Building a Smart Home with the Help of IoT and AI

The home automation projects are currently one of the most scalable and challenging applications. But thankfully, the IoT (Internet of Things) and the AI (Artificial Intelligence) help individually as well as together to go beyond boundaries. The machine learning has helped to build a possible environment for the smart house schemes. Today, we will have a look on how IoT and AI can assist in developing smart homes.


The smart home solutions mean such system is interconnected through the internet for responding to the predefined sets which can be accessed remotely and can be managed by the smartphones or web browsers. They can even capable of sending texts and alerts to the user.

IoT and AI in current smart appliances at home

Here, I will provide the top three examples of how AI and IoT have changed the living and daily essentials handling.


1) Thermostats – Keep your place comfortable

It’s another thing that the smart home technology has not brought any revolution in today’s people’s life, but there are some examples which genuinely changed the living of a person. The thermostat is one of those and Google’s Nest is one of the most renowned brands for providing best thermostats.

A thermostat is an IoT device which can be controlled by your smartphone from anywhere. It helps to check and control the temperature of the area where it is installed. It’s user-friendly interface, inviting look, and comfortable operating allow to claim to be one of the most innovative and useful smart home devices.

Not only it can follow the instructions and change the temperature according to the current situation, it even can learn from the past data for analyzing and setting the warmness in the room. Thus, it helps in saving the energy costs too.


2) Robotic Vacuums

Vacuum cleaners play a big role in the home cleaning tasks. They can clean the areas like carpets, floors, under and above furniture, stairs, upholsteries, corners, and other hard-to-reach places without much effort. They save a lot of time and energy to keep your home clean and hygiene. But, they need some human involvement to operate them, to clean them, to charge them, and to store them at a particular place. The IoT and AI together have eliminated these tasks too!

With the revolution in vacuum cleaning technology, the robotic vacuums have arrived in the market and soon take over it from the traditional vacuums. One of the most popular robotic machines, iRobot Roomba Vacuum Cleaner, has really brought the difference between the cleaning and smart cleaning. Such device not only performs the home cleaning task without the human help, it even can make the map of the areas to make more precise cleaning in the next round; all thanks to the IoT and AI. It can even go to the charging dock on itself for recharging and go to their particular storage area to let you do other essential tasks.


3) Self-driving vehicles

Oh really? Should I not apply for the driving license now? Well, I can get a relief from now as the self-driving technology has not applied commercially yet.

The automotive technology is one of those fields which are upgrading regularly and innovatively. We’ve seen the vehicles running over 300-speed marks and stopping within split seconds, we’ve seen cars driven on both kinds of surfaces; water and land, we’ve witnessed aircraft moving in the lightning speeds and what not? We also have seen driver less vehicles in the form of drones. We have not seen the thing yet is, a card driving on itself to carry people from one place to another place.

Thanks to the autonomous technology like from the Elon Musk’s Tesla, we are now seeing some self-learning cars which map the route, analyse the traffic, and then adjust the controls of the vehicle to provide faster, smoother, and safer rides.

Google’s self-driving cars project is not much different. Using the machine learning, such vehicle can analyze the behavior of the other cars as well as pedestrians in different conditions.

Future of the IoT devices powered by AI in smart buildings

The AI + IoT applications are quite useful in understanding and implementing the current technology trends. In the areas and fields like the security systems, global data access like cloud computing, social analyses like checking the consumer reaction

when he/she sees the details of the product online or in a store, and many others; there is already the implementations started.

In the modern dynamics, the homes are converting into smart homes by converting the fantasy of living into the reality. The AI and IoT powered devices, one day, may take all the responsibilities of humans to do basic and routine home tasks. And when such time arrives, the life will become more efficient and enjoyable for sure.Stay Tune More Tech News and Exciting News

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