Best Microwave Oven In India: Buyer’s Guide

Best Microwave Oven To Buy Online 

Today, in this article we are going to discuss what are some best micro oven which you can buy in India. People do not have proper idea and knowledge of electronic specification and the details of electronic product. Many times, people commit mistakes on spending a hefty amount of money to buy best micro oven. In a fast and busy life, people do not get a proper suggestion on the product details and the specification and there they commit the mistake to spend a large amount of money by selecting the wrong product. The article can help you in selecting the best microwave oven. In addition to that, you can an idea related to the best micro oven.

Many people have a budget issue and they want to buy a microwave oven under Rs 10000. You can refer to the article to get an idea of buying a microwave oven under Rs 10000 online. A convection micro oven is on high demand and you can get a proper idea on buying affordable convention microwave oven and high capacity microwave online at best price.

To get the best Micro oven online it is always better to check the proper specification and details of the product and based on that, the product can be bought from the online store. The high capacity microwave is quite bigger in size and this can be used to cook meal and food for a large number of people.  People are gradually changing their lifestyle and trying to formulate the western style of cooking. Despite all the micro oven has a huge benefit and the article will help you determine those benefits while giving you the option to buy the best microwave oven online.

Best Selling Micro Oven In India

What is Microwave oven?

A microwave oven is also known as the electric oven which is used to cook food and heat the food up while making it exposed to the electromagnetic radiation. Under a certain range of microwave frequency, induced polar molecules aids in rotating the food and it produces the thermal energy. The process of heating is known as dielectric heating. The process of cooking  is quite fast as compared to the conventional and the traditional approach of cooking and food can be warm-up within an instance in a microwave oven.

What are the Types of Microwave?

Basically, the microwave oven is of three types which include:

  • Convection microwave oven

  • Solo Microwave oven

  • Grill Microwave oven

The convection oven is suitable for baking cooking, reheating and grilling.  Despite that, Grill microwave oven is good for cooking, reheating and grilling, but not for baking. Apart from that, the Solo Microwave oven can be only used for simple cooking and re-heating.

Best Convection Microwave Oven In India

There are quite a few brands which are well known and good in terms of specifying the specification of the convention Microwave oven. To get detail specification related to the best micro oven of 2021 and to get a proper idea on the best convection microwave oven, the below product will help you in buying the best microwave for the kitchen.

There exist quite a few brands for the convection microwave oven which is well known in the Indian market and these are the best convection microwave oven brand in India.

Best  Solo Microwave Oven In India

To get the best solo micro oven online you can get various range of product with a guaranteed warranty. The solo micro ovens are quite cheaper as compared to the Grill oven and the convection oven  and the list of the best solo microwave oven are listed below:

Best Grill Microwave Oven In India

It is up to you what kind of Microwave, you want to buy for your kitchen. Despite that, the best option would be to choose a convection oven for the home or kitchen use. The above-listed products are the best microwave category of 2021

Best Microwave Oven Under Rs 10000

There are lots of products on the online platform which will give you a good option and choice to buy a microwave oven under Rs 10000. Here is a list of fewoven brands that are highly popular in the Indian market under Rs 10000.

Usage of Micro Oven

Depending on the type of microwave oven, can be used for a different style of cooking. 

The utility and the usage of the convection micro-oven are very high and this can be used for cooking, baking, grilling and reheating. Additionally, convection micro ovens can be used for cooking vegetables and also non-vegetarian foods. Therefore, even if the price of a convection microwave is pretty much higher than the solo oven, it is highly effective and beneficial to buy a convection microwave oven. over the online stores, you can look for the best convection microwave oven at a cheap price. In addition to that, the online stores have a lot of products which will make you select unaffordable convection microwave at the best price. It will always be considered as an advantage to buy the best micro oven. Even you can get a microwave oven under Rs 10000. Never compromise with the size of the microwave oven and always look for a high capacity microwave oven over the online stores. Therefore, a convection micro oven can be used for baking to make cake biscuit and cookies.

The Solo micro oven is just meant to use for reheating and simple cooking. Therefore, the possibility of making spicy and good food over Solo micro oven is very low. Despite that, it also aids in reheating of food so that you can have warm food for your lunch or dinner. The Solo micro oven is quite useful when you need to warm your food instantly. In gas ovens, to warm food, you have to stand in front of the gas oven until your food gets warm. However, the process of reheating in Solo micro oven is very much simple and it allows you to warm food by just setting the timer. Grill micro oven, can be used for cooking, grilling and reheating of food where you can grill chicken and other non-vegetarian food and steps easily. One of the biggest disadvantages of grill oven is that it cannot be used for baking of cake, cookies etc. You can select a wide range of product over online stores for buying the best and latest micro oven in India.

