine wave inverters are comparatively expensive as compared to the other inverters. These inverters are the best to work with heavier appliances.

2. Modified Sine Wave Inverter

The modified sine wave inverter works well with the majority of appliances. However, efficiency will reduce while using different types of appliances. The efficiency of the inverter will vary based on usage. This will result in humming or buzzing sounds with dimmer fluorescent lights. The modified sine wave inverter is quite cheaper as compared to the sine wave inverter.

3. Square Wave Inverter

The square wave inverters mainly have very low efficiency and these are the cheapest type of inverter among all type of inverters and as it only comprises simple tool with universal motor work.

These are the different types of inverter that you can buy from the online store.  Before making your purchase for the best inverters online in  India, you need to be clear with the types which will help you in buying the best inverters for home at the online store.

What Inverters Usually Does?

The inverter is mainly used to convert one form of energy into another form.  The AC current is converted into direct current with the use of an inverter.  An inverter is connected to the battery and the main source of AC power is connected to the battery.

The inverter converts AC energy into Direct Current and stores it in the battery and during a power cut off, the energy stored in the battery is then again converted into Alternate current to supply power to the house.  The power supplied from the battery of the inverter can be used to run a fan,  lights and other electric appliances.

What is the need of Invertor at home?

There exist certain regions and vicinities, where the power supply is not appropriate. The power cut- off is very much certain in such places. The remote areas and in hilly regions, people usually face such type of issue.  In such instances, it becomes very hard for the people in that region to live without electricity.   Moreover, many Indians keep inverter at their houses to use it during an emergency.  The obstruction in the electricity mainly occurs during rainy days and during such instances, the people have to face a lot more difficulties because of a power cut. These are certain things, that simply say that, in India, we need to keep inverter at our house.

Before making a purchase, you need to keep in mind that it is always better to know about features and the specification of the inverter which will help you in buying the best inverter in India.  In terms of looking for the best inverter for a home online in India, you need to go through the buying guidelines that will be listed below in the article.

Buying Guidelines  and the Features for choosing Top Inverters in India

There exist certain buying guidelines and features that are highly crucial in terms of buying the best inverter for home.  While looking for the best inverters online in India, you need to focus on the buying guideline and the features to buy the best digital inverter at the online store.

Inverter Type 

The very first and foremost thing that needs to be check while buying the top inverters in India from the online store is the Inverter Type. The inverter can be of different types and it can be square wave inverters, modified sine wave inverters, and pure sinewave. A detail description related to the inverter types is described in the above section.

Power Requirement

This the most important criterion that needs to be considered while buying and looking for the best inverter for home online in India. You need to determine and identify the power consumption of your house. This can be calculated in terms by calculating the power consumed by CFL, Fan, LED light and other electrical appliances of the house.

Inverter Capacity

Depending on the power of the house, you also need to determine the power capacity that will be required from the inverter.  It the in house power consumption is low then buy a low capacity inverter. If the power consumption is high, then buy a high power capacity inverter.  Despite that, it is recommended to buy a considerable high power capacity inverter for future use.

Required Backups

The backup of the inverter is entirely dependent on the battery.  Higher will be the battery capacity longer will be the backup and these aspects we need to keep in mind while buying the best inverter with battery in India.

Battery Capacity and Size

In the context of buying the best inverters with battery in India, you also need to consider the battery capacity and the size. Determine the battery size while buying inverters from the online store. Bigger will be the battery size, higher will be the battery backup capacity.

Inverter battery Type 

Even the battery type of the inverter has a significant role to play in terms of buying the best inverter with battery. In such a context, the battery can be of three types which include tubular battery type,  maintenance-free batteries, and flat plate batteries.  The tubular battery inverter has higher efficiency and durability and it is a little bit expensive as compared to the other batteries. The Free plate batteries are the lead-acid batteries. Although these are the most common type of batteries that can be used in every house. The maintenance-free batteries are the sealed lead-acid batteries and they do not require any type of electrolyte level check and the top-up.


In terms of buying the best inverter online in India, buy the best brand inverter for long term usage


Warranty is also an important parameter that needs to be considered while buying and looking for the best inverter online in India. Buy an inverter that comes with more than 1 year of warranty.


