How To Check iPhone IMEI Blacklist Status For Free

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It is not uncommon to buy a factory unlocked iPhone. Rather we often see people purchase second-hand iPhones. Don’t Know How To Check iPhone IMEI Blacklist Status For Free. Now, while this may not cause much trouble, nonetheless people might want to check their iPhone’s IMEI Blacklist status to find out whether their phone’s IMEI or ESN is blacklisted or not.  In this article, we will be looking at four major things What makes your iPhone to get blacklisted? What issues you will face if your iPhone is blacklisted? How to do your iPhone’s IMEI Blacklist Check for free? and Lastly, How will you Remove the Blacklist from your iPhone?  So Let’s Begin with IMEI blacklist check free.

What Is A Blacklisted iPhone?

A Blacklisted iPhone is usually the one whose IMEI number is blacklisted in the global database and the ESN number is showing the BAD ESN issue. This happens if the device is reported stolen or lost, that is, if the phone you bought got lost from the original owner or is stolen from the owner then the device gets blacklisted, and buying such phones requires you to check the IMEI blacklist status of those iPhones. An iPhone can also get blacklisted if the device’s owner has not paid for his/her device.

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So what do we mean by iPhone getting ‘Blacklisted’?

Well, a Blacklist or the GSM blacklist is actually the shared database that has a list of all the iPhones that have been reported stolen or lost. The phones are listed by their IMEI number or the unique number that gives the phone its identity. Each country has its own blacklist and these are shared on an international database administered by the GSMA. No, the blacklisting is not done by Apple rather by the wireless carriers that build their database through the iPhone’s IMEI number and so Apple cannot do anything if your device is blacklisted.  If your iPhone is listed on the blacklist, wireless carriers will not allow the device to connect to the cellular network even if using a valid SIM card. Luckily, these days doing an iPhone’s blacklist status check or iPhone IMEI check is made easy and most importantly free by an ample number of online services and tools that are available in the market. We are going to list some below.

[su_note note_color=”#c0e5ef”]Groupe Speciale Mobile (GSM) was formed in 1982 by the Confederation of European Posts and Telecommunications (CEPT) to design a pan-European mobile technology.[/su_note]

Why “Blacklisting” Started?

A steep increase in the theft of mobile phones prompted the network and cellphone corporation to come up with a way to render the phone useless in face of resale value. This method targeted criminals by making resale nearly impossible. Unlike a SIM card which is replaceable an IMEI number is unique to the device thus enabling the wireless carriers to track lost and stolen phones and lock them out from cellular networks. This came into force in 2013.

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What Is IMEI In iPhone IMEI Blacklisting Check?

An iPhone’s IMEI number is a 14 to 16 digits long number that is unique to each iPhone and gives the device its identity. IMEI stands for “International Mobile Equipment Identity”. Unlike the SIM card, this number can’t be changed so if you are trying to use a second-hand iPhone make sure your IMEI is not blacklisted. With various free tools and services available online you check your iPhone’s blacklist status and take actions accordingly about free IMEI blacklist check.

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What is ESN

The Full form of ESN is “Electronic Serial Number” which is also a unique number like the IMEI number works as a way of identification of a CDMA device.

What Causes A Bad ESN

  • If you hear this term most probably you are trying to activate the device with a carrier, but that’s not possible due to some reasons.
  • It can mean that the previous owner of the device switched carriers.
  • The previous owner had an outstanding amount on their bill and canceled the account without paying the bill first.
  • The previous owner didn’t have a bill when they canceled the account but they were still under a contract and if you cancel sooner than the due date for the contract, an “early termination fee” is created based on the remaining period of the contract and they hadn’t paid that amount.
  • The person that sold you the phone or someone else who was the actual owner of the device reported the device as lost or stolen.
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  • On the original box of the iPhone, usually around the barcode.
  • In Settings, if you go to General > About, you can find the IMEI or ESN.
  • On some iPhones, it’s in the SIM card tray when you pull it out.
  • Some iPhones have it engraved on the back of the case.
  • If you dial *#06# on your dial pad you will get the IMEI or ESN.

What Does ‘Blacklisting’ Mean For You

  • Will prevent your iPhone from being Activated on any Wireless carrier until it is delisted from the blacklist.
  • Blacklisted iPhone cannot bypass the list even if sold outside the Country
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How To Check iPhone IMEI Blacklist For Free

Here are the top 10 best free online IMEI checker tools and services that will check your IMEI Blacklist Status and tell you if your iPhone is clean or is it blacklisted:

DoctorUnlock is the best online iPhone IMEI Blacklist checker service that offers you to check your iPhone’s blacklist status free of cost with just a click. Besides Blacklist checking DoctorUnlock also unlocks your iCloud permanently without jailbreak.

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Here is how you can check IMEI’s Blacklist Status:

Dial *#06# on your phone dialer, a 15 digits number will appear on your screen

IMEI Changer

IMEI Changer is a free web-based tool to check if your iPhone is blacklisted or not. It can also help you to change your blacklisted IMEI number.

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IMEI-Number  is another free online iPhone IMEI Blacklist Checker whereby simply entering your IMEI number will you get all the details about your iPhone including the information about your iPhone’s blacklist status

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Check ESN Free

Check ESN is a tool that offers you the chance to check your IMEI number for free. It is easy to use and the solution is clear cut.

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IMEI Data is another online or web-based tool that offers you the platform where you can come and check your iPhone’s IMEI blacklist status with a single mouse click.imeidata | Iphone repair in india by techyuga


IMEI24  is the best if you want to check the status of your IMEI number from Great Britain, USA, Canada, Australia, Ireland, Brazil, Venezuela, Chile, and other countries.

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iOSBasics is a free website that helps to check the IMEI blacklist status of your iPhone just in few clicks.

iosbasics | Get iphone repair for free is not only a website with a beautiful interface but is also a free online-based tool for your iPhone’s IMEI Blacklist Status check.

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What To Do If Your iPhone’s IMEI Is Blacklisted

A blacklisted iPhone can be a headache since it would practically be of no use if you have your iPhone’s IMEI and ESN blacklisted. But it is also true that buying an iPhone also makes it difficult to easily throw the device away. To solve this problem you can start first by visiting the seller and ask for a refund or you can follow the steps below.

Use The iPhone As A Gaming Console Or iPod

Your iPhone has a lot of other functionalities besides making calls and text. So if you can’t use your iPhone as a phone then also you will have a bunch of other things that you would be able to do with it. You can install a bunch of different video games in it, you can use it to surf the internet, watch videos over YouTube, download music and videos to it. You could even use it as an iPod. An IMEI Blacklisted phone can still be used for Skyping.

Clean The IMEI or ESN 

Request your carrier to remove your Phone’s IMEI from the Blacklist. This, however, will depend on the carrier, whether they will do it or not.

Flash Your iPhone To Another Carrier

This is an ideal option for those who don’t mind changing carriers. You can flash the phone to another carrier, as long as they accept it, and pretty soon you’ll have a functional phone! However, in some cases, you might land with a 3G connection instead of a 4G.

Determine Hybrid GSM/CDMA Phones

The IMEI can still be used on a GSM network even if your phone cannot activate on a CDMA carrier like Verizon or Sprint. Most phones manufactured these days come with a GSM standard nano or micro sim card slot and have GSM radio enabling for a GSM network. Most of them also come factory unlocked as well.

These are thus the list of top 8 Online based Free IMEI Checker Tools that will you to know if your iPhone is blacklisted. Also provided some solutions as to what to do with your blacklisted iPhone. Hope this article is helpful. In case you are facing any issue with your iPhone, you can contact us and get your device repaired.

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