Fixing Error Code 0x8de00005 in MS Outlook

So you may know that as of late All Microsoft Outlook Accounts were Migrated to the New Servers. When you sign in to your Account, the standard above inbox should state Outlook Mail in the event that you are on the new servers else it would at present show

Likely on account of the Migration, There is this Error Code 0x8de00005 which is bothering the clients as of late. To be exceptionally Precise, The Exact error that is appeared in Outlook is… Task ‘’ reported error (0x8DE00005) : ‘There is an error synchronizing your mail account. Please verify your account is configured correctly by first accessing your mail on the web. Error: 3219. Server. An error occurred in looking up the user’s information in mserv. “

Now you can evidently see that there is an error in syncing your current mail account and you need to check if the account is Configured Correctly.


How To Fix Error Code 0x8de00005 in Outlook

Since there is an issue with the Current record after the relocation, We will just Remove the record and afterward re-add it to settle the issue. This is the exceptionally straightforward answer for Error Code 0x8de00005 which you can perform immediately.

For Everyone perusing this, we will demonstrate the means that you have to perform and in the wake of finishing them, you will then have the capacity to send and get messages like previously.

1st Step- Open Ms Outlook.

2nd Step- If you are having Outlook 2010 select File > Account settings .  If you are using Outlook 2007 then go to Tools > Account Settings. If you are using Outlook 2013 or 2016 then, select Exchange Activesync(EAS)

3rd Step- Select the account appear to you, It should have type as MAPI. Click on Remove.

4th Step-  Once the account is Removed, it’s time to Re -add it, So just Click on New, Type in your Name, Email id, and Password to complete the setup.

5th Step- Now Re-open Outlook once again.

That is it, Your Error Code 0x8de00005 in Outlook should now be fixed for sure. For more error code related blog click here.

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