How To Connect Laptop To Projector

How To Connect Laptop To Projector?

Connecting a laptop with a projector is extremely easy as it seems and you can successfully connect both the device within a few minutes. There are many ways to connect a laptop with the projector, and here we will discuss all the primary mode of connection.

Mode 1: Connecting A Windows Laptop With Video Cable

  • At first, you need to put the projector in front of the screen and connect it with the power cord. However, after connecting it, you shouldn’t switch it on.
  • Then put the laptop near the projector and try to put them on a stable place so that the connecting cable doesn’t get interrupted by human movement.
  • Now you will have to find which video cable is suitable for connecting your laptop with the projector. The cable type depends upon the availability of ports in both the devices. If you have a modern laptop and a projector, then you can easily hook both of them with HDMI cable which is basically a 0.6-1inch flat cable with gold or silver connecting head. For 3D support, you should use HDMI 1.4 with HDCP 2.2 as they will be able to play 3D videos with full compatibility.
  • However, if you have a laptop that is slightly old, then you can use VGA cable to connect both the device. It is a standard cable with 15holes within them. For a matter of fact, you can even utilize DVI cable ( 24 large holes and four small holes) to connect the notebook but there many projectors that don’t support DVI cable.
  • After you find the appropriate cable for hooking, now you need to put one end of the cable to a designated port in the laptop. And plug other ends of the specific cable to your projector’s port.
  • Then turn on both the devices by pressing the power button, and both will take some time to open properly. Now check whether both the devices are showing the cable are connected or not.
  • After turning on both the devices, hold Fn key and then press Display key simultaneously which will pop up the option to duplicate the screen. However, you can even use Extend ( it offers a second display ) or Second Screen Only (it turns off laptop’s display) according to your requirement.
  • So after you choose the display mode, you will now have to match the laptop’s resolution with the projector’s resolution. Setting both the device at 1080p is the best option but entirely depends upon the resolution support. You can change the laptop’s resolution by going to its graphics setting and choosing 1024 X 768 as the resolution.
  • Now finally, you need to press the source button on the remote of the projector, and it will choose the laptop as the video source. Generally, modern projectors automatically detect the video source so you might not have to search for the source.

Mode 2: Connecting a Mac With Video Cable

  • Well, the first three steps of connecting a Mac with a projector is totally the same, and you can follow the above process to connect your Mac. The cable used for connectivity in Windows laptop like HDMI, DVI and VGA can be used for connecting Mac laptop.
  • Although modern Mac laptops might not support VGA or DVI ports so you might have to use Thunderbolt converter to use those ports. Some specific models also lack HDMI cable, so you need to use Thunderbolt to HDMI converter to connect both the device with HDMI cable.
  • After identifying the appropriate cable, it is time to connect both the devices. First, connect one end of the cable to the laptop and then join another end to the projector.
  • Make sure both the end is adequately connected and then power on both the device by hooking the power cable to the primary power source.
    After switching on the Mac, head toward Apple menu located at the top of the screen and then press the system preferences located in the menu.
  • Then after clicking the system reference, you will now have to select the Display preference tab, and from there you will find the arrangement tab in the dialogue box.
  • You will find a checkbox written as mirror screen, and you will tick the checkbox which will allow the Mac to display the screen on the projector’s display.
  • Now you will have to press the Detect Display button located on the bottom and also click Show display in the menu bar. After pressing Detect Display, the Mac will automatically detect the projector and show the screen on the projector’s display. After discovering the display, it would be better to set the resolution to 1024 X 768 resolution.
  • However, if you still find any display on the projector screen, then click on the source button and manually detect the display source.

Mode 3: Connecting the Laptop Using Bluetooth

Connecting a laptop to a projector with Bluetooth is only possible when both the device supports the wireless connectivity. So you should buy such devices with these features. You don’t need to spend too much on that. A $200 laptop or projector should have these facilities. let’s start with the process;

  • At first, you need to switch on both projector and laptop simultaneously. After switching on the device, you need to switch on the Bluetooth of both the device. You can switch on the Bluetooth either by pressing the Bluetooth button on remote or pressing Bluetooth button on the projector’s body.
  • Then you will have to put the projector in pairing mode and to do that you need to selected pairing mode in the Bluetooth menu. You can also do it by holding the Bluetooth button for a few seconds which will make the projector discoverable.
  • Now open the Bluetooth menu on your laptop which is mostly located in the right section of the laptop. When you click the Bluetooth menu, you will find the list of the nearby devices, and then you need to select the projector from the list.
  • Then click on the connect to wireless display button, and it will automatically connect the laptop with the projector.
  • Lastly, you will see a popup message on your projector’s screen whether you want to grant access or not. When you click yes, you can now duplicate the laptop’s display on the projector’s screen.

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