[100% Working] Top 15 Best WIFI Hacking Apps For Android

Want to know the best Wifi hacking apps for android that will help you steal your neighbours’ connections to get endless wifi connection without even spending a single penny ??

Whenever we hear the word hacking, our mind makes us imagine all filmy possibilities that you might have seen, from hacking the cameras of a bank for robbery or locating a criminal through his device, or stopping some terrorism acts, but let us not divulge in the unhealthy acts, as the best wifi hacking apps for android can also be used for checking the security levels possessed by your wifi router so that you can make amends to prevent others from stealing your beloved connection for which you pay the price throughout the years.

Top & Best Wifi Hacking Apps For Android

In today’s world, most of the people use an android smartphone for daily commuting purposes and require a stable internet connection to carry out business, watching movies, videos, etc and any intruder hacking into your wifi connection can make it slow down the connection which can be highly annoying while if you are able to get into other’s connection then it can be an achievement and enjoyable moment for you as you can enjoy seamless connection without even spending a penny.

Now let us not drag this conversation long and indulge in the best wifi hacking apps for android that will help you hack into someone’s connections even through your phone without needing the heavy systems and codings.


dsploit is a great wifi hacking software for android which is usually used for finding vulnerabilities in the wifi networks and is basically considered as a penetration testing suite. It also helps in analyzing and controlling your network and also gathering various intel from the victims’ connected devices while also controlling the devices that are connected to the network.

WiFi WPS WPA Tester

This is one of the best wifi hacking apps for android which is developed by the Sanirgol SRL and is the first app in the list that is available on the play store making it one of the most downloaded and popular app. This wifi hacking tool for android is designed to pick out the vulnerability in the wifi network. This is an awesome app that can crackdown some hard wifi networks with ease and comfortability.


Aircrack-ng is one of the most trusted and best wifi hacking apps for android and has been a popular choice among the hacking society and is highly regarded as a great and versatile software that can enable you to hack through very complex and hard to hack wifi networks but requires some expertise and patience.


Nmap is not considered as one of the best wifi hacking apps for android as it is basically a network security scanner that is also available for various other operating systems. It uses a great user-friendly interface that provides the user with more control over the network exploitation and vulnerability finding. Though it is compatible with both rooted and non-rooted phones, the rooted ones tend to provide more features than the non-rooted ones, nevertheless, it is one of the popular choices of ethical hackers.

Kali Linux Nethunter

The Kali Linux Nethunter is one of the most sought after wifi hacking software for android smartphones as the name itself suggests, as Kali Linux is one of the most popular ethical hacking software for desktops, and this is a smaller and compact version of its big brother but is capable of working wonders.


The Arpspoof is considered as one of the best wifi hacking apps for android that works that redirects the packets on a local network by broadcasting spoofed Arp messages and is also capable of displaying the messages send by the victim to the device. This wifi hacking tools for android uses a mechanism called “Faking Arp replies” which tries to redirect the traffic on a local network by sending them back to a specific victim or all hosts found.

Wifi Kill

The wifi kill is an open-source ethical hacking app which is considered as one of the best wifi hacking apps for android as it is highly useful when you have open wifi or WPA based wifi network which is not protected by any strong password. The best fact about this wifi hacking tools for android is that it is very easy to use and even a rookie can control it without needing much expertise owing to its highly user-friendly tools. It is basically a security app that enables you to monitor the activities of any other user on your network and all other intel the other user has accessed.

Wifi Inspect

The wifi inspect might not be the best wifi hacking apps for android but rather a security audit tool that provides you with more control over your network connection, enabling you to inspect the devices, the IPs of the devices that are connected on your connection. The app is highly smooth and sleek in its functioning, it also enables you to shut off the desired devices connection and provides you with the results in just a matter of seconds.

Network Spoofer

The network spoofer works similarly as the dSploit as it also provides you with the power of changing the websites on other people’s phones, computers and any other network accessing device while using just your android phone.

Reaver Wifi Hacking Tools For Android

Reaver is one of the best wifi hacking apps for android which is also called as RfA in short and has a very simple user interface. This app automatically detects all the WPS enabled wireless router connections and launches an attack on it and provides you with the victim’s wireless connection’s WPS passphrase without much fuss, though it takes 2-4 hours to obtain the passphrase, if you have time and patience on your side it is one of the best wifi hacking apps for android.

ZAnti Wifi Hacking Software For Android

zAnti is not much of a hacking software but rather a penetration test software which helps to detect the risk levels in your network. It is a wifi hacking tools for android mobile which is highly used by the ethical hackers and professionals for wifi network assessment, penetration and finding the amount of vulnerability in the network connection.


WIBR+ is one of the best wifi hacking apps for android that uses a brute force and a dictionary method to attack a victim’s network connection and has a question and answer method also that helps you to penetrate through the various layers of the victim’s connection with utter ease and effectiveness.

Arcai.com’s NetCut

Arcai.com’s netcut is also a network security tool like the wifi kill but has an added advantage, it can block other netcut software from entering your connection realm. It provides you with great control over your connection, as you have the full power to prevent someone entering your network connection or block someone using your connection while also keeping a track on the data usage by the other devices connected to your network.

Penetrate Pro

The penetrate pro is a great handy wifi hacking app that helps you to get access of other people’s secure wifi network from your android smartphones and tablets. It is considered one of the best wifi hacking apps as it automatically detects the connections around you and calculates the WPA key of some routers thus helping you to get access by unlocking the hosts password with high efficiency.

Fing Network Wifi Hacking Tools for Android

The fing network tool is not one of the wifi password hack app for mobile but rather a great security tool for securing your network connection so that other people aren’t able to penetrate through the security walls of your wifi connection, as it is highly efficient in tracking all types of hackers and also at any level.

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Final Thought

On final thought, there are quite a tremendous amount of such apps that help you to penetrate through the various security walls of a network connection while some of them work like the security managers that prevent other hackers from entering your personal network connection realm. With such a high amount of wifi hacking apps available on the play store for android smartphones, it becomes a highly tedious and daunting task to choose the best wifi hacking apps for android.

Here we have rounded off the list to shorten your search that too after testing and using them all. You can wifi hacking apps for android download from the web. As well as you can use wifi password hacking app for windows version.

Though it took us some time, the above pieces of information will surely help you to land the best wifi hacking apps for android while saving your precious time that you might have to spend weaving through the reviews of various apps and software.

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