Best Projector To Buy In India: Buyer’s Guide

The Best Projector in India

It is very hard and difficult to buy and look for the best projector in India due to the abrupt change in technology. The change in the technology and design technique are bringing major diversification in the models and the operation of projectors. The article will guide you in buying the best projector for home theater. For home use, this article is effective in guiding you with the best 4K projector. The article will list out the wide range of best portable projector online. Additionally, you can select a range of best projector under Rs 10000.

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Best Projector to Buy in India


The below-listed products are the best projectors in India that you can buy from Amazon. Even you can buy and get the best projector under Rs 10000 from the listed product.

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Best Projector Under Rs 10000


Here are the list of the best projectors under Rs 10000 you can buy from Amazon. The listed product are highly reliable and guarantees for high performance with good lifetime. The best projector under Rs 10000 are listed below:

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What is Projectors?


A projector can be considered as an output device which can be used to make a projection of image or video for a wide-angle view. The projector mainly works by taking input from different sources such as mobile, computer, smartphone, etc. You can find variant models and types of projector over the online store.

Opting for best 4K projector is always been effective for getting good resolution and picture quality with 4K view or full HD view.  This will provide ultimate value for money in terms of the cost and it can be best utilized for the home theater purpose. Buying and looking for best projector home theater does not mean that, you need to look for 4K projector. In Fact, you can look for the best projector in India with different types of specification such as Android Support, WiFi, Full HD resolution, etc. In addition to that, you can also use a projector for home and office.  Over at online store, you can look for the best projector under Rs 10000. The article will provide you clear specification and the details related to the different types of the projector.

Best Projector for Home

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Type of Projector


Depending on the light sources, a projector can be of different types and  the different types of Projector are listed below:

Lamp Projector

The very most common sources of light that are been used in everyday life in the lamp. Lamp projector is the oldest form of the projector and a very common type of lamp projector is the Metal Halide Lamp. It was  discovered in the year 1960   and another type of lamp is a UHP lamp. The UHP lamp projector was developed by Phillips in the year 1995.  The E-TORL lamp projector is the latest lamp projector that has been developed by the Epson.

LED Projector

LED is known as light-emitting diodes,  and the LED projector comprises multiple numbers of LED light bulbs and the flow of electrons in the circuit will illuminate the light from the LED. The use of an LED projector is more efficient as compared to the lamp projector and it produces less heat

Hybrid Light Source 

The Hybrid Light Source LED projector combines the laser beam technology, LED and fluorescent. The combination of such technology makes the projector to combine less power and it is effective in producing good quality images.

Laser Projector

The light sources used in the Laser Projector combines, RGB (Red, Green, Blue) high power laser,  that produces high brightness for producing 5,000 lumens. It is mainly used to consume less low energy for long lifetime.

The other different types of Projector Includes:

3D Projector

3D projectors are getting popular nowadays to have a 3D experience on watching movies.  You can enjoy a 3D movie while sitting at home. You can also look for the best 4K projector under 3D category.

DLP Projector

It uses the DLP chip to make you experience about the movie theater while sitting at home. The projector has a reduce brightness due to the presence of DLP chip inside the projector and this will provide you ultimate cinematic experience while watching a movie at home.

LCD Projector

These are the most common type of projector and these are also known as the home theaters;. The projector will provide you the convenience to get a high-quality picture and even it will save a lot of space for you.

LCos Projector

The LCos Projector uses the LCD chip, but these are different from the LCD projectors. The projector is known for producing quality pictures which are of superior quality and these projectors are effective in producing smoother pictures.

Pico Projector

These are the smallest projector which you can find over the online store and this projector uses a very limited amount of light source. Pico Projectors are highly portable and it can easily fit insid4e your pocket. Such projectors have lower brightness as compared to other types of the projector. To get an ultimate movie experience buy look for best 4K projector at an online store.

It depends on your desire and requirement, what type of projector you usually want for the home.  The article will provide you with the buying guidelines and the features so that you can buy the best projector for home theater. Additionally,  you can look explore the latest and the best projectors in India. To get high resolution and good image resolution, the article will also list out the best 4K videos that you can buy from the online store. In case if you are looking for budgeted products you can explore and even get the best projector for a home under Rs 10000.

