How To Block A Website On Your Computer Or Network

How to block Block A Website On Your Computer Or Network? That’s the most question asked by many parents and many small organization without the IT Department. In this article, we are going to show you steps on How to Block A Website On Your Computer Or Network.

How To Block A Website On Your Computer Or Network

In this article, we are going to show many steps block a website or particular website on your PC or the Home Network.

We are Showing 3 Steps You Can choose any of them or combine them for a greater result.

Block A Website On Router

Router-Based blocking is the most trusted and perfect for any filtering method available in the market. You ask why because You filter the network at entry point so you don’t need to set up each device in your device manually. It is blocked and filter at entry point so even you change the device like change laptop or mobile or iPad site will be blocked.

Router-based website block is another advantage its more reliable compared to other method and its default to access except network admin.

Now How to block a website in Your PC and Network via Router.

Step 1. Connect your router typing or in some case

Step 2. Enter Router Password Default Password and a user is admin.(Please change this to secure one)

Step 3.Now go to Advance setting You to find below option

Step 4.URL Filter – Some routers may have a URL filter section, which allows you to enter the URL for each website you want to block.

Step 5. Parental controls – New and more advanced routers have a section dedicated to parental controls, which gives you not only the option to block websites, but also specify the times the Internet can be accessed. What is Parental Controls click here to learn 

Step 6.Firewall – Finally, if neither of the above options is available, the router should offer some type of filtering through the Firewall router settings.


How to block a website in Your PC and Network OS Base Method

If Don’t want the complicated advance router base method or your not so tech-savvy then OS base website block good method for the normal user.

In All modern Windows OS, there is an option called Block a website using Family safety

If you’re running Windows 7 or 8, open Family Safety from either the Windows Start Menu or Start Screen. Type family and then click on the Family Safety or parental controls program title.

In Windows 10, parental controls are managed online through the Microsoft accounts website. User accounts that are a part of “Your Family” can be managed through your online Microsoft account.


Another Little advance technique is updating the host file found in Windows System32

You can locate host file 

For Windows 7 and later versions: C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\etc\

For  windows Windows 2000 & NT: C:\WINNT\system32\drivers\etc\

When locating the host file now open host file using notepad or can use other text editors.


Find the line below: localhost.

Now add for blocking Facebook for blocking Netflix

Now you can add multiple sites using these methods and this is How to block a website in Your PC and Network.

How to block a website In Your Browser

Browser base block website method is easy and simple and easy to implement but it not as reliable as other methods. Only the particular browser blocks all those websites.

Blocking a website in Firefox
Blocking a website in Internet Explorer
Blocking a website in Chrome

Step by Step guide to block a website on your browser.

Blocking a website in Chrome:

You can add extension form chrome store to do this option easily


If can find in that section you got settings Select More tools > Extensions in the menu.

Wants to learn More Google Chrome Tips and Tricks Click here 

Blocking in Internet Explorer:

If you are running Windows 7 or Windows 8, Windows now handles all the below settings through Family Safety. For Windows 10, site blocking is handled through your online Microsoft account, by managing accounts that are part of “Your Family”.

Step 1.Click Tools in the File menu and click Internet Options. If Tools is not visible, press the Alt key.
Step 2. In the Internet Options window, click on the Content tab.
Step 3. Under the Content Advisor heading, click Enable if it has not yet been enabled, or click Settings, enters your supervisor password and click the OK button.
Step 4.In the Content Advisor window, click the Approved Sites tab to show a screen similar to the example below.


Blocking in Firefox:

There are many add-ons available in Firefox add-ons you will find tons off website blocking add-on.

After adding any of them you can find them in tools then add on or browser settings menu.

Need to remind one thing whenever ever you add ad-on on any browser you need to restart the browser.Conclusion:

This option will help to block a website in Your PC and Network So the best way to protect your children and or want control your network activity updates to system and security measure and Antivirus also watch your social media activity. Some Antivirus Firewall can offer these option with more robust reliable and more secure harder to break option.

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