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Computer Repair In Kolkata. A Guide by Techyuga

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computer repair in kolkata

Honestly, computer repair is not a plain sailing to do for normal people, If you are having issues that are not recognizable to you then you must look for a computer repair services around you. But there are other few issues you may give a try to fix, if you can keep yourself calm enough to follow our guide. Techyuga is the best Computer repair service in Kolkata and definitely, the best place for computer repair,For our readers we have this blog about all the things you should know about computer repair :

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Computer Repair In Kolkata

Remove Viruses and Malware

computer virus
There is nothing frightening if your computer is virus affected as because if your computer is infected and isn’t working properly, you don’t have to pay someone else to fix it. If you wanna check if your computer is malware affected or not, then read these blog HERE

To find an antivirus product that actually offers good protection, consult an antivirus test website and see how your antivirus of choice stacks up. There are a lot of antiviruses out there, we have few recommendations for you.

Kaspersky and Bitdefender consistently rank in the top of both the AV-Test and AV-Comparatives rankings, and we’ve used both products with good results. They aren’t free, but most of the free antivirus out there is bundling extra nonsense or trying to redirect your search engine to their “secure” solution that isn’t really secure and just shows you more ads or spies on your shopping habits.

For a really deep infection, a good repair place may dig through your autostart entries and registry by hand and manually remove malware that isn’t being caught by tools. However, this can be time-consuming – and if the computer is already so infected, there’s no guarantee all the malware will be removed. In cases like this, they’ll often just reinstall Windows. It is the easiest thing to do among all things in computer repair.

Reinstall the Operating System

Reinstalling OS
Computers become laggy with time and there is a simple solution for it. When dealing with a computer that’s become bogged down by startup programs and toolbars, a simple Windows reinstall is often the fastest, easiest solution.

This can also help if you’re experiencing other problems with your computer, such as file corruption or weird errors. While it’s often possible to troubleshoot these things by replacing corrupted files and bad drivers, it’s usually faster to just reset Windows back to its factory state. For further guide please read the how-to unistall windows 10 blog HERE

Most new computers come with factory restore partitions, which you can access by pressing the correct key during the boot process (check your computer’s manual). You may also have CDs or DVDs you can restore your computer from. If you installed Windows yourself, you can use the Windows installation disc. On Windows 8, use the Refresh or Reset feature to easily reinstall Windows. Be sure to backup your important files before doing this. If you are unable to do this look for any computer repair services around you.

Remove Included Bloatware

removing bloatware
If you have purchased a computer recently or you have done resetting your Pc will get to see a lot of useless software stuffed in it. Computer manufacturers are paid to include these programs, which slow your computer down (particularly during the startup process) and clutter your system tray.

Use a program like PC Decrapifier. It will automatically scan your computer for bloatware and automatically uninstall it.
Open the Uninstall a program control panel and manually uninstall each piece of bloatware, one-by-one. If you do this on a new computer, be sure not to uninstall any hardware drivers. Everything else should be fair game.
Reinstall Windows. Many geeks like performing a fresh install of Windows on their new computers to start from a clean state. You’ll often have to download and install hardware drivers from your computer manufacturer’s website after the reinstall. though it’s easy but you can consider a technician for handling this issue in your computer repair

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Boot Into Safe Mode

Safe Mode isn’t completely outside of Windows, so it may not help you if a malware has deeply infected your system files. In Safe Mode, Windows won’t load third-party startup programs or hardware drivers. If malware is running when you boot into Windows normally, it shouldn’t automatically run when you boot into Safe Mode.

From this minimal environment, you can install an antivirus program, scan for malware, and remove it. If you already have an antivirus program installed and it’s failing to remove malware — or the malware is returning after it’s removed — you may have to boot into Safe Mode to remove the malware properly.

To enter Safe Mode on Windows 7 or earlier, restart your computer and repeatedly tap F8 at the start of the boot-up process. Select Safe Mode or Safe Mode with Networking in the menu that appears. Normal Safe Mode offers no Internet access so you’ll have to install an antivirus from a USB drive or other removable media, while Safe Mode with Networking offers Internet access so you can download and update an antivirus from within Safe Mode. Log into your computer, download and install the antivirus software, and run it.

