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Dell Laptop Service, officially the Dell Client Solutions Group, is an American multinational computer technology company based in Round Rock, Texas, United States, that develops, sells, repairs, and supports computers and related products and services. Named after its founder, Michael Dell, the company is one of the largest technological corporations in the world, employing more than 103,300 people in America and around the world Dell Laptop Service Taking third place for the second year in a row, Dell makes some of the best laptops money can buy, while providing the top Laptop Service to PC vendor . The Round Rock Dell Laptop Service are best in Market .

Top Dell Line Up are XPS, Alienware and Latitude lines but there more heavy used consumer line up is inspiron.

Dell Laptop Key Strength :

Premium laptops: Dell Laptop Service  XPS line remains the leader in consumer notebooks, thanks to its innovative features, elegant beautifully crafted metal designs, long battery life and brilliant screens.

Juggernaut gaming: Dell’s Alienware line leads with top level performance, features and value. Its Inspiron 15 Gaming is a great value for money .but not for heavy gaming.

Personalised support: If you call Dell for help, you’ll get your own, dedicated support tech. During our tech-support showdown, agents gave us their direct email addresses for follow-up questions but when it comes down to onsite visit if you opt for on site pack at time purchase only then you can obtain the service. If your device out of warranty then situation on ground are different.If want Best onsite Dell Laptop Service Centre  then you can call techyuga for out of warranty device.

Dell Laptop Weaknesses:

Inferior Inspirons: Dell Laptop mainstream consumer laptops just don’t have adequate punching power up to the competition. The Inspirons are usually affordable, but they suffer from bland design and mediocre screens and keyboards and low grade material and lots of issue arise like Keyboard problem,Screen blank,or motherboard issue.

Dramatic Latitudes: While not as problematic as its Inspiron line, the company’s Latitude business laptops just aren’t as attractive or innovative as its competitors’. But they pack some serious punch but they are bulky as well .As result Moisture and Dust are most common problem for this line up.

Reviews: It makes some of the best premium, gaming and workstations on the market, but its mainstream consumer and business laptops are uninspired. The Dell XPS 13 is most beautiful product for  consumer laptop overall and has been for the past several years, while the Alienware Lineup rules the gaming space. On the other side of the ground there are laptops like the Inspiron 15  which suffers from a dull screen, weak battery life and a stiff keyboard. Some  common problem.

Support and Warranty: Dell does everything it can to make sure your system has been fixed, offering solid phone support, excellent social-media helpers and personalized, During our Tech Support Showdown, we were never put on hold for a single moment when dealing with Dell, which is more than we can say for anyone else .But when it comes expired warranty they support just like lankness monster and Dell doesn’t make it easy to find the consumer support number on the company website you have to click at least four times from the support home page. The so called Authorised Laptop Service centre in city are not adequately prepared  .They Charged you hefty amount.The warranty don’t cover  screen dull issue,stiff keyboard issue. Want best customer friendly best in class  value for money recommended by top search giant review best Dell Laptop Service Centre .

Why Should You Choose Techyuga For Your Dell Laptop Service?

Techyuga is one best Laptop Service Center for dell laptop in Kolkata. They are recommended by top search giant with 1000+ review with excellent world class support technical expertise .

Phone Support: Once you dial 9088888835  it, you don’t have to wait long to be connected. On none of the three support calls I made — two during the day and one at evening — did I have to spend any time on hold. I did have to respond to an automated voice prompt that asked for my service tag and what my problem was, but after that, I got a human right away.

On my first call, I was connected to Thor in India, and I asked him my question about protecting against Spectre and Meltdown. He gave me a brief, correct answer, telling me that because my computer had intel processor not safe from these vulnerabilities.  He told me that within few days processor company release patch and Dell also initiate large scale BIOS Software patch for these issue. I asked lots of other issue . My Dell Inspiron laptop facing heating issue So create support ticket  next day engineer came from Techyuga Laptop Service center they collect the device and repair the device within 4 days my device back in normal with nominal cost.

Chat Web and Social Support: Techyuga Laptop Service Center website provides a solid mix of well-organised support & Tech articles. My initial question about how to protect my computer from the Spectre and Meltdown vulnerabilities was answered before I even had a chance to search. Techyuga has a prominent link to an article about Spectre and Meltdown at the top of the support home page.

If you want live help but don’t like talking on the phone, Techyuga Laptop Service Center also provides a live web-chat option. A few seconds after hitting the chat button, I was connected with Waheed, and I asked him how to protect my computer from Spectre and Meltdown. After a few minutes of radio silence, he sent me a message with a link to Dell’s detailed article about the security vulnerabilities also tons of other common issue and fix like keyboard,screen issue article i found on there site blog section.

Social Presence: Techyuga Dell Laptop Service Centre  answers questions via social media DM to Techyuga Facebook account.or You Can Whats App there no 9088888835  The company was ready to help, but on both platforms, representatives me to provide my laptop’s unique service ticket ID.

Bottom Line

With reliable fast answers, wide variety of contact methods and personalized support techs, Techyuga  Dell’s Laptop Service is truly top-notch. Some users may be put off by the support techs’ aggressive approach — calling you to follow up on message you sent, logging in to check on your computer when just sending a support article would have sufficed or sending you follow-up emails  and calls also they encourage their customer to watch their YouTube channel blog to learn and self-help there Dell Laptop software issue and . Techyuga is Truly a Kolkata’s No 1 Dell Laptop Service centre with global standard facility and technical expertise.

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  1. I have done screen replacement of my dell inspiron 1525 laptop… Very nice technician. He has done within few hours. And work is very good… Recommended everyone

  2. I went there to replace my dell laptop Battery.And they did it very professionally the service was excellent. Nandi,the technician is very good at his work.This is one of the best laptop repairing services in Kolkata.I highly recommend it.

  3. I was surprised that they were able to fix my Del xps 13 laptop screen. It’s not a very common device , but they fixed it back in my hands at estimated time provided by them. Excellent! Very pleased with the service!

  4. I want to repair my Dell laptop motherboard and I have enquired so many service centers but they told me about the motherboard replacement. And I don’t want to spend too much on my laptop motherboard replacement. So I just want to ask you that can you repair Dell’s motherboard?

    • Most of the motherboard problems can be resolved by repairing. And our engineers can definitely give it a try. Kindly book a repair job or request a call back. Our team will be get back to you as soon as possible. Thanks

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