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Techyuga Going Green

For the commitment for environmental sustainability. Techyuga has already achieved its 2020 goal of lowering its particular carbon footprint by 30%  We have now diminished our particular power consumption, which is the largest contributor to our carbon footprint, by over 51.4% over the baseline . an IT-enabled operational efficiencies help Techyuga’ power and carbon foot footprint.  All Our Office Now equipped with LED Light and for Day Time use We design our office in such a way that we can maximize natural light so we are able to reduce power consumption. 

In the Case Of  Repair and Refurbished business, We are trying to innovate more ways to use recycled products and parts. We have a dedicated recycle division where users can giveaways old laptop smartphone devices. Then We recycled those devices and take all working parts and metal so we can use them. In case off the performance of the device, all the parameter fulfills so we also take care of the quality issues.

Also, We Used Recycled paper board and packaged box so we cut down our usage paper and plastic packaging materials which may directly or indirectly have an impact on the environment.

As A Result, we are able to waste less and not taking too much from Planet. We are in the path of creating a repair service that is sustainable and environment-friendly.

Techyuga Energy and Carbon Performance

51.4% reduction in specific electricity consumption
All Office Space Are LED Equipped

We Can Help You Recycle Your Old Device.

As Apple Used to Say “Truly innovative products leave their mark on the world instead of the planet.”

Techyuga Also is on the path to creating a service that is world-class and environment-friendly. So We make a better future and a better planet for our future generation.

AK Azad

AK Azad

Technology has always been astounding for him. A Biker by Heart ,Loves to travel, always has an eye out for new technology. Loves to share info on new tech with everyone. An Operation Manager turned Digital Marketer Also A Computer Science Engineer.

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