How To Check AppleCare Status Of Your Apple Devices? Best Guide

Want to check AppleCare status of your iPhone, or Mac, or other Apple devices?

Want to know if your Apple device is covered by AppleCare+ contract or want to check the warranty of your Apple Device?

You have landed on the right space as here you will get to know some simple methods and steps by which you can easily check applecare repair status of your iPhone and other Apple devices. An Apple device always comes with a 1-year hardware warranty but with the introduction of AppleCare, you can easily increase the warranty of your device by opting for a 2 to 3years AppleCare+ contract which is considered as a one-time investment.

The cost of servicing and repairing an Apple device is quite costly but having an AppleCare+ contract can bring all the hefty repairing and servicing costs down to zero. A person who has experience of getting his Apple device repaired outside the AppleCare warranty always regrets about the hefty price he had to pay, while a person having serviced his device inside the AppleCare+ warranty came out as a clear winner as he got it done without spending a single penny.

Check AppleCare Status

The AppleCare feature is free for 90 days for anyone who purchases an Apple device, i.e. 90 days from the date of purchase, and checking the applecare status repair is very simple as it can be done through an AppleCare app or through the official website of AppleCare. This feature was introduced after the iOS 12.2 software update that enabled you to check AppleCare status for iPhone, Apple Tabs, Apple watches, MacBooks and all other Apple devices in one place itself.

It has come as a great boon in disguise for apple users as the warranty period of an Apple device can now be increased is just a few tabs and for sure will help you get your devices serviced and repaired without letting you pay a hefty price for all those costly parts that an Apple device is made of.

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How to Check AppleCare Status Through The Website?

The first and foremost method to check AppleCare status for various Apple devices can be carried out by the official AppleCare website where you will just need to provide the serial number of your device you possess. The serial number of your device can be found in the following steps -:

Through Apple ID

  • Login to your Apple ID Profile page using a web browser.
  • Scroll down to devices, to see all the devices connected with your Apple ID Profile.
  • Click on the Device you need the serial number for.

Through Your iPhone or iPad

  • Open the Settings App on your iPhone or iPad.
  • Scroll down and tap on General.
  • Now tap About on the General settings page.
  • Then locate the Serial Number on the page that appears.

Check AppleCare Status via Official Website

  • Open the browser and go to the Official Website of AppleCare.
  • Now enter the Serial Number of your device in the space provided.
  • After entering the number, fill in the box below the space of serial number with the security code provided to verify whether you are a human or a robot.
  • Now click on Continue button and wait for the next page to reload.
  • The page that opens will contain all the information of your AppleCare warranty status while also giving you ample info about your AppleCare+ plans, if any.

Check AppleCare Status Using The AppleCare App

  • Install the Apple Support application on your device which can be easily found on the App Store
  • Now sign in with your Apple ID.
  • Then tap on the Account Icon on the top of the screen.
  • Now click on Check Coverage from the drop down menu.
  • The page that opens will contain all the devices connected to your Apple ID along with the AppleCare status of your devices.
  • You can easily gather more information about an individual device by just clicking on The Device you prefer.

How to Check AppleCare Status On iPhone Or iPad

Checking the AppleCare Status on iPhone and iPad has become relatively easy after the introduction of iOS 12.2 due to the fact that now the AppleCare is itself added to the Settings Menu of your iPhone and iPads. You can follow these steps to check AppleCare status/applecare status check -:

  • Open the Settings App.
  • Go to General and tap on it.
  • Then go to About Section, there you can find all the information regarding your warranty and AppleCare+ plans.

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Apple has been providing high end devices for you to use for quite some time now and everybody knows how costly their repairing can be as these devices are made from the best parts to provide you with the best performance, efficient work rate and durability. The introduction of the AppleCare has gradually brought down the cost of repairing and servicing of Apple devices to zero that too after passing the original warranty period of one year.

There are various AppleCare+ plans that can be opted to increase the warranty status of your Apple devices from one year by 2-3 years which can be easily availed by the AppleCare app, or through website within the 90 days of your purchased date. The above pieces of information will surely help you to check AppleCare status of your Apple devices with ease and comfort.

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