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Introduction Of Laptop Repairing Course

Learn Laptop Repairing From The Best In Business

So why do you need an online Laptop repairing course in India? Laptops are a set of computer that is portable and suitable for use while traveling. Like computers and other electronic gadgets, laptops also get damaged and therefore need repairing. The most common laptop repair issue which users face is the screen damage issue, battery damage issue, motherboard damage issue, and water damage issue. What most users look for is a laptop repair service center to get their laptops fixed if they face any of these or any other kind of issues. Although this process of getting one’s laptops repaired from service centers is hugely popular and most people do this only, but still what they don’t realize is how time-consuming this process is. This process of sending it away, having it repaired, and sending it back can take days, or sometimes weeks if the damage is serious, and this can be frustrating and inconvenient for the owner. It would be great if you could learn laptop repairing by your own and by own it means if you could self learn it from a laptop repairing institute. There are a number of online laptop course that you can go for. However, at Techyuga, we offer the best and the easiest laptop repairing course in India. 

What Is Laptop Repairing Course?

Laptop repair is a broad technical field that involves fixing both the physical components of a computer, and the troubleshooting of the software, operating systems, networks, and servers that run them. Laptop repair training is a fully comprehensive instructional course in getting into the business of repairing. Chip level Training will be customized for your present knowledge of electronics. If you go through the fundamental track, all the power electronic components will be introduced before we move to the logic section. After you become comfortable with power electronics the logic session follows. It is an intensive coverage into the intricate details of chip level service of the laptops. This involves detailed circuit tracing, signal analysis, replacement of SMD devices and all the tips and tricks our service engineers acquired from the years of experiences. The session makes you confident enough to chip level service the new generation notebooks from Lenovo, Compaq, HP, Toshiba, Sony and more.

Service Technicians entering into the Laptop training course must have experience in the following disciplines:

  • must be comfortable in using desktop systems and peripherals.
  • must have an above average knowledge about all the internal components and operation of the system.
  • comfortable with installing and managing various operating systems.
  • managing the hard disk subsystem with formatting and partitioning.
  • installation and configuration of computer components like add-on devices.

At Techyuga’s Laptop repairing course in India, you can learn all these and more, so that you get to face the challenges in the market.

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Reasons, why should you join a Laptop repairing course.

Trends and Facts about Laptop Repair Business
Laptop Repairing Course

With the huge boom in technical innovations that’s happening in the computer industry, it is only logical that related service industries also keep pace with them. Smarter, sleeker and cheaper models are flooding the markets and though all of them are not necessarily as durable and sturdy as the earlier ones, this is also right now, good news for the repair-service industry. One big prediction is that with the sliding cost of equipment, the laptop repair industry could take a beating. Users today neither have time nor patience to wait till their laptops get fixed, and would rather junk them and buy new equipment loaded with the latest software/hardware. Technicians will now have to become more specialized as new peripherals and configurations emerge. Redundancy/obsolescence of laptop hardware/software looms large with integrated devices appearing in the market. Smart-phones, tablets, iPads and the common cell-phone now come with features that replicate almost everything your laptop does. Therefore, technicians need to keep themselves updated in such fields.

The production, level of services needed, the demand of the users and service quality expectation all are extremely important tools for students pursuing laptop chip level repairing course. It is not just the job alone but industry trends that contribute in deciding the growth and income level. All in all, laptop chip level course success is related to three things in a row that are – industry trends, students hands-on training and experience. Based on these facts, it is safe to predict that the laptop repair services industry, as we currently know it, is set for big changes in the future. That is why you need to learn from the best and Techyuga offers the best online laptop repairing course in India. 

Advantages Of Becoming A Laptop Repair Specialist

  • All your income is earned from home.
  • Can be run by anyone.
  • Free ongoing help.
  • Market and expanding every day.
  • Recession proof.
  • Part-time for full-time money.
  • You can be employed.
  • You can be unemployed.
  • Retired.
  • Escape the 9-5 grind.

Advantages Of Laptop Repairing Course

It is good to depend on and have faith in the academic courses that we pursue. It keeps the confidence high and help in framing a thought from future perspectives. Laptop repairing course online is also one such course taken up by the students considering the number of advantages it carries. It somehow directly or indirectly depends on the emerging trends in the laptop industry.