From the above-discussed aspect, it can be concluded that buying a convection micro oven is highly beneficial and you can even get the best convection microwave oven under Rs 10000 in India giving discounts and offers. In terms of solo and grill oven, it is easy to get such a microwave oven under Rs 10000 over online stores. Solo micro ovens, cannot be considered as high capacity microwave oven as their sizes are very much compact. However, grill microwave is quite bigger in size, and it can be considered as a high capacity microwave oven.

Sizes of Microwave Oven

The sizes of the micro oven typically vary from 17 litres to 32 litres. Most of the Solo micro oven falls in the size range of 17 to 23 litre. Therefore, Solo micro oven can be 17 litres Solo micro oven, 20 litre Solo micro oven and 23 litre Solo micro oven. However, grill micro oven varies on the size range from 20 to 28 litre and therefore, the size of grill micro ovens can be 20-litre grill microwave colony, 23-litre grill micro oven, 25-litre grill micro oven for 28-litre grill micro oven. When it comes to convection micro oven, the size of the convection micro-oven varies from the range of 25 litres to 32 litres.

As the utility of convection micro is very high, the convection micro-oven has pretty much capacity, and this makes convection microwave to be a high capacity micro oven. Depending on the size, features and functionality of the micro oven, the price of micro oven difference in various aspects. By referring to this page, you can buy the best microwave oven and also this article will be quite helpful in finding the best convection microwave oven which is popular in India. The article will also list out the affordable convection microwave oven and you can select the best microwave oven under Rs 10000. The article has listed out the top best  micro oven of 2021 which are quite popular in India.

Wattage And Power Consumption Of The Micro Oven

Wattage mainly provides an idea about the amount of power consumed to buy a micro oven. It is simply clear that the higher Wattage power, more amount of electric power energy will be consumed by a micro oven. Therefore, it is always safe and better to buy an energy-saving micro oven for home use and kitchen purpose uses. Higher Wattage power will make your food to be cooked quickly but it will also bump up the electricity bill. An intelligent heating system micro oven has hi and vantage which can provide protection from overheating and such features make it as an energy-saving micro oven.

Convection micro oven usually has high wattage as convection microwave are considered as a high capacity micro oven. Therefore, the power consumption rate of the convection micro oven is very high. The wattage power of convection micro-oven usually ranges from 600 to 1500 watts. To get the latest and the best microwave oven, you always need to look down to the specification and the power consumption details of the micro oven. You can get a low wattage power micro oven under Rs 10000. In order to buy the best micro oven or a best convection microwave oven, it is also important to look upon the power specification and the consumption details of the micro oven.

Types of Panels in Microwave Oven

Three types of panels can be found on the micro oven and this can be mechanical panel type micro oven, feather touch micro oven, tactile button micro oven. 

Mechanical Panel Type: The mechanical panel type micro oven mainly consists of the wheel to control the temperature and the other needs and the other functionality of the micro oven. The mechanical panel type microwave oven can be mostly observed in the solo microwave ovens.

Feather-touch Panel Type: The feather touch micro oven has buttons at the side of the side panel of the micro oven while giving it a very stylish and sleek look to the microwave oven. The touchscreen facility makes the user make the micro oven quite user-friendly while making it easier to clean.

Tactile Button:  The tactile button in the micro oven mainly consists of a button and the jog wheels, while giving a benefit to the user to clean it easily.

This feature makes the oven to be portable, compatible and the best Micro Oven In India.

Different Styles of Micro Oven 

Countertop Microwave Oven: countertop micro ovens are highly portable and it is quite easy to place such a microwave oven at any place to start the process of cooking. Most of the solo micro oven, grill micro ovens and convection micro ovens are usually countertop micro ovens.  The list of latest and the best countertop micro oven are listed in the article. In addition to that, you can also select the widest range of the best convection and best price microwave oven from the online store. You can also avail low capacity and high capacity microwave ovens over an online platform. Moreover, the article will provide you with the proper idea to best price microwave oven under Rs 10000. 

1. Counter Microwave oven: A countertop micro ovens can be used to perform various types of function based on their types such as cooking, baking, reheating, popcorn making etc.

2. Above Range Microwave oven: The above range micro ovens are quite bigger in size and after finding out the demerits of the countertop micro ovens, the above range micro ovens are getting quite popular in the Indian market nowadays. These micro ovens occupy a large amount of space.