On Windows 8 or later, press Windows Key + I to open the Settings charm pane. Press and hold the Shift key as you click the Restart option under the power button. Your computer will restart into a special boot options menu. Click Troubleshoot > Advanced Options > Startup Settings > Restart. On the Startup Settings screen, press F4 or 4 to enter Safe Mode or press F5 or 5 to enter Safe Mode with Networking.

Speed up Your Computer :

Computers are meant to slow down with time and usage, it is the most common problem all the computer user population face. But next time when you feel your PC is sluggish you can try few things before rushing to computer repair services, First thing is to Uninstall unnecessary programs,clean junks and temporary files ,remove visual effects & animations. These are some very simple steps which anyone can try.

slow computer

For further assistance please go through this blog : 14 tips to get rid of your slow PC forever. 

 Remove Pop-up Scams

If you are seeing strange tech support popups and asking you to call a phone number to fix your computer. Beware, it means your computer is infected by some potentially unwanted program. Tech Support popups are caused by an ad-supported extension for Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Chrome, which is distributed through various moneytization platforms during installation. The malicious browser extensions are typically added when you install another free software (video recording/streaming, download-managers or PDF creators) that had bundled into their installation this adware program.There are programs that will hijack your browsers, display scam tech support pop ups and fake BSOD screens, those that trick you into handing over money for the fix of your supposedly detected computer errors or malware infections. Read More about this pop-up scams and exactly how they work by visiting this blog HERE.

tech support scams

These malware pop-ups are extremely dangerous for your computer and should be removed immediately. Here is another blog to help you about removing pop-up scam, Read this : HOW TO REMOVE TECH SUPPORT SCAM POPUP FROM YOUR COMPUTER

Use an Antivirus Boot Disc

Antivirus companies often create boot discs you can use to scan and repair your computer. These tools can be burned to a CD or DVD or installed onto a USB drive. You can then restart your computer and boot from the removable media. A special antivirus environment will load where your computer can be scanned and repaired.

This is all happening outside of Windows — some of these discs are even based on Linux — so the malware won’t be running while this happens. This allows the antivirus to detect rootkits and other normally hidden types of malware, as well as remove malware that would normally try to defend itself.

There are few more blogs to help you stay protected from virus attacks, check them out :


Scan With a Linux Live CD

You can also scan your Windows PC from a Linux live CD or USB drive. For example, if you have a Ubuntu Linux installer disc or USB drive lying around, you can restart your computer with the bootable media inserted and boot into Ubuntu. Click the Try Ubuntu link and you’ll get a full Linux desktop environment you can use.

From here, you can install antivirus software like the open-source ClamAV and its graphical interface ClamTk, or install the Linux version of a commercial antivirus like AVG for Linux or BitDefender for Unices. You can then scan your Windows drive for malware and clean it up from inside Linux. This option is a bit less convenient and will require some knowledge of Linux or Googling if you’re not familiar with using Linux as a troubleshooting toolkit, so most people will prefer a dedicated antivirus boot disc instead.

Remove the Hard Drive and Connect it to Another PC

If you’re dealing with a desktop PC or another computer that allows you to easily remove the hard drive, you don’t have to leave it inside your computer. Open the computer, remove the drive, and connect it to another PC. You’ll then have access to all the files on the hard drive — assuming it wasn’t encrypted, of course.

Whatever the operating system on your other computer — Windows, Linux, or even Mac OS X — you can install antivirus software and use it to scan the secondary drive for malware. This malware can be found and removed from the other operating system, so the malware won’t be running and can’t fight back as you remove it. for further help pleae visit this blog : HOW TO SAFELY REMOVE HARDWARE IN WINDOWS.

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What You Need To Need To Ask 

In case you have decided to repair from a shop or from a technician here is also a guide you should keep in mind while choosing the right place to go..

computer repair technician

Qualifications and Credentials

Obviously, you are not going to expect a very talented engineer to come for your computer repair but what you should look for is a technician with certification in handling software or hardware issues, that will even work. If he is working for any computer repair service then you might go to explore his reputation by asking the shop owner.

