How To Change Default Browsing App On Your iPhone or iPad [iOS 14/iPad OS 14]: Best Guide

Are you looking to Change Default Browsing App on your iPhone or iPad with iOS 14?

Looking for a change of your browsing app?

You cannot get a better page than this as the article is written to help you out with changing the browsing app that is set as default on your iPhone or change default browser on iPad and you have got bored looking at the same browser on a daily basis. If you are worrying on how to change it then you will be astonished to find that it only takes a few simple steps to change default browser app iphone or change default browsing app of your iPad.

No more browsing on your default browser app when you can easily make a third-party browsing app as your default browser and also you can change it anytime you want by following the same steps over and over again. Moreover these steps are very easy to implement and requires no special expertise to perform the task to change default browsing app which can also termed to as a child’s play.

Steps To Change Default Browsing App

The steps to change default browsing app is not at all an hectic task to carry out but very simple and easy, when considering that you are provided with a huge amount of settings on your iPhone and iPad that can easily help you to customize not only your phone but also all the apps that you use. With the introduction of the latest version of iOS, i.e. iOS 14.1, the customization task is becoming much more easier and friendlier than ever and the steps that involve to change default browsing app can easily be carried out by any newbie without the need of any technical expert.

You can set default app iPhone or set default app ios 14.1 very easily, Follow the step given below.

  • Firstly you need to launch the Settings App on your iPhone or iPad.
  • Scroll down to look for the Browser App that you want to set as your default browser or else you can also search for the browser app via the search bar provided just below the settings header.
  • Clicking on this app will take you all the browser-related settings, where you will find the option Default Browser App, tap on it to proceed.
  • As soon as you enter the Default Browser App you will find all the browser that are installed on your phone, here you can just select the third-party browser that you want as your default browser.
  • Click on the browser that you want as your default browser, clicking on it will bring a Tick emoji
  • just beside it while removing the Tick Emoji from your previous browser, thus making your newly selected third-party browser app the new Default Browser.

This is it, now your default browser has changed and you can easily check it by clicking on a link as you will be amazed to see that every time you click on a link it will always open through the newly assigned default browser. But remember that if you don’t see any option to change your default browsing app it probably means that your developer does not support it.

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All the steps shared with you above are very easy and simple that will help you significantly to change default browsing app without the need of any expert technician. These steps are a child’s play for anybody who wants a change in his browsing app and are highly easy to implement as it requires no expertise. Go to settings>Find the Browser> Then go to default browser app> just click on the browser, these are the steps that you can follow to change default browsing app or set default browsing app, and as you can see there is nothing complex about these steps makes them very comfortable to implement.

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