Scope For Cell Phone Repair Business
complete mobile repair course training

Hike in Consumption and Potential Production

When we are talking about mobile and laptop repairing course, then we are discussing about the popular gadget that is used frequently on professional and personal upfront. The consumption pattern has seen a big hike in the laptop sales and production that is a good sign for all those associated with the same.

Laptop Services – The Driver of Employment

Laptop services or after-sales services play an important role in representing the laptop brand. With laptop chip level training, the issue of offering quality and technical support to the consumers has become eased. Students doing laptop course will find the visible advantage of getting opportunities as the service engineer, support technician, tester, etc. The designation depends on the expertise of the person.

Scope For Cell Phone Repair Business
Laptop repairing course (1)

Local Technical Support

The third trend covers the fact that most of the consumers find it easy to go to the nearby repairing shop instead of going straight to the service centers. The reason could be high service charges, time-taken process, formalities and many more. This means that people having their own repairing shop are at great benefits. After completing the laptop chip level repairing course, students can open their shop, authorized service center or can even offer door-to-door technical services.

Laptop Services – The Driver of Employment

Laptop services or after-sales services play an important role in representing the laptop brand. With laptop chip level training, the issue of offering quality and technical support to the consumers has become eased. Students doing laptop course will find the visible advantage of getting opportunities as the service engineer, support technician, tester, etc. The designation depends on the expertise of the person.

Scope For Cell Phone Repair Business
complete mobile repair course training

Opportunity to Earn with Related Devices & Accessories

Imagine, with more than 40 lakh growing users there is a huge opportunity to earn extra by repairing associated electronic devices and accessories. The trend is of a multiple repair shop that offers a complete facility for repairing laptops, tablet, computer, and other systems. It also includes a number of accessories like the laptop battery, adapter, keypad and many more. All this confirms that a person can easily earn laptop chip level repairing course by combining his technical skills.

What Knowledge You Will Possess After Learning Our Laptop Repairing Course in India

If you are looking at laptop repair as your business setup then you are at the right place to learn laptop repairing step by step.
  • Identify ALL the parts in a Laptop.
  • Fit laptop screens.
  • Fit laptop keyboards.
  • Fit memory into ANY laptop.
  • Fit hard drives into ANY laptop.
  • Clean a laptop keyboard to an 'as new' condition. This little-known technique can make you a ton of money alone.
  • How and where to buy laptops cheaply and sell them for a healthy profit.
  • Which laptops to buy and which to stay away from.

Laptop Repairing Course Contents

Complete list of online laptop repairing course content you will learn in this course.
  • Dead Systems
  • No display
  • Dim display
  • Freezing System
  • System getting hung
  • Keyboard control section problem
  • Memory control section problem
  • Audio not working
  • USB port not working
  • Serial port not working
  • Ps2 port not working
  • CD Drive control section problem
  • Hard disk control section problem
  • Battery not charging
  • D C pin problem
  • Soldering & Desoldering of Motherboard Ics, Transistors, Diode, Fuse, Capacitors, VGA Chips ETC
  • Laptop Motherboards
  • Solving Laptop Power Problems
  • Soldering
  • How To Handle Liquid Problems Like Spilling water In Your Laptop
  • Handling Laptop Keyboard Issues
  • How You Deal With Overheating Laptops
  • Fixing Keyboard Problems
  • Fixing Touchpad Problems
  • Replacing Broken Laptop Screens
  • Replacing Memory/Data Components

Advance Laptop Chip Level Motherboard Repairing Course

Complete list of online laptop repairing course content you will learn in this course.
  • What you need to know about hard drive installation.
  • Example Hard Drives.
  • How To Partition & Format the New Hard Drive.
  • Special instructions for notebook computers made prior to 1998.
  • By-passing the BIOS Password.
  • What to do if You Can’t Boot The System.
  • Laptop BIOS Settings.
  • What to do if you can’t remember your BIOS password.
  • and you need to get into the BIOS.
  • A comprehensive FAQ section.
Basic electronics, Laptop and Desktop motherboard chip level course, Analog Digital, Block Diagram, Basic Problems, Circuit diagram, Repairing

Steps of ac adapter, battery, Lcd inverter, Hard drive, ram, keyboard, touchpad, cd dvd

