Best WiFi Routers In India: Buyers Guide

Buy Best WiFi Routers in India

Before looking ahead to but the wireless router, it is quite important for you to understand the need of wireless router and what it all means. A wireless router is a type of networking device which helps in facilitating the data packets over the network. It also acts as a wireless access point for connecting two or more networks at the same time. The article is been designed to provide a detail specification of the best Wifi Routers for home. The router is being also used in office and this article will also help you in buying the best WiFi Router for office that can be bought online.

Apart from that, you can also get a complete guide for buying the best High-Speed WiFi Router online India. Many people have a budgeted amount in buying a wireless router from online. the article will also list out the best WiFi router under Rs 1000.

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List of Best Selling Wireless Router In India


These are the list of best selling wireless router that you can buy from Amazon and the article is mean to help you with the best WiFi router in India for home and office. The below list of the WiFi router can be used effectively as the best WiFi router for office. The listed product will also help you in buying the best WiFi router under Rs 1000.

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The Best Wifi Routers In India


People often search best WiFi router for home as installing WiFi router is pretty much cost saving in terms of connecting multiple devices of the home to one network. Therefore it will reduce the internet cost for recharging and individual device. Despite that, looking for the best high-speed WiFi router will help in getting fast internet connectivity.

More often,  many people often install a wireless router in the mid-size organization or the small size organization.  Henceforth, the listed product will also guide you in buying the best WiFi router For Office. The below-listed products are also effective and efficient for long-range connectivity and coverage.

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Best WiFi Router Under Rs 1000


Some routers are highly effective and efficient for providing the high network coverage under a specific region and even you can get the WiFi routers under Rs 1000 in India. To get a good network coverage on the multiple devices under a small confine region or space you can look for WiFi routers under a budgeted price.  This will aid you in getting value for money under that price. The listed WiFi routers can be treated as the best WiFi routers for home use. In fact for home use, these products can be treated as the best high-speed WiFi routers.

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Benefits and the Importance of Buying the Best WiFi Router in India


There exist several benefits which will highlight the beneficiary effect of buying the best wireless router. The major benefits of buying the wireless router or the wireless router are listed below:

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Security is one of the important parameters that every people are concern about while connecting to the internet. This is due to the propagation and the presence of malicious files on the internet wall. The Wireless Routers or the WiFi routers are designed to provide an extra layer of security to the user with the use of wireless encryption, WEP, WAP, and other features. Even if you have the intention to buy a budgeted router and looking to buy the best WiFi router under Rs 1000, having proper knowledge of the security features is important and different routers are designed with distinct security features.

Cost Saving

The use of wireless or WiFi router is pretty much effective and beneficial in terms of cutting down the cost of internet. Just, for example, imagine each and every device is connected to an individual while making a separate recharge for every device. This will add an extra amount of cost for making an internet connection.  Buying the best router WiFi router for home or even buying the best router for office will cut down the cost of the internet while allowing each and every device to be connected to a single network through a router.

Network File Sharing

The sharing of network files with the use of Wireless Router will become quite easy and this allows the user to the share different types of files such as music, photos, application files, documents, etc.

Internet Connection Sharing

The wireless router will also allow the user to make an internet connection through the WiFi Access point to share internet connectivity among the multiple devices that are connected to the internet.  A wifi router can be used to connect multiple devices such as smartphone,  tablets, mobiles, Laptops, PC, and devices that support WiFi connectivity. The best use of the Wireless router can be best seen on computer gaming. Therefore, it is important to look for the best high-Speed WiFi router for home or office. Even you can boost the network with the use of wifi extender or Wifi Booster. Even the slow wifi connection at home can be solved with the extender or booster

Connection of Peripheral Devices

The most effective feature of the wireless router is that it can be used with the computing peripherals such as printers, scanners, speakers, webcams, wireless camera or the other peripherals to connect the device to the internet for making our work done

Easy Access of Internet

The most beneficial impact of using the best WiFi router can be seen as the ease in internet access. Under a specific region or dimension, the internet can be avail with ease.


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Types of Wireless Router


There are different types of WiFi  Router,  and depending on the requirement   and the usage, the list of different types of router are listed below:

Wireless B or 802.11B

The wireless B router has been obsoleted from the market as it has a maximum transfer speed up to 11mbps. The signal strength is quite good up to a range of 150 feet, but the main disadvantage of such type of router is that they usually operate under unregulated frequency up to 2.4 GHz.

Wireless G or 802.11G

the interface of the wireless G router is similar as like the wireless B router, but the transfer rate and the transmission speed of the wireless G router are a bit higher in the term which is usually around 54mbps.

Wireless N or 802.11N

The Wireless N router has the maximum speed up to  300 Mbps and it mainly comprises of two antennas.  However, the wireless N router can reach up to a maximum speed of 450mbps with the use of 3 antennas and it can be used to operate on multiple signals and the range of the signal is pretty much higher as compared to the wireless G router.

wireless or 802.11AC

The wireless Ac router provides a maximum data transfer speed of 1 Gigabit per second and it mainly works on a band of 5Ghz. the advantage of having high bandwidth allow them to use the router at the busy or crowded place.

Understanding the types of WiFi router will help you in buying the best high-speed WiFi router. Depending on the type, you can purchase the best WiFi router for office. Apart from that, even for home use, understanding about the WiFi types will also aid you in buying the best WiFi router for home. It is always recommended to buy the best WiFi router Indian, even if you are looking for the budgeted one for buying the best WiFi router under Rs 1000.

