How To Check Own Mobile Number On Any Network

When you get a new sim card for yourself it takes time to remember it and for some people (like me) I can not remember my phone number no matter how much I try. So, I started searching on the internet about how to check own mobile number on any network because hey I need that number from time to time to share with people and when you do not know your own number… Errr…. people judge you. So today I am going to tell you All SIM Mobile Number Check on any network.

Now I will tell you how to check own mobile number on any network without a hassle, If you don’t have the balance to make a call, how can you check your phone number? Here is the tutorial on How to check Mobile Number from SIM through which you can check your mobile number of any telecom operator with zero balance like Airtel, Idea, Vodafone, BSNL, Reliance Jio using USSD codes free of charge.

Jio Mobile Number Check USSD Code Calling number 1299
Airtel Mobile Number Check USSD Code1211# | 1219#
Idea Mobile number Check USSD Code1311# | 121462#
Vodafone Mobile Number Check USSD Code*199#
BSNL Mobile number Check USSD Code*222# | *888# | *1# | *785# | *555#

1. How to Check Jio SIM Mobile Number

Simply download the “My Jio app” from the google play store and register with your mail id/number. Whenever you forget and want to know or Check own phone Number then you can just open the My Jio app and you will find your number displayed at the top of the app.


For reliance sim user you can use the following codes remember it is for JIO User also

Use My Jio App or Call on 1299

2. How to Check Airtel SIM Mobile Number?

Airtel SIM own mobile number check USSD code is 1211# or 1219# if you don’t have balance. You can also get your number by sending a missed call in case of sufficient balance.

1211# or 1219#

3. How to Check Vodafone SIM Mobile Number?

Vodafone users look at here please you wanna know your Vodafone SIM Own Mobile Number Check USSD Code then cell number dial the codes–


4. How to Check BSNL SIM Mobile Number

If there are any BSNL users out there left or want to know how to check BSNL prepaid number then please use the BSNL SIM Own Mobile Number Check USSD Code –

*222# | *888# | *1# | *785# | *555#

5. How to Check Idea SIM Mobile Number

To know your Aditya Birla or IDEA SIM Own Mobile Number Check USSD Code punch in the following codes on your cell phone –

1311# | 121462#

This is the easiest way you can find and check my own number and most of the USSD codes are tested and working and if there is an issue feel free to comment down below. So, here I am putting all my effort to help you to check own mobile number on any network. So, if you are searching for any of the SIM card mobile numbers then must check here.

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