How to use Delete for Everyone feature on Whats App

Whats app has launched the delete for everyone feature now you can delete your and the sent message together by using this delete for everyone feature.

The feature lets people call back messages sent on individual chats as well as WhatsApp groups, and is available across different platforms, such as Android, iPhone and Windows Phone. This feature was created because if you sent a wrong message to an unwanted group or unwanted contact you delete that message using the delete for everyone feature. It is the latest feature added to WhatsApp in a long list of features introduced this year, and is biggest change to the chat app since the infamous blue ticks.

How to use Delete for Everyone feature on Whats App

You should have the latest version of WhatsApp downloaded on your phone. The recipient must also have the latest version installed for the Delete for Everyone feature to work.


Select the message(s) you want to delete

Delete for everyone feature on whats appTap the delete/ trash icon on the screen

Delete for Everyone feature

Now the dialogue box will show the new option Delete for Everyone

Whats app new feature

Once you hit the Delete for Everyone dialogue box, the sent message will be replaced with “You deleted this message”, remember that the feature will not work if the other person is not on the latest version of WhatsApp; in this case, recipients may see the message before it’s deleted or if deletion was not successful.

This feature will work only for 7 minutes after the message is sent. So you have to be fast. This means that once seven minutes have passed, there is no way to delete messages for everyone.

Apart from ‘Delete for Everyone’, WhatsApp has renamed the regular delete option, calling it Delete for Me. This, as before, allows users to delete the message they’ve sent or received from the device. However, this will have no effect on the recipients’ chats. This feature will not change anything on the recipients end and they can continue seeing the messages in their chat screen.

Delete for me feature

To delete messages for yourself, users can head to the chat containing the message they wish to delete and tap and hold the message to delete multiple messages at once.

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