Best Adjustable Laptop Stand You Can Buy In 2020

An Adjustable Laptop Stand can help you improve the ergonomics of using a laptop is a known fact. Using a proper adjustable laptop table or a cozy desk can give you a good and productive working environment by reducing the possible side effects that come in following the use of a laptop. So why should you consider having an adjustable lapdesk or a laptop stand for bed in your life?

Using Laptop Without An Adjustable Laptop Stand Damages Your Health

adjustable laptop standAccording to Dr David Agus, co-founder of Navigenics, health with five or more hours of sedentary sitting is the health equivalent of smoking a pack and a quarter of cigarettes. Unfortunately, we can’t imagine a life, at least now, where we don’t have to glue our eyes to the laptop screen and chase our due deadline. According to a survey conducted by the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke about 80 percent of adults who uses a laptop without an adjustable laptop stand for at least 4 hours or more, suffer from the issues of back pain, neck pain and so on. This not only damages the health in the long run but also affects work productivity in general. The same survey reported back pain to be the leading cause of job-related disability and thus the leading contributor to missed work days.

Using a Laptop without an adjustable laptop stand for bed or for the table can leave our eyes to feel dry. People who work on a laptop often suffer from dry eyes, irritation, and reduction of vision in general because not placing the laptop at the correct angle puts stress on the eye muscles. It is advisable that the top of the screen should be just below your eye level, and slightly tilted away from you at a 10° to 20° angle. This means your eyes will be gazing down at about a 15° angle. Our adjustable laptop table gives you the freedom of placing the laptop at any required angle to reduce the damaging effect of the rays from your laptop.

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Effects On Your Computer Without An Adjustable Laptop Stand

affect on laptop if not used with a laptop standIf your own health doesn’t make you bothered enough, let’s talk about the health of your expensive work device, the laptop itself. According to a report by the National Instruments, using a laptop without an adjustable laptop stand aka an adjustable lapdesk is severely damaging to the laptop health. It is because even 5°C above room ambient temperature can take up to two years off a drive’s expectancy.

Therefore, using an adjustable Laptop table is highly advised. Especially applicable when you are in bed; use a laptop stand for bed so that the uneven surface of the bed doesn’t block the laptop vent causing it to heat up.

Reasons Why Do You Need A Laptop Stand?

There are too many positive reasons for buying a laptop stand or portable laptop stand. Here is the top reason.

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  • Better Ergonomic Design

Health experts recommend that the screen of your computer should be at eye level, and your shoulders should not slump while working on it.

  • Increased Productivity

Poor posture and lack of eye strain you tend to get tired quickly. The portable laptop stand help fix this issue.

  • Cool Laptop

This device help keep your laptop cool, as a result, it helps increase your laptop productivity and increase the laptop lifespan.

  • Great Features for DJ

Now you will ask what is Laptop stand for DJ.

A DJ stand is one of those digital DJ accessories that seem non-essential because you can perform without one, However, it just makes DJing with a laptop more comfortable because it raises the screen to an appropriate height instead of you having to hunch down while you’re spinning. It also lets you maximize the space on a DJ desk or booth because it gives you a “floating” platform on which to hoist your laptop. If you are a DJ and Looking for best DJ stand In below you will find Best Laptop stand for DJ.


Health Reason for Buying An Adjustable Stand 

why do you need an adjustable lapdeskBy now we know, when it comes to ergonomics, Laptops are not the best choice. Often hours of use of laptop causes severe health injuries like back pain, a strain on your neck and headache since you have to hunch over while working on it. This happens because you can’t adjust the height of the keyboard and screen separately as per your eye level. Here, using an adjustable laptop stand can help you lessen the chances of muscle strain and pain that comes along with the use of laptop.  An adjustable lapdesk lets you raise and lower the height of your laptop to maintain better ergonomic posture while you use it.

These cozy desks are usually pretty adaptable and you can use it however you like. You can use the laptop stand for bed or you can use the laptop stand for table, whatever suits your need.

Therefore, below are the reasons why should use an adjustable laptop table:

To avoid Neck Pain and Eye Strain: An adjustable laptop stand lets you plug in an external monitor with your laptop. Here raising the laptop to a similar height as your monitor will help prevent eyestrain and neck pain.

back and neck pain caused due to laptop

It can act as a chill desk to cool your laptop: Using a height adjustable laptop stand to keep the laptop above your desk surface—or lap—will help keep it cooler. Your laptop’s performance can suffer if it gets too hot. Using a laptop stand for bed especially can get your laptop to perform uninterruptedly as it doesn’t let the uneven bed surface to obstruct the cooling vents of the laptop. Overheating severely affects the hard drive of the laptop and causes permanent damage to your system. To know more about the common laptop problems and their solution click here.

cozy desk

Can Stand and Work: An adjustable laptop table can help you work even while you are standing, as you can adjust the height accordingly.