3. Microwave Drawers: This is quite a new type of micro ovens in the market, however, such a micro oven did not make a presence in the India Market.  The microwaves are installed inside the drawer but below the countertop.

Features that need to be Check before buying Micro Oven.

You can avail a wide range of the latest and the best microwave oven on Amazon at the best price. However, few brands of micro ovens are well known to everyone. In addition to that, it is important to select the best price microwave oven and the best convection microwave oven from the online store. Understanding and investigating the features and the specification is one of the important aspects that need to be considered before buying a micro oven from Amazon.  

This can be treated as buying guidelines before buying best micro ovens. It depends on the user and the consumer, what types of features, they require before buying micro oven from an online store:

  • Auto Cook Setting: It is also known as auto cook menu which allows the food to cook automatically. The feature of the auto cook setting allows the user to set the quicking time for different recipes and micro ovens will prepare the food automatically.
  • Child Lock Facility: The child lock facility in the micro ovens adds extra benefit to the appliance. As the micro ovens remain extremely hot when something is cooked. The child lock prevents the child to go through any type of accident. 
  • Rotisserie: The rotisserie features makes the micro oven high beneficial for those who love non-vegetarian food. The Rotisserie feature in the micro oven allows the user to grill meat, making barbecue in a much easier way. 
  • Defrosting: The defrosting feature in the micro ovens allows the user to unfreeze the food instantly without making food to thaw.  This allows the food to cook much quicker in the oven.
  • Pre-heat: Preparing some of the food such as pastries and cake requires lots of time and it is important to preheat the oven to set the temperature of the oven at a certain level. Some micro oven requires a lot of time to fix the temperature inside the micro ovens. The preheat features in the micro oven make it quite convenient to cook such food.
  • Auto-Timer: The auto timer in the micro ovens usually works on the basis of food weight and the nature of food. In such cases, the auto-timer option in the microwave ovens allows cooking the food automatically by setting the time. 
  • Built-in alarm: The built-in alarm in the micro ovens gives an indication to the user about the status of the food and whether the food has been cooked or not. 
  • Digital Display Time: The digital display time in the micro ovens allows the user to get proper display on the status of the time and the time details related to the cooking time of the food in digital format. This provides the proper notion to the user about the time required to cook the food.

These are a few of the features and the aspects which will help you to buy the latest and the best microwave online. Apart from that, there are other features and the aspects which are highly important and necessary to select the best convection microwave oven and the best microwave oven under Rs 10000. The capacity of micro ovens is another aspect which also needs to be considered and based on the size and the capacity of a micro oven, use could buy low capacity and high capacity microwave ovens at best price from an online store 

The other guidelines which are also highly important before buying a micro oven online include sensor malfunction, 360-degree rotation, and the fermentation features.

Having issues with the sensor malfunction can create a lot of issues and problems in the micro oven. Most of the convection micro ovens are sensor fitted and a sensor malfunction can create accidental damage in the kitchen. Instead of that, also look for auto-clean micro ovens and 360-degree rotation plate micro ovens for kitchen use.

Frequently Asked Questions About Buying A Microwave Oven

1) Why metal cannot be used in a microwave oven?

A micro oven uses electromagnetic radiation and it is reflected by the metal and is a huge amount of radiation will direct towards at one point then, the chances of catching an electric spark in the oven is very high.

2) What type of cookware can  I use in microwave ovens?

Before using any cookware, it is important that whether the manufacturer of the product has approved that the cookware or the product has been approved by the manufacturer or not.

3) How safe are microwave oven?

Every micro ovens are designed and built with safety features and the mechanism to prevent any type of hazard. The micro ovens will not work if the door of the oven will remain open. Before, buying micro ovens, have a clear check that the product is been approved by the National Electric Agency (BEE). This will signify that it has been tested for a safety standard. 

4) How do I know about the utensil type for microwave ovens?

Always check whether the utensil has the microwave-safe statement print or not. If the utensil comes with a printed statement that, it is safe for the microwave, then you can use a micro oven, but never use metal products or utensil inside a micro oven 

5) Which is the best microwave ovens?

It depends on the user and the consumer which brand they prefer before buying the latest and the best microwave ovens from online. There are different brands such as  IFB, Samsung, LG, Morphy Richard etc which are quite popular in the Indian market. It is important to know about the user requirement before buying best convection microwave oven from online. This will help you in getting the best micro ovens from amazon or another online store.

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