Buying Guideline and The Features for Buying the Best WiFi Router In India

Buying guidelines are always useful in assisting you to to buy the best Wifi router for home. Before looking ahead to buy the best WiFi router for home and even if you are looking for the WiFi router for office, buying guideline is an important parameter to check while buying the best high-speed WiFi router for home and office. People often look for the best high-speed WiFi router to avail high-speed internet connectivity. These parameters will them in buying the best high-speed WiFi router from the online store and even the buying guideline will also help them in buying the best WiFi router under Rs 1000.

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Dual-band WiFi

The dual-band WiFi router provides a bandwidth range up to 2.4Ghz of speed and the frequency range can be hile up to 5GHz. However, some modern WiFi routers are supported with the Tri-band features.

Guest Wireless network

The guest network in the wireless router will allow the user to access the internet with ease. In terms of sharing the internet with multiple users, the guest network in the WiFi router is highly effective and efficient for having good internet connectivity.


Most of the important feature that requires to be check while buying the best WiFi router in India is the antenna type. The antenna can be internal or the external antenna. Having more number of the antennas will increase the signal strength and buying a WiFi router with the detachable antenna will allow you to upgrade the router whenever needed. It is recommended to buy a user with such kind support to avail best WiFi router for office. In terms of buying the high-speed WiFi router, the antenna in the router plays a vital role in terms of enhancing the speed and the signal strength.

Traffic Meter

While buying the best WiFi router for home or the office, the traffic meter in the WiFi router will assist you in monitoring the data consumption. Apart from that, it will also give you an alert when the data will reach the limit.


Security is the most important parameter that needs to check while buying the best High-Speed WiFi router for home and even if you’re looking to buy the best WiFi router under Rs 1000. the security parameter is an important aspect to be check which will allow you insecure transmission of data and before buying, look for the wireless encryption mechanism, integrated firewall, WEP and other features on the wireless network.

Parental Control

The enhanced parental control on the wireless router will assist in filtering the content of DNS from various forms of malicious file such as phishing, malware, adult content, etc.

VPN at the Router

VPN at the WiFi router will assist you in securing all the devices on the network without making any form of trouble for each new devices and the traffics at the different level can be protected from different types of wrong encryption.


The speed depends upon frequency range bandwidth and the number of antennas attaches to the wireless router.  The discussed features are one of the major aspects that need to be check while buying the wireless router.

Easy to Use

Ease in uses increases and enhances the portability features and some of the WiFi routers are so portable and handy that it can be carried on the pocket to access internet connectivity from any location. The ease in use feature in WiFi router allows you to make a minimal setting on the configuring the router and some of the routers are designed with a plug and play design for making the easy connection.

USB support

The USD in the wireless router is one of the beneficial features to share anything quickly and it can also be used to connect the computing peripheral and the devices such as scanner, Webca, a printer with an easy plug n play method.


The beamforming is an important aspect in terms of buying the best WiFi router for office and even if you are looking for high-speed WiFi router online. This assists in reducing the interfaces in the network for allowing faster and smooth data transmission.

Network Management Application

There exist several smart routers which assist in managing the network remotely with the help of network management app. The network management app in the WiFi router will help you in configuring the guest network or the incoming traffic in a very very secure way.

The above-discussed guidelines and the parameter are the important aspects that need to be check while buying the best WiFi router in India. In addition to that, going through these set of guidelines will also assist you in accomplishing all the important requirement that is essential for buying the best WiFi router for home and also for buying the best WiFi router under Rs 1000.


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To conclude, the article has been provided with a detail specification related to the best WiFi router in India. In addition to that,  the article has been designed to provide you with a buying guideline for buying the best WiFi router for office in India. Additionally,  the article is also meant to assist you in buying the best WiFi router under rs 1000 and even the best high-speed WiFi router in India.

For any sort of technical queries, you can visit the website of Techyuga if you have any query related to laptop or mobile repairing in India.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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1. How many physical ports should a router have?

Usually a router has multiple ports, but in general, a standard router has a minimum of 3 physical ports.

2. How to set up a WiFi Router?

Setting up a router is quite easy and there is a step by step approach to set up a WiFi Router.

a) Select the right router that can connect multiple devices.

b) Connect the router to the ethernet cable or the modem.

c)Connect the device such as a computer or laptop for the router set up.

d) Configure the router set up provided on the user manual.

e) Connect the devices with the internet.

3. What is a mesh network system?

A WiFi mesh network mainly consists of modem, router and a satellite module that are all connected to a single wireless network around the house while sharing the common SSID and the password.

4. How does a wireless router work?

The transmission of data usually occur once the router is been plugged in with the cable and this allows in converting the data into a form of the radio signal which is been picked up by the device such as game console, laptop, PC or the smartphone.

5. Is it possible to use a modem with a Router?

many modems have the built-in router and the ethernet port allows the modem to act as like router. Such type of modem can be used with the router.

6. Which is the best WiFi router of 2020?

Few of  the best WiFi routers in India are as follows:

  • Netgear R6120-100INS AC1200 Dual-Band Wi-Fi Router
  • TP-Link TL-WR845N 300Mbps Wireless-N Router
  • D-Link DIR-615 Wireless-N300 Router


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