Google Chrome Automatically Download Articles For Offline Reading

Google Chrome Now Automatically Download Article For Offline Reading. 

Google Chrome automatically download article for you.If you don’t have seamless internet connectivity, Google Chrome will ensure you still get your daily dose of news. here has been a big push to improve internet access and make it easier to view online content in NBU markets (Next Billion Users) in recent years. Google’s latest Chrome feature also has this in mind, as Google Chrome automatically download article news articles automatically while connected to WiFi so the user can view them later when only a less reliable data connection or none at all is available

Availability :

Google announced the feature on the Google India blog Thursday. It says that the feature is available in India, Brazil, Nigeria and over 100 other countries. If the feature is available in your region, you can get it by updating to the latest version of Google Chrome for Android. No word yet on when it’ll come to other countries like the US or UK.

Creepy Thing About it:

The most creepy thing we still unaware of this feature how long it will download  data in background though we know chrome data save compress the data consummation and store the data in compress way bu still no comment from google yet how long it will download.

Another creepy thing is now your browsing pattern is heavily monitored by google  the news your looking how long do you stay or hover on article now google ML will heavily tracking you create raw fresh data of your behavior .

And that’s biggest Oh ! no thing because recent.y Facebook data sharing Cambridge analytic case still fresh . In my Opinion if google monitoring your news activity then data generated from billion user around globe can be mas influence because it will control the news and thing that you want see political party can use this data for there own benefit to do there campaign.

But Still We have blind faith google trusting our data with them.

How to turn On this feature

How to turn Google Chrome automatically download article option in your android phone.

Step 1. Open google Chrome

Step 2. In address bar type Chrome://flag

Step 3. Now in flag section there is another search bar  type offline page there and activate the option see the picture above

Final Word 

It’s one of most best novel move by google because in developing world internet connectivity is not stable for this consideration google chrome automatically article download feature is best move by google.

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