adjustable laptop stand that you can use standing

Portability: A cozy desk is as lightweight and portable as the laptop itself, so you can move your adjustable lapdesk as you relocate from place to place.

portable laptop tablePrevents Strain on Eyes: An adjustable laptop stand can help you position the angle of your laptop so you can reduce screen glare, which can lead to eye strain and headaches.

laptop should be kept at eye levelAdvanced Features: Many adjustable lapdesks have advanced features that can be very handy, like having an extra mouse panel attached to it or a drink holder so that you can have your favorite drink while having to catch up your deadline.

laptop stand with external mouse padIn addition to using the adjustable laptop stand for your laptop, you may also find this portable cozy desk useful for holding your books, tablets or even sheet music. You can also have your breakfast or dinner in it if you like.

cozy desk for all purpose useSo in conclusion, a well adjustable lapdesk can make your laptop experience more comfortable and less damaging to health by ruling out the chances of backaches and neck strain. As per UCLA Ergonomics, the optimal posture for using a laptop is when you have the top of the monitor screen to be a few inches above your eye level when you are seated. However, having the keyboard and the display screen connected in a laptop model makes it nearly impossible to use the laptop at a desk in a proper ergonomic position because the monitor will be too low. An adjustable laptop stand here is helpful as even when you are using a laptop stand for bed your eye level would still be below the top screen level of the laptop.

Here Are The Best Adjustable Laptop Stand You Can Buy

best adjustable laptop stand you can buyWhen it comes to choosing the perfect adjustable laptop stand for bed and laptop stand for table, get the one that offers you maximum flexibility. Suffering from a neck injury since 18, my physician advised me to keep a straight posture even when I’m sitting so time and again I have tried and tested many adjustable laptop stands, only to find them failing miserably. Many adjustable lapdesk comes in the market, that are either made of wood or some hard metal. It amazes me how most just betrayed the purpose of being adjustable. I found most of this adjustable laptop stands to be just tight miniature tables which you cannot either fold or adjust.  On the contrary, a modern cozy desk is a good adjustable laptop table that has fully adjustable legs that rotate 360 degrees and locks in place at various angles. Moreover, the height can also be adjusted as per your need. This is a huge advantage as now the adjustable laptop stand can both be used while sitting, standing or lying in bed. The ultimate work flexibility indeed!

adjustable laptop stand with adjustable legs vs non adjustable legsI believe there is no point in using an adjustable laptop table if it weighs a ton like this one and can’t be moved around. Portability is important and makes sure to buy a proper cozy desk that is lightweight (only 1.2 kg) and foldable. A foldable laptop stand will be easy to use and can be stored without you worrying about it taking up space. You can carry it anywhere you like without getting your arms to ache from all the weight.

adjustable lapdesk for easy use with complete foldabilityYou should also take note of the quality of an adjustable lap desk. I have come across many cozy desks that are sturdy and durable however, at the cost of its mobility. Unlike most of these products in the market, the smart cozy desk offers the ultimate strength, without compromising the portability.  Made with an alloy of Aluminum and Magnesium it is capable enough to carry as much as 24 kilos. Our smart adjustable lapdesk is tougher and lighter.

adjustable laptop table

When you are spending your hard earned money for a product, it is justified that you get the complete experience from it. An adjustable laptop table that comes is one piece without a mouse panel is a bummer since you won’t be able to work freely without having to worry about where to keep the mouse. Only the best adjustable laptop stands in the market come with advanced features like having not only an extra panel for the mouse on its side but also a drink holder. It is convenient and you don’t have to get up every 5 minutes to get a glass of water.

use of cozy desk for multiple uses

You can use the laptop stand for bed or for table and its perfect mobility lets you carry it wherever you go, whenever you go. Having a lighter weight than most other adjustable laptop tables in the market makes this one is an easy-to-go table that you can carry with you even to parks if you are a workaholic.

adjustable laptop standLaptop heating is the greatest nuisance that can damage the laptop hard drive if left uncheck. Our smart cozy desk even has vented holes that keep the laptop from heating thus keeping your work session uninterrupted and your laptop unaffected. You can thus use our laptop stand for the bed to save bless your laptop with a long life.

adjustable lapdeskLast but not the least; our adjustable laptop stand offers convenience as it can be used for multiple purposes. For instances, you can use our adjustable lapdesk as a tablet holder, as a standing desk, a dinner table, a writing desk or for any other purpose that suits you. We believe in a 360-degree convenience policy that is why our experts have designed this all-in-one purpose cozy desk to serve your many purposes in one go.

adjustable laptop table

Our Verdict:

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The best adjustable laptop stand is the one that cares for your health while increasing your productivity at the same time. Now you can get to work more without waking up with weeks of severe back pain or neck pain.  In this article, I tried to explain the character of a good adjustable laptop table so that you can choose the best adjustable lap desk for yourself, the one that cares about your laptop, as well as you.


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