Techyuga Advisory: COVID-19

General Advisory 

Given the current outbreak of COVID-19 across the world, we are deeply concerned about the whole human species and our team at Techyuga. We are committed to ensuring the safety of all our employees and staff and are working to put in several precautionary measures in place. Track Crona In India.

We are also monitoring the situation very closely and are in regular discussions with our employees, managers and leads to ensure we are doing the best to provide a safe working environment. A special task force consisting of Leaders, HR, Facilities and Ops Head and Technical Head has been created to ensure these measures are carried out strictly in offices.

Your cooperation and discipline are crucial and will help us maintain a safe environment at work for all.

Please be vigilant of your surroundings and take the necessary precautions to keep yourself safe and healthy. 

  • Wash hands regularly and thoroughly
  • Don’t panic. You can protect yourself and those around you by being cautious and following good hygiene
  • Use sanitizers at regular intervals 
  • Avoid touching your face frequently
  • Stay home if you’re feeling unwell
  • Lead by example

We are following developments around the virus closely and making sure we do everything to support our employees at this time. We will continue to fight this issue as a community and work towards ensuring the safety and security of our workforce. We will continue to update/review this advisory based on feedback from stakeholders.

  • MOST IMPORTANT: General Hygiene and Safety Precautions
  • Note: The primary modes of transmission you need to be aware of are:
    1. Coronavirus can stay active on a surface for upto 2 weeks. Touching a surface that has the virus and touching any part of your face – nose, ear, mouth, eyes is the most common mode of transmission and likely responsible for the vast majority of transmissions
    2. The second most common mode is inhaling droplets that have been ejected by someone who is infected coughing or sneezing
    3. For more information, please refer to official information from the CDC:
  • DO NOT touch your face (ear, nose, eyes, mouth) with your hands
  • Wash your hands 5-10 times a day with soap and water for 20 seconds each time and make sure you get in between your fingers, nails and every part of your hand that may touch your face (Note: soap is more effective than hand sanitizers. 
  • Avoid touching common surfaces that other people touch
  • Stay 6 feet away from anyone who maybe showing symptoms (coughing)
  • Do not attend conferences, concerts, festivals, gatherings of any form
  • Do not travel to other cities domestically or internationally (primarily to avoid crowded places like airports and planes)
  • Avoid using public transport (primarily to avoid touching common surfaces because that is the #1 mode of transmission)
  • If showing symptoms of the flu or similar, quarantine yourself and work from home.
  • Important actions for Safety at the Workplace
  1. Work from home if you are experiencing any flu symptoms (sneezing, cough, cold, fever)
  2. Advise your colleagues to work from home or reach out to HR if you notice someone is unwell and displaying symptoms of flu
  3. You can choose to work from home, even if you do not have any symptoms of flu, but are uncomfortable working from office or prefer to avoid the commute to office due to safety reasons. Please discuss this with your Manager and HR.
  • Sanitizing the workplace and maintaining hygiene
    1. Our office premises, including all common areas, washrooms, meeting rooms, work stations, and pantries are being regularly sanitized and we will be conducting deep cleaning every weekend and subsequently at regular intervals. 
    2. Hand sanitizers (70%+ alcohol content) are being placed across all our offices across all common areas, meeting rooms and workstations.
    3. To promote awareness, informative posters are being circulated on email and placed in washrooms and common areas.
  • Safety of shared surfaces (meeting rooms, work desks, bathrooms etc.)
    1. Meeting rooms are being sanitized every day. 
    2. Every meeting room will have hand sanitizers and tissue papers. 
    3. Avoid using meeting rooms if the number of people is large and it is not possible to maintain a distance of around 3 feet from every individual. 
    4. Wash your hands before and after using remote controls or any such common/shared articles. 
    5. Do not touch your face – eyes, nose, mouth or ears without washing your hands if your hands have touched any common surfaces 
    6. Wipe your table, keyboards and trackpad/mouse every day (or more frequently if you suspect that anyone touched them). This applies to any surfaces you routinely touch and may have been accessed by anyone other than you.
  • Screening of Visitors
    1. Restrict entry of visitors on office premises as far as possible.
    2. No visitors will be allowed unless absolutely required. This check will be performed by the Facilities and Security teams
    3. No personal couriers or parcels should be brought into office, unless they are items expected to be used for work or during the work.
  • Reducing large gatherings and meetings. 
  1. All employees are advised to reduce in-person meetings with external vendors as well as in-person interviews wherever possible. Please make use of collaboration apps like Flock, Zoom or other digital mediums to connect. Refrain from large gatherings. 
  2. To minimise gatherings, internal events such as Women’s Day celebration or birthday parties, etc are being cancelled. 
  3. For the time being, team outings and off-sites will also be on hold. 
  • Work from home when feeling ill

Employees who are unwell or are experiencing symptoms of flu or similar are advised to seek medical attention on an immediate basis. The status of the same should be communicated to their manager and HRs. The concerned employees, upon discussion with their manager, must work from home until it’s safe for them to rejoin work.  

Travel and Self Quarantine Advisory 

This guideline is to specifically outline travel restrictions and quarantine procedures employees should follow for their own safety and safety of others. This document highlights specific Dos and Don’ts for any employee who has recently completed, is currently on, or planning to travel domestically or internationally for business or personal reasons.

Personal Travel 

  • Employees need to share and communicate to HR and manager about any personal travel (domestic or international) that have concluded recently or if they have any immediate travel plans
  • We urge employees to reconsider their travel plans both domestic and international and postpone all travel till further advisory is issued
  • We recommend that employees cancel all nonessential travel
  • If due to any emergency, an employee is required to travel for personal purposes, he/she will be required to inform their Manager and HR, take all necessary precautions and also self-quarantine as per the Self Quarantine clause below.

Self Quarantine 

  • For those who have recently concluded or are on international/domestic travel, the employee will need to self-quarantine for 14 – 21 days (2 – 3 work weeks).
  • During self quarantine time, the employee should be able to work from home. Refer to the work from home guideline.

Leave, Attendance and Work from Home Advisory 

This guideline is specifically created to outline the leave and attendance protocols to be adhered for the next few weeks or more as long as the widespread threat of COVID-19 prevails.

Work From Home

  • You have the flexibility to WFH if you feel safer and more comfortable working from home, even if you are not feeling ill. Please discuss this with your manager and keep the  HR in loop to ensure you are equipped and enabled with the support that you might need.
  • For the safety of all our teams and their loved ones, please WFH if you observe any symptoms or have recently concluded an international or domestic travel.
  • If your role requires your presence in office to perform your work duties (due to compliance or information security reasons) and you do not show any symptoms or have no reason to suspect that you may be ill, you will be required to work from office. You are requested to follow personal hygiene and safety procedures described in the respective sections, while the Techyuga strives to make the workplace as safe as possible.

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