How To Disable The Discrete GPU On Microsoft Surface Book

Having trouble disabling the Discrete GPU on Microsoft Surface Book? Want an overview of how to do it !!

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The surface book is one of the most popular and powerful lines of laptops from Microsoft that are designed specifically to meet the needs and demands of professional creative workers like graphic designers and gamers. The surface book is known to use the DGPU or Discrete GPU only which provides you with incredible performance and versatility as it comes with a great cutting-edge technology that includes a great display, Windows 10 Pro, great battery life and a processor with the latest processing components.

The dGPU is the main reason that differentiates a surface book from others as it is really helpful in processing awesome high-end graphics works and playing high-end games with ease and comfort. But still, some might prefer to use the integrated Intel graphics over the discrete gpu is idle to carry out some specific tasks for better performance and power efficiency.

Disabling the Discrete GPU on Microsoft Surface Book

You will be surprised to know that disabling the discrete GPU on Microsoft surface book is quite a straight-forward task and can be done in three different ways. We have brought this article to you so you can become independent to disable the discrete GPU on Microsoft surface book without spending any penny for hiring a technician.

  • Disabling the dGPU by detaching from the base
  • Disabling Via device manager
  • And, Disabling via UEFI settings

Disabling By Detaching From The Base

It is the basic method by which you can disable the discrete GPU on Microsoft surface as in this method you just need to detach the base from the clipboard section that contains the dGPU and then forcing the apps to run on the integrated Intel Graphics.

  • Firstly close all the apps and games running on dGPU or else it will show an error message while detaching.
  • Click on the “Surface Detach” icon present on the taskbar or press and hold the “Detach” button on your keyboard for about 3 to 5 seconds.
  • If an error message pops up showing some apps that are still using the dGPU, close them all and try to detach again.
  • When it’s ready to detach, go with the flow and detach the base from the clipboard section.
  • Now launch the apps and wait until they are fully loaded, now the apps will use the integrated graphics.
  • You can now reattach the clipboard to the base.

Disabling Via Device Manager

You can also use a device manager management to disable the discrete GPU on Microsoft surface book which is not at all a hectic process but a very simple and easy task to perform. Follow these steps to perform the disabling process -:

  • Right-click on the “Start” icon and go to “Device Manager”
  • After opening the “Device Manager”, locate and expand the “Display adapters” from the device tree.
  • Right-click on “NVIDIA GeForce GPU” i.e. your integrated graphics and then select “Disable device” to disable the discrete GPU on Microsoft surface book.
  • This will disable the dGPU and a disabled status appear under the “NVIDIA GeForce GPU”.

Disabling Via UEFI Settings

This is another method of skipping the discrete GPU on Microsoft surface book while using integrated graphics for better performance and security. Though this method is not that simple it is not too daunting as well. If you follow the steps below your task of using UEFI settings to disable the dGPU will significantly get simplified.

  • Firstly you have to “Shut down” your Surface Book.
  • Now “Press and hold the Volume Up button” on your surface book and then “press and release the Power button”.
  • As soon as you see the “Surface logo screen appear” release the “Volume Up button”. Now you will be able to see the “Surface UEFI screen” in a few seconds.
  • It will display the Surface UEFI configuration page.
  • Now go to “Devices section” and check for the option to enable/disable the “DGPU” in this page.
  • Now “Toggle the DGPU to off” which will turn off the discrete GPU on Microsoft Surface Book.
  • Now go to “Exit” and click on “Restart Now” on the Surface UEFI menu, which will save your settings and restart your Surface.
  • After this open your Device manager, you will find that the “NVIDIA GeForce GPU” is no longer visible.
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All the three methods given above are full proof and tested methods that will help you to disable the discrete nvidia on microsoft surface book or discrete GPU on laptop easily and comfortably without hampering the other resource components of your surface book, while also delivering optimal performance for specific tasks, thus also helping to increase the battery life of your device. Using the integrated Intel Graphics can enhance the performance of your device and help you a lot to complete your creative high-end graphic works, play high-end videos and games with a great level of efficiency and effectiveness. 

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