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Advantages of Using a Projector


Buying a projector for a home will give you the ultimate experience in watching movies or cinemas with family.  The projector can be used at home and it can be also used at office or classrooms. Buying a portable and compatible projector will help in different ways as the utility of the projector is very broad. The projector can be used in office and classrooms and it can also be used at the home. dependi9ng on its purpose and the requirement, it can be used in different places and situations.

Therefore, it is always recommended to buy the best projector for home theater and for ultimate movie experience you can get the best 4K video at an affordable price. To find out and explore more on the best projector in India, it is important to know about the detail specification of the product. The best advantage is that you can buy the best project under 10000 and that can replace 4K monitor for the gaming experience. You can buy even buy and look for the best 4K projector to experience gaming at large screen.

Ease In Installation: The easy installation process makes the projector more convenient to install with easy and quick setup.  The lightweight and the portability features of the projector make it quite convenient to install at any place at any time.

Adjustable Image Size: The main advantage of using the projector is to use it for getting a larger image view of any picture. The adjustable image size of the projector makes the projector to adjust the image according to the requirement. The projector provides a larger image view and the size of the image goes to the size of 300” diagonally. The ability to convert the image into a larger projection converts the living room into a movie theater.

Portability: Some of the projectors are provided with WiFi connectivity to connect with the input sources. In addition to that, the wireless connectivity makes the projector quite portable to connect with smart devices such as smartphones, PC, computer, tablets or laptops. In addition, some of the design of the projector and built with compatibility features with a compact design to carry in a pocket.

Save Space: Normally buying a large screen TV consumes lots of spaces in the Living Rooms and it is very much effective in terms of reducing the cost of buying a big-screen TV. It saves a lot of space while buying a big TV screen and installing them in the living room.

Affordability: The affordability mainly defines the low cost of the products as buying a projector is quite affordable as compared to buying big screen TV for getting an ultimate movie experience at a low cost.

3D experience: You can also enjoy 3D movie experience while making use of the best 3D projector at home.

Screen Options: You can get multiple screen option if you want to use a projector to watch a movie while increasing your flexibility to have a different experience while watching the same repeatedly.

These are the major benefits which mainly differentiate the projector from the home theater system and big size screen TV.  These features mainly highlight that it is much more convenient to look for the best projector in India. In addition to that, to get a better experience in cinema or movie, it is always better to look for the best project for home theater. Instead, you can also make your selection from the widest range of Best 4k projector. Apart from that, if you have a low budget you can also look for the best projector under Rs 10000.

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Buying Guidelines for Buying Best Projector for Home Theater:


You can get a variety of different brands and products from where you can make your selection for the best projector for home theater in India. There are certain features and the specification that needs to be considered at first before buying a projector in India. In fact, if you are looking for the best 4K projector, the below suggested features are important to make a  good purchase. Apart from that,  following the below guidelines will help you in buying the best projector under Rs 10000. The main features that need to be considered while buying the projector from online are as follows:

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1. Contrast and the Brightness

Always check the contrast and the brightness of the projector. This is specifically important to get a better image and picture quality. As per the conducted test, the LCD projector is quite better as compared to the DLP projectors. Despite that, the brightness of the projector really matters in such context to adjust the ratio of brightness of the picture which could be soothing to the eyes, Brightness of the projector depends on the Lumen capacity and the lumen capacity of the projector can be 3,600 lumens. 3,500 lumens or 3,200 lumens. Considering the contrast and the brightness features, it will help you in buying the best 4K projector or Full HD projector in India.

2. Throw Distance

Through a distance of the projector is an important parameter to check. The through distance mainly refers to the distance of the projector to the screen. From the throw distance, it can be estimated, how long the projector light can travell to project and produce a clear and big size image. The screen should not be too close to the projector and it should not be too far from the projector. The distance can be calculated with projector through ratio.

3. Resolution

The resolution is the important features to check before buying a projector online. It depends on the consumer or the user what types of resolution they want from the projector. The resolution produced from the projector can be HD resolution, Full HD, 4K resolution, etc. Projector type has a vital role to play in illuminating the better quality image and resolution. The projector can be an LED projector, LCD projector, Picos projector, 4K projector, etc. The best projector in India can be used to generate high-quality HD images and even Full HD images.

