How To Convert Excel To Word?

How To Convert Excel To Word

Microsoft Excel is a commonly used Microsoft office application. It is easy to analyze data in an Excel spreadsheet. It is used on the Windows Operating system and MAC Operating system. You can use various combinations of shortcut keys in excel to perform multiple functions like Graphs and calculations like Pivot table, Compound interest table, Standard deviation calculator and BMI calculations, and so on.

MS Excel is used as a spreadsheet program and MS word is used as a word program, both are able to integrate to seamlessly create documents used regularly in education. But many of the time you need word files rather than an excel file to access the data. In such a case you need to convert those Excel sheets to Word. So if you want to convert an Excel spreadsheet to a word document follow these steps.

Converter Excel To Word:

There are two different methods you can apply. The easiest method is the copy and pastes method.


  1. Open the Excel file you want to move into word. Enter the value which you want to convert
  2. Select the cell and press “Ctrl+C” or you can also click “Copy” button from the “HOME” tab (see screenshot).
Converter Excel To Word
Convert Excel To Word

3. Then open MS word, move the cursor in the destination, and Press “Ctrl+V” or you can also click “Paste” options from the Clipboard(see screenshot). You can see the table is pasted into words. Then click on “save as”.

Convert Excel To Word
Convert Excel To Word

Excel to Word Converter Using Insert Object

If you want to convert excel spreadsheets to word using the inserted Object you can insert the excel worksheet as an object in word. Complete with multiple sheets and many of excel’s features.

Step To Convert Excel To Word Using Insert Object:

  1. Open the excel spreadsheet, select the table or charts then press the “Ctrl+C” or or you can also click “Copy” button from the “HOME” tab.
  2. Open MS word, Clik insert tab then select the “Object
Excel to Word Converter Using insert Object
Excel to Word Converter Using insert Object

3. After Clicking Object a pop-up will open, Click On the “Create From File” tab, then the “browse“. Select the file you want to convert.

Excel to Word Converter Using insert Object
Excel to Word Converter Using insert Object

4. After Selecting the excel file Click “Insert“. If you want to link it to a file, select the “Link The File“. Then click “OK” to finish the embed.

Converter Word To Excel

Sometimes, you have any important data that you want to convert word to excel spreadsheets excel provides us functionally to do the conversion.

STEPS: Word To Excel Converter Online

  1. Open the word document, enter the table or charts which you want to convert the word file to an excel worksheet. and click the “Office” Button, click “Save As
  2. Choose the destination you want to to put and click “Plain Text” from the drop-down list of “Save As Type“, Then click “Save“. Click “OK” from the dialog box.
word to excel convert
word to excel convert

3. Open MS excel and click “From Text” from the “Data” tab. Choose the file and click “Import

word to excel converter
Text Import Wizard

4. Then a pop-up window will open, Check the Delimited option. Click the “Next” step 1 to step 2 dialogue box. Click on “Finish

5. Then Select the cell to put the data if you want Existing Worksheet, Otherwise, you can select “New Worksheet“. Then click “OK

word to excel converter
Import Data

Always remember to convert data delimited based on a separator in a word document to a table in Excel. You will see the Word document has been converted into an Excel worksheet. Then Save the Excel File.

Convert Word To Excel Online

We are discussing various ways to convert excel to word or word files to excel, you can also use an online converter to convert. When you search on any search engine you can get a different site, then upload your word or excel file and allow the converter to do the heavy lifting. When the process is finished, you can download your document.


Microsoft Excel allows you to create Word from directly inside the program, but you can also use online converters if you need to convert a file without downloading any software. I think you have the right answer for how to convert Excel to Word, how to convert word to Excel now. The most effortless way is to utilize free online tools(Converter) like SmallPDF, Online2PDF, Convertio, and so on, for Windows and Mac users, you can also choose PDFelement as your XLS/XLSX to PDF converter.

Hope you liked reading this article on “How To Convert Excel To Word?“. If you have any questions, leave them in the comment section below. We will be happy to respond.

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