How to Find The Best Mobile Repair Service Near You

We are living in the era of smartphones & iphones. 80% of mobile users are using smartphones. Everything around us is digitizing and smartphones are one of the main machinery of this digital revolution. Though it is evident that every machine or device has some certain breaking point. And many people spent a lot of money in repairing their damaged phone. But finding the best mobile repair service near you for your precious device is not a matter of joke. Your phone is the most personal device that you have and it is the store of personal data so it is a tough decision to take while handing over it to a person to repair.

With the growth of the Mobile phone or smartphone business there are a lot of growth in the servicing business and when each business grows, the market will get corrupted by unscrupulous businessmen. So it is better to have some basic knowledge to choose the best mobile repair service near you and here is the complete guidance to make it easier for you.

Some Tips To Choose the best Mobile Repair Service Near You 


1. Ask Your Family and Friends for Suggestion If you have accidentally broken your phone or somehow damaged your phone then the 1st thing that you do is to tell the matter to your family and friends. They can suggest you a very genuine solution. As your family and friends will only recommend you a service center’s name when they are satisfied with the servicing in by their own. So it is better to go for their suggestion.

2. Search in Google- If your family and friends are unable to give you a satisfied answer and you like to find mobile repair service near you by your own then google is your best option. Search in google and you will find there are thousands of options. But practically we can trust on those who are appearing on the 1st page of the google index.

3. Check the Website & Reviews- After finding a mobile repair service online you should check the Website very patiently because the website is the main profile of that company and their service. Go through this and their testimonials or reviews because reviews are the real time customer experience. Every service provider have some positive and negative reviews which you have to do is check the ratio of good reviews and bad reviews.

4. Contact to the Service Center Directly- Before booking technician contact the service center directly. Know the all clauses related to their services and charges. As many of the service centers have a lot of hidden charges. Be aware of it.

5. Get the proper information if they able to work on your Device- There are many smartphone companies and many people are using different brands so it is better that you should know in the 1st place that the service center is able to work on your mobile brand or device.

Why Should You Choose Techyuga For Your Mobile Repair Need


Certified Engineers

Techyuga has certified engineers for your smartphone. As in servicing what you need 1st is the quality service. And Techyuga believes in giving best service in every department with their highly trained engineers.

Free Pickup and Drop Service

Techyuga offers free pickup and drop of your device from your home to our workshop. We will pick you phone from your home and return it back to your doorstep when the issue will be resolved without taking any extra penny from you.


Efficient Customer Support

You don’t have to face any hazard in contacting our customer support or explaining your problem to them. You can contact our customer support 24X7 without any miss. Our efficient customer support is always at your service.

Fastest Technical Support

If you book a technician for your device you will get technical support from our side exact on time. You will get technician at your home with in 1 hour of your booking.


Brands that we cover in Smartphones

We have specialisation in iPhone and all type of smartphone brands. Here are the name of the brands – 


They are the common brands which we repair. Apart from them we repair other brands also.

 Reviews & Google Recommendation

Last but not the least techyuga have more than 10k satisfied customers over the years and you can see around 1K reviews with 4.7 stars in google. These reviews explains our service quality and efficiency.


Hope it this blog will help you to choose the best mobile repair service near you without any doubt.

jingyansu choudhury

jingyansu choudhury

Hello World, I am the Founder And CEO Of Techyuga. I am working on building Techyuga to become India's No.1 end-to-end repair hub for all kinds of devices.

  1. Search in Google technique is great . we are also provide mobile repair service and our customer review is awesome . you can just check our website. We are in the first page of google.

  2. I like how you mention that asking friends and relatives for suggestions on where to get your broken iPhone repair fixed is a good thing, especially if they’ve already gone through the same experience previously and you would want to be reassured that the service you’re getting is one that you can trust. Another thing to consider is that you should check the website of the service (should they have one available) as well as any and all reviews left on the site just in case you’re uncertain on hiring them. If I had the chance to look for a repair service on my own then I would definitely keep these tips in mind so I wouldn’t have a potentially hard time looking for the same service I would be needing.

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