4. Audio

Audio is the other specs that need to check to get cinematic experience. Sound has an important role to play in watching movies.  Stereo sound, Dolby digital sound or 3D sound are an important aspect to get a better experience of watching movies like a movie theater. The best projector for home theater in India comes with an onboard speaker for producing quality sound. You can also look 2.1 speakers and 5.1 audio speakers to set up with the projector.

5. 3D technology

The projector with 3D technology will give you the ultimate experience of watching 3D movies. If your budget is bit high then it is better to look for the best 4k projector over online which is integrated with the 3D technology. It is also advisable not to buy a project with just 3D features and the specification. Use a good pair of 3D glass to experience the 3D movies.

6. Wall or Screen

Buying an Ideal projector for a home require a good decision. It is important to make a proper decision, where you want to project the image, movie or picture. Buying a projector screen for the projector will provide you good video quality experience as its worth and value for the money that you have spent on the projector.  If you want to buy the best project in India for yourself, then it is better to look out for the projector screen instead of a wall. Projecting on the wall will not give you better image quality with high-quality resolution.

7. Connectivity

Connectivity is the major and important aspect of concern. In case if you are looking for the best projector under  Rs 10000, then better to look for a wired connection projector. The connection and the connectivity of the projector are of two types and it includes wired connection projector and wireless connection projector. The connectivity of the projector depends on the input sources and the connectivity of the projector can be of HDMI port connectivity projector, VGA port connectivity projector,  USB plugging projector, Bluetooth connectivity projector, WiFi connectivity projector, wireless projector, etc. Based on the type of connectivity you can make your selection for the best 4K projector to buy from an online store.

8. Durability

Look for a durable and reliable product and make sure that the projector is been manufactured with the use of good quality materials. Durability is an important factor to be a concern to buy the best projector for home theater

9. Lens Shift and Zoom Range

 The zoom range and the lens shift is one the important feature that needs to be considered. Check how far the projector can zoom in producing a quality image or HD image resolution. Apart from that, also investigate the lens shifting of the projector. These features need to consider precisely even if you are looking best projector under Rs 10000

10. Lamp Life of Projector

The lamp life of the projector is important for extended use of the projector. Buy a projector with extended lamp life. You can get a good and best projector in India which are highly reliable and durable in terms of lamp life.


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To conclude, the article has been designing and constructed to help the audience with the best projector for home theater to buy in India.  In the article, the different types of projector have been described in details so that you can make a proper selection to buy the best projector in India. The effectiveness of buying the best 4K projector has been described in the article. In addition to that, if your budget is low and you want to experience the movie theater at home, the best-budgeted projector under Rs 10000 has been illustrated in the article. In addition to that, the beneficial factor of buying a projector for home has been precisely illustrated in the article. Lastly, the buying guideline to make the appropriate selection for buying the best projector in India has been described in the article.

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All the products are tested and reviewed by Techyuga Expert for giving you exact detail and Information related to best projector in India

Frequently Asked Questions

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1 Where does the projector’s light originate?

The projector lights mainly originate from the lamp and the LED. The lamp contains metal halide and when the electron from hit the LED and the metal halide a spectrum of light is generated which can be projected on the screen.

2 What is the throw ratio?

Throw ratio is the distance of the projector from the screen to split out the high-quality image on the screen

3 Does throw distance matters?

Throw distance usually to maintain the perfect balance between image quality while projecting the image on the screen.

4 What is the best projector for home theater?

You can go for Benq as it the best projector for home theater

5 what is the best projector for a better movie experience with the good image quality?

Benq is the best projector for a better movie experience with good image quality.

6 How to set up the projector?

Setting up the projector is very easy and it depends on the type of connectivity that is been provided with the projector. The connectivity of the projector can be  USB type connectivity, VGA port connectivity, HDMI connectivity, Bluetooth or the wireless connectivity. You can connect the projector to the input source while plugin the wire to the input source or connecting it to the wireless connection.


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