Based on your budget also look down to the price of the inverter under your budget range, to find out the best price inverter for office or home.

After-Sales and Service 

The after-sales and the service is the major parameter that needs to be considered before buying an inverter for office or home.  Buy an inverter that can provide good services after-sales.

Display Type 

The display type of the inverter can be analog display and it can be digital display. The digital display provides better information about the charge remain on the batter and the usage, Henceforth, it is up to you which type of display inverter you want. You go for the digital display inverter and you can even look for the analog inverter for home.

Low Voltage Charging 

Some inverter does not get charged at low voltage and you need to focus on this aspect. Buy an inverter that you can charge at low voltage. This is an important guideline in the context of buying the best inverter online in India.

Easy UPS Bypass

In case if the home UPS gets a fault, the easy bypass will allow the output directly from the grid case.


The WiFi-enabled features will allow you to connect the inverter with a laptop and smartphone or even with a remote monitoring app.

MCB Protection

MCB protection is important to increase the safety features from the MCB main.

Solar Charging

Some of the inverters have solar charging capacity and you can charge the inverter with solar power.

Safety Features While Operating Inverters

There exist certain safety measures that need to be kept in mind in terms of operating the best inverter with battery. These safety features are important for maintaining safety parameters at home and it is better for you to follow the safety guideline to prevent any accidents at home.

  • The inverter needs to be kept in a very secure place without the reach of children.
  • Keep and place the inverter in a very cool dry place while letting it away from water and moistures.
  • Do not operate it wet hand as wet hand can make serious problems such as severe shocks.
  • Do not place the inverter near to the heating vents as the turning on the inverter also releases heat which may cause serious issues and accidents.
  • Do not place the inverter near to the flammable materials or inside the battery compartments.

Important features that need to be check while buying Best Inverter For Home

In the context of buying and looking for the best inverter in India, there exist certain buying features that need to be kept in mind. These sets of features are important in terms of buying the best inverter with batteries.  For choosing the best inverter online, you need to consider these pointers for the best purchase.

  • Buy a reputed and branded inverter for home.
  • Check the type of battery supported by the inverter, as a battery can be lead acid and tubular battery. Look for the tubular battery as they are more energy-efficient with high durability.
  • Check the durability and the warranty feature before buying and selecting the inverters for home.

The other important feature for choosing the top inverters in India for home are provided in the buying guideline and this will help you in making valuable purchase.


This article had been structured to guide you with the best inverters in India.  For those who look for the top inverters in India,   the article is provided with the best inverters for home.  In the article, the best use of inverter along with its type and the advantages has been provided. The buying guidelines and the features will help you in buying the best inverter online in India. Complete guidance related to the top inverters in India has been listed in the article.

For more enquires related to the other products, electronic appliances and to know more about laptop repair and the service visit Techyuga . If you have queries related to inverters comment use in the below section.

All the products are tested by industry experts based on different quality parameters and the features to help you out with the best inverters in India.

Frequently Asked Question

1. What is the normal battery life of Inverter?

The battery life of the inverter depends on the type of battery. The tubular battery life has the longest battery life which lasts for 5 to 6 years. The maintenance-free batteries have the battery life up to 3 to 4 years and the flat plate battery has the life up to 2 to 3 years.

2. Can we use purified water in batteries?

No,  we cannot use purified water on batteries as the purified water may be pure from bacterias and the pathogens, but they are not deionized. This is essentially the requirement of battery water.

3. What to do when the inverter started making beeping sound?

The inverter starts creating beeping sound when the inverter is low of battery and to stop the beeping sound, you need to put the inverter on charge as soon as possible.

4. What is solar inverter?

A solar inverter is an electrical converter that can be used to converts the variable (DC) direct current photovoltaic (PV) output of a solar panel into (AC) alternating current to fed into the commercial electrical grid and also on the non-commercial grid.

5. What is the difference between the UPS and inverter?

UPS is used to provide backup power to the device when the main supply fails, apart from that inverter simply converts DC into AC. Apart from that, the switching is pretty much fast between main supply and the UPS.  In terms of inverters, switching usually takes a bit longer.

6. What is the best brand of the inverter?

The list of the best brand of inverters are listed in  the above section of the article

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