How to Fix “Can’t Connect to Cellular Data” on iPhone

For most of the iPhone users it is a real time problem to face the notification of “Can’t Connect to Cellular Data or Mobile Data network” while connecting with some of the apps in their iPhone. After iOS 9 updation it is found that many time that you can see “No Service” or “Searching network” on your mobile screen. It may cause due to different issues.

Sometimes the issue can be in the network service itself but when it is found that the network bar tower is full and still you can’t connect to the apps that need cellular data or mobile data then it becomes such an annoying issue for anyone. In those cases the symptom is – You can able to call and use the messaging system of your device but whenever you try to connect to apps like “Mail”, “Saffari” or any other apps the pop up of “Can’t connect to cellular data or mobile data network” on iPhone will appear.

How to Fix the “Can’t Connect to Cellular Data” Problem on iPhone

As the problem can be occurred due to various reason thats why there are different ways to resolve this ” Can’t Connect to Cellular Data or Mobile Data Network” problem. Here is the steps below

1.Restart the iPhone The first and easiest step that one can do is to restart the iphone. To restart the phone hold the power button for a while and a slider of “Slide to Power Off” will appear on screen. Slide it and turn it off. Then again push the power button for a while and turn on the iPhone properly until the apple logo come to screen.


iphone network issue


2.Check the Network Coverage Area If after the restart one will face the same problem then it is important to check that if you are within the network coverage area. how to check that-

  • If you are within the area of your local cellular network connection then 1st turn on the mobile data. To do so go to the settings and tap on “mobile data”.
  • And if you are within international roaming then go to the Settings > Mobile Data > Mobile data Option > Turn on the Data roaming option.


iphone mobile data issueiphone network issue


3. Carrier Settings Update It is important to go for the Carrier Settings Update process for your iPhone or iPad because it directly put positive effect on the cellular network and improves the connectivity performance. If you are sure that your device is connected to the mobile data then check if there is any Carrier Settings Update offer available. Just go to the Settings> Tap on the General> About. If there is any Carrier Update notification it will show on that part and beside the Carrier option you can see which version of carrier settings you are using.

For new sim or new phone one need to download the carrier settings.


Can't Connect to Cellular Data or Mobile Data Network


4. Network Settings Need to Reset If after following the above steps still the popup of “Can’t connect to cellular data or mobile data network” then one need to reset the network settings. Here is the instruction to reset the Network Settings.

  • Go to the Settings of your iPhone or iPad.
  • Tap on the General option.
  • Tap on the Reset and then Reset Network Settings.


iphone network issuereset network on issue


5. Reinsert The SIM Card To check that your sim card is alright or not you need to take out the SIM. If after removing the SIM you see that your SIM is damaged by something you need to contact the network carrier.


6. Restore Factory Settings If nothing works then you need to restore Factory settings. It will make you iPhone new. You can go for Factory restore by yourself following apple support instruction or you can connect with our iPhone experts and get assistance immediately.

Hope the article will help you to fix your problem of mobile data or cellular data network connections.

Watch this video tutorial by techyuga experts. 


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