What is The Difference Between APU And GPU?

Computers and laptops have become a crucial part of our existence. Assembling your PC or searching for a new laptop, the essential factor to consider is the CPU. Intel and AMD provide high-quality CPUs. Some models of Intel’s CPUs are equipped with an integrated GPU on the same chip.

The main processors can be categorized into three fundamental components that control all other components. The Central Processing Unit (CPU), the Accelerated Processing Unit (APU), and the Graphics Processing Unit (GPU). An equivalent arrangement is additionally offered by AMD and is distinguished as APU or Accelerated Processing Unit. In this article, we will investigate what an APU is, and the correlation between APU Vs GPU, so let’s start.

About APU: Accelerated Processing Unit

Almost all Intel Core Processors incorporates an integrated graphics card. There is no designated label or classification for Intel Processor with integrated graphics. On the other side, only some AMD processors include an integrated graphics processor. To differentiate between processors with and without integrated graphics, AMD created a moniker for those with an Integrated Graphics Card, known as Accelerated Processing Units, whereas those without are merely labeled CPUs.

The APU is an invention of AMD. It is a central processing unit with an integrated graphics processing unit. The APU has the attributes of both a CPU and a GPU. It acts as an introductory answer for both key computing and visual presentation in non-gaming laptops and low-cost computers.

A wide selection of APUs is accessible to suit the needs of shoppers with a range of financial constraints. The Ryzen series is the cream of the crop and has earned a dedicated following. The A-series is the most basic and least powerful, often employed in low-cost machines. Sitting somewhere between these two is the Athlon set. VEGA graphic cores give a better performance than the A-series but still retain an economical price tag.

About GPU: Graphics Processing Unit

The Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) – also referred to as a Graphics Card or Video Card – is responsible for accurately producing visuals, such as in video games and video editing. It can handle anything from basic system interface images to intricate graphical files. The GPU can perform numerous, recurring computations quickly to create frames. This is known as the frame rate. The visuals shown on the screen will be of higher quality if the GPU frame rate is high. GPU cards are usually expensive and are not suited for those who have a limited budget.

GPUs are fundamentally divided into two categories: Integrated and Discrete. The CPU’s role is to process data. The GPU’s task is to accurately render visuals, thereby maintaining the integrity of the original image. This can be accomplished by a Central Processing Unit which incorporates an integrated graphics card on the same chip as the primary processor.

If a CPU has the GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) situated on the same chip as the CPU, then it is said to be equipped with an Integrated Graphics card. Therefore, you don’t have to install a different Graphics Card Module for video and image processing.

Difference Between APU And GPU:


APUs and GPUs perform distinct primary duties. An APU, as manufactured by AMD, is an analogous version of Intel’s Integrated Inclusive CPUs. Both the Integrated CPU and APU incorporate the capacities of both a CPU and GPU in one circuitry. This offers people who cannot afford to buy or have insufficient space for a discrete graphics chipset the chance to make use of their computer system.

Moreover, APUs can handle audio, making them particularly potent for those who have constrained resources to buy and enhance a computer. Graphics processing is an imperative part of every computer. After all, something must transform the info into a visual user interface (GUI) that can be comprehended and interpreted by humans. On a computer with a dedicated GPU, the GPU manages it. The APU or CPU will process the graphics in a machine with an APU or Integrated CPU.


APUs and GPUs have distinct installation ports. APUs are part of the CPU and occupy the CPU socket, while GPUs employ either PCIe or PCI slots. Dedicated graphics cards are an optional extra unless they’re the only graphics processor available.


APUs and GPUs have dissimilar parts. Generally, GPUs are composed of a more intricate configuration than APUs. On the other hand, APUs encompass all the same components as a CPU (control unit, arithmetic logic unit, registers, cache, buses, and clock) and an extra graphical processing chip incorporated into the integrated circuit.

GPUs are more intricate since they are essentially subsidiary processors devoted to working with visuals. GPUs have a whole CPU (with all components), video RAM, video BIOS, RAMDAC, and a connector to the motherboard.


The coolers used for GPUs and APUs are significantly distinct. It is typical to fit an exterior cooler to APUs. Nowadays, we usually purchase the first CoolerMaster heatsink that our eyes catch sight of and mount it. Nevertheless, GPUs typically arrive with their stock coolers – indeed, these are often directly connected to the GPU.

GPUs can be equipped with additional cooling solutions if space allows, such as a water block for those interested in water cooling. But this is usually not necessary unless you are playing games that are especially demanding on the graphics. APUs benefit from CPU technology and are much more cost-effective to install with advanced cooling systems like water or air. This is an advantage that GPUs do not have.

Energy Efficiency

A computer with fewer components will use less power. Therefore, choosing an APU instead of a GPU for your system will reduce the total energy consumption. If you are focusing on energy efficiency, then selecting an APU and lowering the graphics for anything too demanding may be the best option for you.

Inputs and Outputs

As the APU manages graphics, computing, and sound production, it is equipped with outputs for each of these components. Furthermore, it has inputs for USB-A-connected devices, data exchange, and input components. These are intended to allow your mouse and keyboard to connect with the CPU.

Graphics Processing Units have no input capabilities; they are exclusively for output. This means that GPUs generally offer more graphical outputs than Accelerated Processing Units. APUs process a large amount of data, which does not leave much room for more than a couple of graphical outputs. Consequently, GPUs usually come with two to five outputs.

Cost Efficiency

Achieving cost-effectiveness is an area in which APUs and other integrated chipsets have a clear advantage over the competition. When purchasing a computer with a discrete GPU, you will need to pay for both components. GPUs fall into the $500–$1500 range while APUs are usually priced between $300–$800. Therefore, omitting the GPU and relying on an APU can help reduce your computer costs considerably.

Difference Between APU And GPU: Conclusion

GPUs are both essential and desirable. Although a GPU is essential, it doesn’t necessarily have to be a dedicated one. APUs are cost-effective and energy-efficient, and the technology behind them is continually advancing with every new generation of APUs.

If you’ve been hesitating to purchase a GPU due to the expense, go ahead and get the APU right away and prepare yourself. If you later come to realize that you need a specific GPU, they’ll still be available.

GPUs and APUs are both indispensable components for constructing a computer, and deciding which to use is an important step in assessing your machine’s total potency. Generally, installing a dedicated GPU will boost any PC configuration. Nevertheless, an APU can be a great way to reduce the cost of putting together your setup.

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Frequently Asked Questions?

1. Is An APU good for gaming?

Since AMD’s APUs feature an integrated graphics processor, they will demonstrate superior performance in gaming compared to their CPUs without an incorporated graphics chip.

2. Do I need GPU with APU?

Essentially, PCs with APUs on the motherboard instead of CPUs are processors that have integrated graphics. This removes the necessity for a standalone GPU, allowing the machine to begin running, handle visuals, or even play games without an extra graphics card.

3. Is APU faster than GPU?

GPUs are more proficient at processing visuals than APUs. Nevertheless, they are both tolerable choices for computers and there are many situations where an APU is a preferable selection (ordinarily in less expensive builds for individuals who don’t do numerous graphically challenging tasks).

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