Top 10 Best Wired Mouse Under 500 in India: Buyer’s Guide

Top 10 Best Wired Mouse

Well technically speaking a Computer or what we call PC is nothing without a wired mouse. There are a variety of Best Wired Mouse Under 500 or at different prices available in the market. The majority of the wired mouse with premium quality is quite expensive for any teenager to use or even for official regular use. So to cut out your tension and to make your choice easy and narrow we have come up with some list of wired mouse for mac or others that are your budget-friendly and also with different categories i.e. wired mouse for a laptop under 500, wired mouse for desktop under 500, wired gaming mouse under 500, wired USB mouse and so on.

It is not that easy to find the top 10 best-wired mouse under 500 in India. But to make your work easy we have listed some of the best wired mouse under 500 in India for you.

Top 10 Best Wired Mouse Under 500 in India

The categories of the wired mouse under 500 in India is huge and is evolving day by day. The demand for the mouse is ever-increasing as without mouse it becomes difficult to use a desktop or laptop. And for daily use, few people are willing to invest a huge amount of money on mouses. Therefore we have jotted down top 10 best-wired mouse below along with some of the mouses that are used for gaming, for regular use and also USB wired mouse

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Wired Mouse for Laptop Under 500

laptops are generally used on a daily basis, be it for official purposes, regular home use or for gaming purposes. Now working with touchpad/trackpad can be quite time consuming and also tough as it might get or can work slow sometimes. In this case, an external mouse is needed to make the work go smooth and fast. Now as mentioned people do not want to invest a lot of money in just buying an external wired mouse for their laptop for regular or official use. Therefore this list is perfect for you to choose among a lot of wired mouse for a laptop under 500 in India.

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Wired Gaming Mouse Under 500

Gamers of today’s generations are emerging and have created their own empire in this field. But to continue playing game it is mandatory for one to use a high DPI gaming mouse. More or less every day new companies are coming up with a new wired mouse with premium quality and also at cheap price. But the question remains do you think that the quality of that mouse is good enough? A mouse is a very important part that gamers need in their life and that should be of good quality. But if they are out of budget do you think that they will stop playing? No right, therefore here is the list of wired gaming mouse under 500 so that it can be easy for them to choose from this list.

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Types of Wired Mouse

Mechanical Mouse/Trackball Mouse

Trackball mouse was first created in 1972 which was sold as optional equipment for the computer system. This mouse is the oldest mouses used for computers. This ball mouse is built with a single mouse that can easily rotate in any direction. This ball mouse has two freely rotating rollers in it. they are located 90 degrees apart from each other. One of the rollers manages the forward and backward motion and the other one manages the left and right movement. The Simple logic circuits interpret the relative timing to indicate which direction the wheel is rotating. The ball is mostly steel, with a precision spherical rubber surface. The weight of the ball, given an appropriate working surface under the mouse, provides a reliable grip so the mouse’s movement is transmitted accurately.

Optical and Laser Mouse

Optical mouse depends on totally on one or more LEDs and also an imagining array of photodiodes to detect the movement of the surface. The earlier laser mouse uses to detect movement on the mousepad surface whereas recent LED mouse can easily work on any opaque surface. Laser diodes are also used for better resolution and precision, improving performance on opaque specular surfaces. Battery-powered, wireless optical mice flash the LED intermittently to save power, and only glow steadily when movement is detected.

Gaming Mouse

Gaming mouse as it sounds is made specifically for gaming purposes. This mouse is designed in such a way that it has a wide array of controls and buttons which is totally different from a traditional mouse. This mouse has a relatively high sensitivity because of the high-resolution game and its advanced controlling options. Some mice have been designed to have adjustable features such as removable and/or elongated palm rests, horizontally adjustable thumb rests and pinky rests. Some mice may include several different rests with their products to ensure comfort for a wider range of target consumers. Gaming mice are held by gamers in three styles of grip
Palm Grip: the hand rests on the mouse, with extended fingers.
Claw Grip: palm rests on the mouse, bent fingers.
Finger-Tip Grip: bent fingers, palm doesn’t touch the mouse.

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Difference Between Wired and Wireless Mouse


Wired Mouse Wireless Mouse
A wired mouse is way cheaper and more effective than a wireless mouse A wireless mouse is much more expensive for its features and its design.
A wired mouse is demanded by gamers because the responsiveness of the wired mouse is more precise and has a better response time. A wireless mouse is not that good with its response time and can sometimes stop responding at all.
A wired mouse does not need batteries to run. It gets powered up by the computer that is why you can say it is cheaper. A wireless mouse needs batteries to run as it is wireless and cannot be powered up by the computer interface.


If you are looking for the best Best Wired Mouse Under 500 in India then this above list will definitely help you. Apart from this if none of the above comes under your choice and you are willing to know more about the Best wired mouse in India, wired mouse for a laptop under 500, wired gaming mouse under 500 or wired USB mouses in India we can help you with that too. Our experts undergo all these devices and then are given these reviews. So you need not worry about the quality. If you want to buy the best Best wired mouse in India and want our help then visit our website.

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Frequently Asked Question 

1. Which is the Best wired mouse in India?

 Ans: There is a huge variety of best wired mouse in India. Different brands have different features built-in it. If you want to know which are the best wired mouse then read the article above as we have provided detailed information about best wired mouse under 500 for you.

2. Is a wired mouse better than a wireless mouse?

Ans: Yes, a wired mouse is better then wireless once if you are looking for a mouse for daily use. Wireless mouse is not that good with its responsiveness and therefore can sometimes stop working.

3. Do wired gaming mouse under 500 needs batteries?

Ans: No, a wired mouse does not need any sort of battery as it runs by direct powering up with a computer.

4. Which battery is more prominent for gaming purposes?

Ans: A wired mouse is demanded by gamers because the responsiveness of the wired mouse is more precise and has a better response time.

5. What is the best wired mouse for laptop under 500?

Ans: Well the price of the wired mouse for laptop can vary accordingly. Some can be very expensive and some can be cheap depending on the brand and work. So if you are looking for a quality wired mouse for your laptop then the price can go pretty high and if you are looking for a wired mouse for laptop under 500 then read the above article.


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