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Computers, like humans, have millions of viruses and bugs — and just like us some don’t have any cures! Isn’t that a cool analogy? And the facts associated with Computer threats, as the following infographics are going to show you, are even cooler!


computer threats


Infographic Details: 

In a single year

1.656.227 computer viruses, worms, and trojans were found active. In 2002, there were only 20.000 threats

2.6 million total malicious code threats have been detected

Data breach

23% of all malicious activity was US based

The average cost of a data breach was $6.7 million

27% of data breaches occurred in the education sector


76% of all phishing scams target the financial industry

24% target: ISP, retail, Internet government, online gaming

Fine print

 Credit card info accounts for 32% of all stolen information that was sold. (All your accounts hacked)

 Each card number sells for $0.06 to $30. Each account sells for $10-$1000. Bank account credentials represent another of 19% of sold information

Symantec is the largest developer of computer security software

Spam levels in 2009 +192%

They process 8 billion phishing and spams emails per day

They track over 32.000 vulnerabilities

Spanning 72.000 technologies

And 11.000 vendors

Symantec observes about 75.000 bot-infected machines per day (warning, warning, warning, virus, virus, virus)

13% of them are in China, making it the most infected country

4% are in Buenos Aires, the most infected city

Which browser is looking out for you? (Apple vs. Mozilla)

Apple safari takes 9 days on Avg. between identification of vulnerability and providing a patch to secure it

Mozilla firefox takes less than one day.

Is your Computer secured?

After all, let’s face it:   your life is pretty much saved on your computer, so why take the risk of losing all your data and creating unnecessary worry for yourself. Let our experts ensure your computer is safe and that it remains that way.

Sit back and relax while our certified technicians clean up your computer and rid it of all malicious software on your PC. Keeping your computer safe from viruses is essential to protecting your information. 

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