  • Latest Chip Level Tools & Gadgets
  • Basic Electronics Soldering & Desoldering Guide
  • How to Solder
  • SMD Soldering Guide
  • Surface Mount Soldering Tutorials
  • Getting IC chip X onto board Y
  • Trying to reworking with an iron
  • Wonderful hot-air rework
  • Green wire fixes
  • Sneaky tricks for soldering leadless ICs
  • Video examples
  • How does hot air rework actually work?
  • Block diagram, how it functions, & basic problems, circuit diagram, & repairing steps
  • Motherboard Component Overview
  • Steps to Troubleshooting Laptop Motherboard Problems
  • How to fix G4 Apple MacBook motherboard with chip problem
  • Fixing dead motherboard power problem
  • Fault Finding Using Oscilloscope
  • Capacitor
  • The Bios chip, Laptop BIOS Recovery
  • Different Ways of Removing Toshiba Bios Password
  • Bios Flashing & Update
  • Power Fuse Chip
  • 5 Steps to Hacking Bios Password
  • How To Fix Failed Nvidia Chip
  • How I installed external Bluetooth adapter inside a laptop
  • How to test a laptop or a desktop computer memory
  • Fixing hardware problems without taking apart the Laptop
  • Laptop Lcd Image see what goes on behind the Screen
  • 10 steps to Fix Laptop VGA problem
  • Bypassing Windows 7 Logon Password In 3 Steps
  • Everything You Need to Know About The Motherboard Voltage Regulator Circuit
  • How to Break Laptop Admin Password, Hack! Bios cmos Clear
  • Ic Reballing, Bga Reballing, Bga Arrangement, Bga rework video problem
  • Hard Disk = Upgrade, Repair, Data recovery, Disassemble a Hard Disk Drive
  • Transistor / Mosfet tutorial
  • Diodes in circuits and testing them
  • Chipset Mainboard Desoldering & Soldering
  • How To Use A Multimeter
  • Ac Adapter
  • Battery ic
  • Sound = Soldering tiny sound ic chips in a Laptop motherboard
  • Wifi Card = Soldering wireless card in an old Laptop motherboard
  • Use Of Debug Card Post Error & Code
  • DC Jack/Fuse Replacement
  • Power IC Replacement
  • Controller IC Replacement
  • Replacing bad IC components on the motherboard
  • BGA Rework Reflow (Northbridge / Southbridge / Graphics Chips)
  • Connector Socket(display, battery, dvd rom, modem, keypad, touchpad, onoff panel etc)
  • Define different Laptop problems
  • Common Laptop Notebook Chip
  • CPU power supply chips
  • Charge discharge control chip
  • CPU temperature control chip
  • Graphics Brand
  • Ethernet chips
  • Sound audio Chip
  • PC Card Chip
  • COM port chip
  • Keyboard-chip
  • Keyboard chip
  • Battery IC :
  • Memory control chip
  • Clock IC :
  • lcd backlight control
  • Ddr memory power supply
  • Other Common chipset
  • Mosfets Used
  • Crystal (14.318 Clock )
  • Connector Socket(display, battery, dvd rom, modem, keypad, touchpad, onoff panel etc)
  • Fault finding and troubleshooting of motherboards
  • Tracing different connectors and socket with related component and chip
  • Testing and using of different components
  • Dc to dc power regulator sections
  • Power supply to different chips vcc core, 5vsus, +1.5v, 1.8vsus, 5v, 10v, 2.5v
  • Cpu core voltage, vid signals, vrm section, mosfet of vrm
  • Clock generation circuits
  • Bois chips section, rtc chip
  • Power good , reset,frame, clock, bios signals
  • Fault finding and troubleshooting.
  • How to read different component datasheet.
  • Basic cleaning and washing method of motherboard
  • Smd component practice removal and inserting different components
  • Training using cro oscilloscope
  • Finding fault using cro oscilloscope
  • Use of debug card post error code
  • Finding fault using post debug card
  • Training using eeprom programmer
  • Bios update using eeprom programmer
  • Training using bga soldering station
  • Removing bga chips and rebolling it using reball stencil
  • Ics rebolling, bga ball arrangement, practice
  • Training using solder batch
  • Removing socket & connectors using solder bath
  • Bios password, ibm, dell password removing steps
  • Searching data sheets of different ics
  • Common problems of different motherboards

This part contains diagrams and the part numbers. You’ll use this to see where the parts fit together. Other than physically taking a laptop apart, this is the only way to see how the bits and pieces fit together. There are other information sections including pictures of components and the specifications of laptops. This is useful knowledge to have as you’ll know exactly what’s in a laptop before buying or repairing a particular model. Where else can you find all this information? The answer is?.. nowhere!