In Techyuga, all our technical experts are affiliated with various software and hardware training programs. If you want to know what people are telling about us, please visit HERE.
Experience and References

The next question is how much experience the technician has and how good are they at what they do? The question could be framed along the lines of how long they’ve been repairing computers for a living, and also if they can provide customer references. Most technicians have references already set aside — customers that they get along with well and are more than happy to give them glowing recommendations. this is very important for you in choosing the right person to call for your computer repair.

Techyuga engineers are experienced in dealing with various computer issues, Not only in India but we provide technical support throughout the globe by remote sensing.Read our international customer testimonials HERE.

Technician’s Specialty

For example, a technician may have worked with Dell computers for so many years that simply from the description of the computer problem, he or she can immediately tell you that the most likely cause is a burst capacitor on the motherboard. Different PC manufacturers have quality issues through the years, and technicians with a lot of experience simply learn about those issues from having to fix so many common problems. You just have to ask if they specialize in certain computer brands. Ask if they have partnerships or good working relationships with certain vendors. Just say you’re shopping around for a computer support person you can return to regularly for computer repairs.

Techyuga’s technical team works with different brands and gadgets including computers, laptops, smartphones and we have also got an apple support team. Please read our full-service list HERE.

Ask for Rates and Demand Maximum Cost Limits

Now that you know the technician has appropriate credentials or training and experience with your make and model of computer, the next step is to talk money. This is a tough topic in the PC support field, because in all fairness to technicians, people really try to take advantage of them. Family members beg for free computer support. People pay a fixed fee for a repair, and then expect a lifetime of free tech support afterward. So yes, PC techs can be offended if lowballed. On the flip side, there are some unscrupulous PC repair folks that take advantage of the fact that many people know zero about computers. They’ll charge an hourly rate, and then claim that a 15-minute job, like a System Recovery, actually took much longer than it did. Not knowing any better, people pay it. be smart and pay what you really worth paying for computer repair.

Techyuga offers the best technical assistance by authorized and certified technicians in kolkata, Read our estimated repair cost list HERE

How Data Protection is Handled

These days, backing up important data is one of the first things any technician worth their salt should do before attempting repairs. This process is a way for the technician to get your computer back to the state it was in when you last used it. This is just a safe thing to do, and it’s a smart thing to do. The process usually includes:

1. Backing up critical documents, like financial records or priceless family photos, onto a USB stick or external hard drive.

2. Creating a restore point using the tools available in the operating systems.

3. Copying profile folders, including documents, internet history and bookmarks and other personal settings onto the USB stick or hard drive.

In Techyuga we really care for our customer’s privacy, we maintain utmost sincerity while dealing with customer’s data.

Need help about your computer repair in kolkata ? get help from Kolkata’s Best  Repair Center.

Follow-up Support and Guarantees

The final issue is important in that you need to know how much confident the technician has in his or her own work. It is reasonable to expect that a technician will be available for phone calls, or even follow-up visits, if there are lingering problems that crop up after the repair. Otherwise, the problem wasn’t really repaired, it only went away temporarily.

So, ask the tech if they guarantee repairs for a certain number of days. Ask what kind of follow-up support you can expect if the problem comes back within that time frame — is it okay to call, or do you have to bring the computer back into the shop again? Is the tech willing to do in-home follow-up service instead? These are the kind of questions you need to ask before you have problems following a repair, not after. Once you get a satisfactory answer, ask that all agreements you discussed should be put down in writing prior to the start of repairs.

Remember, you paid a fair amount for your computer, and you deserve to know what to expect when you entrust your hardware into another person’s hands. Even more importantly, you need to have assurances that the repair won’t end up costing more than it would cost to simply go out and buy a new computer.

Techyuga gives free checkup calls and three month’s free software support once any repair or service is done, That is really rare you will get in any computer repair service. If you want to know how we work read more about us HERE.

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