How To Disable Auto-Correct On iPhone? Best Guide

Annoyed by your phone auto correcting your words !!

Want to Disable Auto-correct On iPhone?

Learn The simple steps turn off auto correct ipad completely.

The auto-correcting feature is regarded as a great feature by some while highly annoying by most of the people. The auto-correct feature is annoying to most of the people owing to the fact that it does not allow you to type words in a style that you want them to express in, as it changes all the words that it feels is officially wrong by replacing it with a word whose spelling resembles the spelling of the word typed by you. It does not work on your preference rather works on its own and changes words that it feels are mistakes or are misspelt officially.

It gets very annoying and frustrating for anyone who wants to type a word with a funky spelling and if you do not disable auto-correct on iPhone or iPad then it will change the word completely even though the word is correct. It also leads to a various embarrassing situation as while you are involved in a conversation with others, it auto-corrects your words, thus changing the entire context and meaning of the sentence you have written which can sometimes make you feel embarrassed in front of the other person you are having a conversation with.

Disable Auto-correct On iPhone

To disable auto-correct on iPhone you can use two methods, either by just shutting the auto-correct setting off or by replacing the choice of your words manually. However, the manual process requires you to spend a lot of time on changing the words while stop auto correct on iphone completely can help you to express your words in whatever style of spelling you prefer without fearing the automatic change of your words.

How to Turn-off Auto-correct on an iPhone Completely

  • The first thing you need to do is to launch the Settings App on your iPhone or iPad.
  • Then navigate and click on the General section from the list.
  • From the list of items visible click on Keyboard.
  • Scroll down under Keyboard section and find the header All Keyboards.
  • Under the header All Keyboards you will find the Auto-correction setting, toggle to turn it off to disable auto-correct on iPhone.

By following the above steps you will easily and successfully disable auto-correct on iPhone/turn off auto correct on iphone, without having much to do as it is as simple as it looks. This will enable you to type and express words in whatever style you prefer without the words being changed automatically.

How to Adjust Auto-correct Manually

  • Open the Settings App on your iPhone or iPad.
  • Then navigate and click on General.
  • Now tap on Keyboard.
  • On the next step, choose Text Replacement.
  • Now tap the “+” button present at the top right corner of the text replacement page.
  • In the Phrase section write down the phrase and below in the Shortcut section write down the shortcut you would like to use for the phrase. This will provide you with a great facility, as whenever you type the shortcut, it will be replaced by the phrase provided by you.
  • You can easily add infinite replacements as it has no limitations.

This feature can be both a time taking as well as time saving task, as you will need to invest a lot of time in making shortcuts which can consume a lot of your time while it can save a lot of time while typing as it will replace the shortcut assigned to it quite quickly and convincingly.

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When you have a message that you want to send someone, but while typing get distracted and make many spelling mistakes then the auto-correct feature can be very handy but in most of the occasions it makes typing messages highly annoying and frustrating. To disable auto-correct on iPhone you can easily follow the steps provided to you above which will effectively turn-off the auto-correct feature on your iPhone and iPad. The auto-correct feature draws on the dictionary and predictive text algorithm that learns how to type and a dictionary might not include every proper name, acronym, or new term as it appears on the scene.

Thus if you disable auto-correct on iPhone you can be free to write anything in your style be it a mistake or perfect without taking the tension of being corrected at regular intervals.

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